When I caught a cold during pregnancy, I only took two pieces of medicine, but my husband was scolded as a mother.

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Kobayashi, who had just been pregnant for a month, was not able to sleep by a cold at night. He had a pain during the day, and he hadn’t sneezed. He had no sneezing, and his tears flowed down. He just lay down at night and was a bit sleepy. The nose was not ventilated.EssenceI want to get an injection and take medicine. My mother -in -law said that taking medicine in early pregnancy is not good for the fetus.However, it was really tortured by the big devil of the cold. Xiaolin went to the clinic to take two boxes of cold medicine. It was a lot better after taking her husband and mother -in -law twice.I was thinking about taking the medicine again, but it was unfortunately discovered by her husband.Her husband was an acute child. When she saw this, she roared at Xiaolin, saying that she was selfish and not worthy of being a mother.Although Xiaolin felt very aggrieved, she was afraid that she really had an adverse effect on the child, and had to say that she couldn’t say anything.

Presumably the pregnant mothers have this experience. They usually have a great body and do not catch a cold once in half a year, but when they are pregnant, they have a cold on both ends for three days.In fact, this is because during pregnancy, the mother’s respiratory mucosa is prone to congestion and edema, which causes low resistance and is easily infected by virus bacteria, and then a cold.

So what should I do after a cold during pregnancy?

one.Brown sugar ginger water

If it is a mild cold, there is no symptoms of fever, the pregnant mother does not need to take medicine for treatment, you can drink plenty of boiled water. If you do n’t like to drink or drink boiled water, you can drink some brown sugar ginger water.Essence

two.Drink more chicken soup

Generally, the appetite of the pregnant mother will be affected. At this time, you can drink some chicken soup. Not only can you supplement the nutrients required during pregnancy, but also reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose, and improve the immunity of pregnant women.When cooking chicken soup, you can add a small amount of pepper, ginger, and green onions to stimulate the taste buds. At the same time as you increase your appetite, you can also achieve the effect of treating colds.In addition, ginger radish soup, coriander soybean soup, orange peel ginger tea, cabbage shallot soup, apple honey water and other soup can also be eaten during a cold. The delicious effect is good.

three.Take medicine under the guidance of a doctor

If a cold is accompanied by a mild heating cough, it should be physical to cool down in time. Under the guidance of the doctor, take some proprietary Chinese medicines that have no effect on the fetus. Do not take the drugs such as aspirin, celebrate galcin, and other drugs.If the fever exceeds 39 ° and lasts more than three days, it will affect the fetus.


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