When I was pregnant, I found a bit bleeding. Do you want to go to the hospital to keep your fetus?

Many pregnant mothers have just found some troubles when they are pregnant and immersed in joy: when they go to the toilet, they find that there are blood on the underwear. Is there a problem with the fetus?Do I need to keep the fetus?… …

In fact, in the obstetrics clinic, there are many quasi -mothers who bleed vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy.Bleeding vagina is also one of the most afraid of expectant mothers.

When I first found that I was pregnant, some women might have vaginal bleeding.Mainly manifested as a bloodshot on the underwear, or the bloody secretions found after the toilet. This situation may be caused by the fertilized eggs in bed.

With the continuity of pregnancy, the symptoms of vaginal bleeding will disappear by themselves. If the amount of vaginal bleeding increases, it is close to or exceeding the menstrual flow and accompanied by symptoms of abdominal pain. Be sure to seek medical treatment early in time and early discovery of natural abortion and ectopic pregnancy.

31% of the embryo occur 31% after bed, 80% of which are early abortion. In early abortion, about 2/3 of them are hidden abortion, that is, abortions that occur before menstruation, also known as biochemical pregnancy.

The simple understanding of biochemical pregnancy is that there is no bed after the formation of fertilized eggs. Many women often have a miscarriage when they do not realize that they are pregnant. This situation has a relatively small impact on the body.

The most common cause of early abortion was embryo or fetal chromosomal abnormalities, accounting for about 50-60%.In other words, having children also need to accept the baptism of the laws of "survival of the fittest" in nature.The fetal abnormal fetus is often eliminated at the starting point, and there is no need to protect the fetus.It is recommended to conduct a comprehensive examination before the next pregnancy and make reasonable guidance.

(1) Genetic factors

In early abortion, the embryo of chromosomal abnormalities accounted for 50%to 60%, mostly the number of chromosomes abnormal, followed by the chromosomal structure abnormalities.The number of abnormal numbers is three, three times and X monomers, etc.; Abnormal structures have chromosomal breaks, inverted, missing and priced.Most of the embryos of chromosomal abnormalities are abortion, and very few may continue to develop into a fetus, but some function abnormalities or merging deformities will occur after birth.If there is a miscarriage, pregnancy products are sometimes only an empty pregnancy sac or degenerate embryo.

(2) Environmental factors

There are many abnormal factors that affect reproductive function, which can cause damage to embryos or fetuses directly or indirectly.Excessive contact with certain harmful chemicals (such as arsenic, lead, benzene, formaldehyde, chloride, oxide, etc.) and physical factors (such as radiation, noise and high temperature, etc.) can cause abortion.

(3) Maternal factors suffer from acute diseases during pregnancy. High fever can cause uterine contraction and abortion; bacterial toxins or viruses (pure herpes viruses, giant cytoplasm viruses, etc.) enter the fetal blood circulation through the placenta, which causes the fetus to die.In addition, pregnant women with severe anemia or heart failure can cause fetal hypoxia and may cause abortion.Pregnant women suffer from chronic nephritis or hypertension, and the placenta may cause infarction and cause abortion.Pregnant women’s uterine malformations (such as twin uterus, hypertrophy, and uterine dysplasia, etc.), pelvic tumors (such as uterine fibroids, etc.) can affect the growth and development of the fetus and cause abortion.The cervix inner mouth is relaxed or the cervix is severely wounded, which is prone to abortion due to early breakdown of the fetal membrane.

Endocrine disorders can cause abortion by endocrine disorders, failure to control, and lack of luteal function, which can cause abortion.During the trauma pregnancy, especially the abdominal surgery or trauma in the middle of pregnancy, the uterine contraction causes abortion.

(4) Insufficient placental endocrine function

In the early pregnancy, in addition to the pregnancy of the ovaries, the placental nourishing cells also gradually produced progesterone.After 8 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta has gradually become the main place to produce progesterone.In addition to progesterone, placenta also synthesize other hormones such as β-chorionic gonadotropin, placental prolactin and estrogen.During early pregnancy, the above hormone value decreased, and pregnancy was difficult to continue to cause abortion.

(5) Immune factors

Pregnancy is like a variety of foreign body transplants. There are complex and special immunology relationships between embryos and mothers. This relationship makes the embryo not excluded.If the maternal immunization is not adapted, it can cause the mother to reject the embryo and cause miscarriage.The main immune factors include the tissue compatibility antigen, fetal special antigen, blood type antigen, and maternal cell immune regulation disorders.

What should we think about the two major cheats and "progesterone" and "bed rest", which are passed down from the people?

(1) progesterone

The applicable crowd of progesterone is a luteal dysfunction, and the proportion of natural miscarriage caused by lack of progesterone due to incomplete luteal function is very low, so progesterone cannot

As a routine recommendation of Lingdan Crichs, it is necessary to apply it under the guidance of blind medication.

(2) Crime rest

For early margin abortion, it is recommended to rest properly instead of absolute bed rest. Strictly resting all day in bed rest, without any other activities, will cause deep venous thrombosis, lack of calcium, reduced physical fitness, etc.It plays a decisive role.

In short, the vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy should not be underestimated. The hospital needs to be visited in time to ensure the safety of the entire pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.

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