When I was pregnant, my mother -in -law was angry with me. Now I want to live in my house: Dreaming

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When Wu Yue May, he took a 3 -year -old daughter Xiaotao to travel around.

The mother was enjoying.

As a result, when he saw the person sitting on the sofa, Wu Yue immediately disappeared.

Her husband Qin Chuan looked at her, obviously a little nervous, swallowed subconsciously, "Mom is uncomfortable, come to the city in the city to check, if there is no problem, I will live here for a few days."

Wu Yue asked: "What if there is a problem?"

Qin Chuan stunned that he didn’t think about this question, and he didn’t know how to answer it for a while.

The mother -in -law watched the two of them crushed at the door. Wu Yue didn’t come in for half a day. She looked at her without seeing her.

Wu Yue was right, and whispered to Qin Chuan: "Anyway, I don’t agree with your mother to come in, you find a way yourself."

After that, he walked in expressionlessly, hindering that in front of his daughter, he shouted "Mom" symbolically.

Her attitude made her mother -in -law very annoyed and said directly: "Ruthlessly, who shows her face."

Wu Yue didn’t care about her, and she entered the room with a fire in her heart.

Outside the door, Qin Chuan didn’t dare to reverse Wu Yue, so he said to her mother -in -law, "Mom, there is no room at home, I take you out to find a hotel first."

"A large room at home, what hotels do you live in! You have used a room, two rooms, two rooms, and you told me that there is no room?

I really raise you so much. I have a house myself, and my mother will not let it go!"

Qin Chuan frowned, and it was difficult for him to do.

Seeing him like this, her mother -in -law knew that it was Wu Yue, stood up and filmed Wu Yue’s door: "You come out, I come to my son’s house, why don’t you let me live, what are you doing?Intersection

I’m not dead yet!This family can’t turn your career!"

The door of the room was shot, and Wu Yue couldn’t bear to open the door.

The mother -in -law and daughter -in -law quarreled.

Wu Yue couldn’t help it again, and shouted to her mother -in -law: "Roll! This is my home. I can’t live if I don’t let you live!

When I bought this house, I didn’t use your money. What qualifications do you have to point here!"

Seeing that Wu Yue was furious, Qin Chuan was carrying her mother -in -law’s luggage in one hand and dragging her out of her house with one hand.

The mother -in -law’s scolding voice gradually drifted away until she disappeared.

Wu Yue wiped a tear, and picked up the frightened crying daughter to comfort.

Although things have passed for many years, when they saw her mother -in -law, Wu Yue still had an hatred!

She really didn’t understand that she was also a parent. Why could her parents love her children, but the in -laws couldn’t do it?

There are two brothers in the Qinchuan family. He also has a younger brother Qin Ming, two years younger than Qin Chuan.

The brothers were married in the same year. Although Qin Ming’s wife Shen Jiaojiao was a city, the family was not wealthy.

The in -laws have always loved Qin Ming. What delicious and easy to use at home will first tighten Qin Ming and Shen Jiaojiao.

One year after marriage, Shen Jiaojiao and Wu Yue were pregnant at the same time. After knowing that, her mother -in -law could be happy. Every time she bought Shen Jiaojiao, she bought various supplements, and she also slaughtered the native chickens raised at home to supplement her nutrition.

I didn’t smell Wu Yue.

When Wu Yue fell in love with Qin Chuan, he knew that his in -laws would not wait to see him, so he didn’t pay much attention.

The two only secretly saved money, thinking that they moved out as soon as possible to live, so as not to be subject to others.

Fortunately, Qin Chuan was pretty good to her. He knew that her mother -in -law would not care about her, so after getting off work every day, she went out to eat delicious.

The mother -in -law was uncomfortable for this, asking Qin Chuan and Wu Yue to pay her 2,000 yuan a month for food, otherwise they would not eat at home.

Wu Yue didn’t want to pay. She and Qin Chuan had a meal at home at night. The wages of the two were not high, and the child had money to be born.

The mother -in -law does not care if she doesn’t pay for it.

Wu Yue naturally didn’t want to live at home.

Living at home not only depends on her mother -in -law’s face, but also attracts people.

But for a while, I couldn’t find a house to live, and I could only pay this money first.

Once they found the house, they immediately moved out.

But before the house was found, Wu Yue had an accident.

