When I was 3 months pregnant, I ate this way

Hello everyone, what I will share with you today is 3 months of pregnancy, what should be supplemented.

1. iodine

When three months of pregnancy, the iodine content should be increased in the diet. The development of the fetal brain and bones should be relying on the sufficient nailing hormone in the mother’s body. The iodine deficiency can cause insufficient hormone secretion, which makes the fetal intelligence lower and short.This item is carried out in the first three months of pregnancy, and the effect of iodine supplementation in the later stages of pregnancy is not obvious.

Dosage: 175 micrograms/day

Food: kelp, seaweed, sea ravioli, clams, shrimp skin, squid, etc.(Dry sea belt iodine content: 24 mg iodine/100 grams of dry kelp)

2. Calcium

If the calf edema and cramps are severe during 3 months of pregnancy, you can check whether calcium deficiency and calcium supplement.

The fetus needs to take a large amount of calcium from the mother’s body in 3 months, so it will cause the mother’s calf cramps, but cramps do not serve as the only criterion for calcium deficiency.

Cackets are divided into: (1) Calcium cramps (2) Magnesium -deficient cramps (3) fatigue cramps (4) cold cramps

(1) Calcium cramps

Calcium supplement: shrimp skin, shrimp, kelp, seaweed, dairy products, soy products, fungus, sesame sauce, sesame, hair vegetables, plums, sunflower seeds, snowlin, moss, mushrooms, loach, etc.

(2) Magnesium cramps

Seafood, meat, milk

(3) fatigue cramps

Take a little time to exercise every day to enhance muscle vitality. He often changes posture in life and moves every hour.

(4) Crassing by cold

Keep warm, soak your feet with hot water before going to bed.

What should I do when the calf scratch occurs?

(1) Tighten the muscles of the legs, fight against the wall hard, or get out of bed immediately, follow the ground, stretch the calf muscles, relieve pain

(2) Muscle muscle in the pain place

Crass with hot towels with hot towels

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