When I am pregnant, my spirit is highly nervous, but the doctor suggested that I go to the last class

3 times pregnant, but there is only one child around me. This is my pregnancy experience.

After the first fetal stopping, after the second ectopic pregnancy, Mr. Xiaoyu and I have a fear of fertility.I even think that we will probably not have children, and the relationship with my in -laws has begun to be nervous.Mom and dad are worried that I am angry because of this, and if I have complaints, I will take me back to my mother’s house.

Mr. Xiaoyu and I are a college classmate. We get married for a few years. We are reluctant to make family relationships at stake. After another year of rest, we decided to try again.

Originally after ectopic pregnancy surgery, if you want to get pregnant again, you should do a fallopian tubal angiography to determine whether it is unobstructed, so as not to appear outside the palace again.But because I needed to recuperate after the radiography, I decided to go directly to the natural decision.

In spring, my physiological period was postponed. I called home to my mother. My mother said that she dreamed that I took her to see her a lot of green wheat seedlings.Because I know that they have been under great pressure, the child is not relieved to marry his parents at that time. At that time, I deeply realized it.

Although I was pregnant smoothly, my previous two experiences made my spirit nervous.For more than 50 days, the baby was determined in the palace, put down half of the heart, and then worried about the fetal stop. Although there was a pregnancy reaction this time, except for white porridge, you couldn’t eat anything or vomit, but you couldn’t eat it.Mr. Xiaoyu was worried, but it was not available.Because it is close to the hospital, I always want to run the hospital for blood tests to see progesterone and HCG data. The doctor may not have seen my nervous pregnant woman. She said, you don’t want to do nothing for a day.Go to the last class …

Finally, when she was a little bit after 11 weeks, she asked me to try to see if I could hear the fetal heart. When the sound of a small train passed appeared, my heart finally returned to my stomach.

When I went home that day, I suddenly felt like I wanted to eat meat. Mr. Xiaoyu hurried to stew the chicken soup. When the soup was cooked, I couldn’t wait to eat a small bowl of chicken.

I can finally enjoy the life of pregnant mothers happily.

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