After pregnancy, Wu Yue was particularly greedy for durian, but durian was expensive. She really thought about it. She gritted her teeth to buy one for herself.

Let the small vendors be peeled and packed home. She put it on the table and wanted to wait for the washing her hands to eat.

After washing her hand, someone called her and answered a call. When she came out, she saw Shen Jiaojiao sitting at the dinner table with a durian with satisfaction.

My mother -in -law was aside and asked her to eat more!

Wu Yue was a masterpiece in his heart, and immediately ran over. Isn’t this the durian she bought!Essence

She asked Shen Jiao why she would eat her durian without asking.

Shen Jiaojiao was full of durian, and he didn’t have time to answer. The mother -in -law called and stood up and said, "What your durian is placed here, whoever wants to eat it."

Wu Yue was so angry.

I have never seen a person who is more entangled than her mother -in -law. She ate her durian and was so straightforward!

I didn’t hold back, she fought with her mother -in -law.

Wu Yue’s long -term forbearance, unhappy at this moment, and no one for no one.

Wu Yueqi couldn’t get back the durian who had not finished eating, and was blocked by her mother -in -law.

She was even more angry and used a lot of energy to squeeze in. Her mother -in -law was accustomed to farm work and was not capable. When she saw Wu Yue so rushing, she was afraid of hurting Shen Jiaojiao, so she used some strength to push her away.

Wu Yue has always wanted to squeeze in, and she did not expect her mother -in -law to push her. A center of gravity was unstable and was pushed to the ground.

The child was not stable for three months and was unstable. After falling to the ground, he immediately flowed out.

The child did not keep it.

In the hospital, Wu Yue sat on the hospital bed with a pale face.

Qin Chuan asked her mother -in -law.

But her mother -in -law blame her wrongly on Wu Yue, scolding her is useless, and her child couldn’t keep it.

Wu Yue couldn’t stand loudly with her mother -in -law.

In the end, the nurse heard the movement and stopped!

After being discharged from the hospital, Wu Yue had a bad body because of abortion. Qin Chuan had to go to work and wanted her mother -in -law to take care of it for a few days. She didn’t want to refuse directly.

Wu Yue didn’t want to rely on her.

During the rest, she took care of herself.

What happened again made Wu Yue intolerable!

The mother -in -law knew that Wu Yue had a miscarriage and brought a basket of eggs to make up for her.

As a result, the mother -in -law was taken by her mother -in -law to supplement Shen Jiaojiao.

The mother -in -law’s again and again, she completely angered Wu Yue. She didn’t hold back. When she was looking for her mother -in -law, she quarreled again.

After Qin Chuan returned from get off work in the evening, Wu Yue insisted on moving out immediately. She would no longer live in her in -laws.

The two lived in the hotel for a few days before they found the house.

After Wu Yueli, he immediately found a job. The two tried to save two years of money. They asked the maiden family to borrow some, and bought a three -bedroom and two -hall house in the county seat.

During this period, Wu Yue also became pregnant smoothly and gave birth to Xiaotao.

Since moving out of her in -laws, Wu Yue has never returned.

Qin Chuan went back by the New Year.

He also understood Wu Yue and did not blame her.

This time, her mother -in -law was uncomfortable, and she wanted to live in her house without saying hello. Why did she agree?

What’s more, Wu Yue has never received a grace of her mother -in -law, how can she not come to live in her house.

Of course, she will not stop Qin Chuan from filial piety, after all, she is her mother.

But Wu Yue will be considered clear. The mother -in -law is not only one son. She should not stop by Qin Chuan, and she should not agree with him.

At 10 pm, Qin Chuan went home.

Wu Yue glanced at him and didn’t speak.

Qin Chuan sat next to her and apologized to her: "Sorry, I don’t know that my mother would suddenly come to the house. She said that she was uncomfortable. I originally planned to take her to the hospital for examination.","

Wu Yue also expressed his understanding: "I know, she is your mother, even if you are more eccentric to you, you can’t do it.

It is impossible to let her live here anyway."

I believe that after this time, her mother -in -law will no longer ask for staying here. She is no longer Wu Yue who was bullied by her before.

However, she is also fortunate that Qin Chuan is standing on her side. Although her mother -in -law is not very good, at least Qin Chuan is still reliable. As long as he does not do it, the two can still go on.

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