When I found my husband taking drugs, I broke off the child who had five months old in my belly and chose to divorce

What would you do if you know your husband’s drug use for five months of pregnancy?I chose to induce labor and divorce, but in fact, some people may say whether this is too cruel and decisive, and there are many innocent children who are not born.If you have such an idea, you should listen to my experience and judge.

My husband and I met. After a year of love, I was familiar with my love. I entered the palace of marriage in February 2018.We live in small cities in the fourth -tier, there is a house purchased by loans, and a scooter. Life is not very rich, but it is also very satisfied.

The relationship between the husband and wife is not affectionate, but before the accident, there was never a big noise. Of course, the small dispute was something that every couple could not avoid.I am a special teacher and has a stable income every month. Therefore, the economy is relatively independent after marriage. Except for public expenditures, the rest are self -sufficient.

My husband is engaged in tea business, and I am too lazy to ask, so it is not clear.In the ninth month after marriage, I was pregnant. I thought it was a surprise for my husband, but there was no ecstatic expression on his face, but his panic and anxiety.

I did not investigate the reason until I later understood why he paniced and uneasily.After pregnancy, I started to check on time and insisted on working at the same time. I didn’t want to lose my job because of this.But my husband’s next performance made me more and more chilling.

In the third month of pregnancy, I was going to do a checkup and saw the rain outside. I remembered that the last time the doctor said that it was not safe to drive a car in a pregnant woman, so I opened my husband to drive.He was lying on the sofa to play games at the time, and he refused directly without hesitation. I had to rush to take a taxi on the street with Yu Gu.

During the check -up again, I was afraid that it would not be safe to take a taxi, and I wanted to ask my husband to accompany the inspection.He was sleeping lazy, not only did he not want to get up, but even lost his temper.In desperation, I endured anger (afraid of quarrels is not good for the fetus), and took another taxi to the hospital again.

After the examination, the doctor told me that the fetus was small, and he had to supplement nutrition. He saw that I came alone several times, and he also had to be accompanied by someone.I remember a lot of inspections that day. Everyone was running up and running. Only my pregnant woman was busy from morning until the afternoon.

I opened the door and found that my husband was lying on the sofa to play games. Seeing that I came back, there was no care and inquiry result.His indifference made his popularity not to fight. I didn’t choose to make noise. Instead, I immediately went to the bedroom to clean up the clothes and prepare to return to my parents’ house. I don’t want this man to talk more nonsense.

When I packed up the clothes and was about to leave, my husband was still concentrating on playing the game. His eyes did not leave the display moment. In the next two or three days, he did not find me.Three days later.He sent me a voice on WeChat, not an apology, but to let me kill the child and transfer to a 5,000 yuan tire fee.

Is this what a husband should say!I couldn’t describe the mentality at the time, was shocked, angry, and then heartache, hate how I found such a man.Nevertheless, I didn’t think deeply, and only when he became nervous for a while, he stopped dealing with it.

Since then, I have lived in my parents’ house until the fifth month of pregnancy.During this period, my husband came to me once, but there was no attitude of admitting mistakes and dispersed.Seeing that we were so angry, my mother was very anxious and persuaded with my father that the contradiction between the husband and wife should not be too long.

Under their persuasion, I tried to let go of the mustard and took a soft attitude to contact the prince, hoping to be calm and talking.He came over the next day. I was ready to talk well once to let him understand why I was angry, and then went home together.

I chose to forget about my husband’s indifferent behavior before, I just hope he can change it from then on.But he did not expect that he did not pick me up home, but explained why he was required to kill the child before.

"I am taking drugs and owed more than 300,000 debts, so this child must not have."

The words of my husband made my head blank, and my heart suddenly seemed to be stretched by one hand and couldn’t breathe pain in pain.What he said later, I didn’t listen to it, and there was only one thought in my head. The man who destroyed me and the child disappeared, and got up to drive him out of the house.

For a year of falling in love, and for another year of marriage, for such a long time, I don’t know if he has drugs and debts. It is really ironic that the husband and wife are unfamiliar with this point.I can’t judge whether my husband’s words are true or false, let alone whether the child in the belly is complete and healthy, and the spirit has reached the edge of the collapse.

I cried all day and night, and the next day, I made a decision to induce labor and divorce.The children in the belly may feel dangerous and the fetal movement is powerful.Forgive me, kid!I really can’t let you come to this world to suffer.My parents asked me to think more, if my husband said false or angry!

In fact, making this decision, I don’t care about whether my husband is telling the truth or falsehood. He really sucks poison. The child in the belly is likely to have congenital defects.I don’t want to gamble, I dare not gamble, and I don’t want my child to have a drug abuse father.

If the husband did not take drugs, then he woven the excuse of this kind of mournfulness, and why is it that he wants to destroy our child, which makes me more chilling.Thinking of the various performances during pregnancy, even if the child is born, it is difficult for our husband and wife to continue. It is a kind of misfortune to live in such incomplete families.

I soon held a certificate of induction of labor and drafted a divorce agreement. After the hospital was prepared before the operation, I notified my husband to sign it.After he came over, he overthrew his previous thoughts and said that he regretted it and repeatedly explained that drug use was what happened after my pregnancy and would not affect the child’s health.

At this time, my husband’s attitude can only make me sure that he is really taking drugs. As for when it starts, it is not important.Seeing that my attitude was tough, he knew that it had reached an irreversible level, and he had to sign on the induction of labor and a divorce agreement.

The contraction caused by the induction of labor made me hurt for a day and one night, and it was better to die.After the child came out, the doctor glanced at me. It was a boy and had formed.I hate myself blind, find such a man, and hate myself so ruthless.sorry!Children, we really don’t deserve your parents.

This is the first time I am pregnant. It is unknown whether it is qualified to be a mother in the future. This heartbreaking scene will not forget it in my life.When I was sitting in a small confinement, as long as I thought of the child’s tears, I would come out of my eyes. Fate was too cruel.

I think that I am a kind person and never hurt people, but why do I want me to bear such a sin, and so on, I also hope that God can treat my five -month -old child.Let him re -reborn to a happy family, including parents, grandparents, grandpa loved, and his grandfather loved himself.

After divorce and induction, I have also reflected that I often ask myself to do right.But the answer is still impossible to leave a child. I am afraid that the world is too cruel to him, for fear that he has been carrying the "famous" sound of his father’s drug abuse since he was a child, and he is even more afraid that he can’t give his normal child’s life.

Today, my children, marriage, and work have been lost. How can I go in the future, there is no clue.Speaking of your own experience is not to get sympathy, but to hope that more girls can understand that they must polish people who meet the right people, and at the same time, they also hope that there are less induction of labor and more angels in the world.

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