When I am pregnant, my mother’s mother will make me stressful

My husband and I are both only children.

When I was pregnant, I hurried back to my mother’s house to make a good news.

When I saw my parents, I said carefreely, congratulatory my parents, He Xi parents.

My mother, immediately, told my dad that we are going to be a grandfather and grandmother.

I am surprised, ask my mother, how do you know?Is anyone the first to report the goodbye?

My mother said, what you wrote on your face, all have to be a mother, and use someone else to report goodbye?

Indeed, I have to be a mother, I am particularly happy, and I still do n’t want to cover up at all.

However, my mother’s next thing made me stress and was happy.

My mother said that she would start preparing to welcome the grandson’s arrival.

I said, Mom, why are you so heavy for men?If you are a granddaughter, you won’t welcome it?

My mother said that she is definitely not a granddaughter.

I said, why are you so sure?

My mother said that when I gave you this family affairs, I wanted a grandson.

I said, why haven’t you heard you say it?

My mother said that your mother -in -law’s family has only five consecutive generations. There are only boys. Your mother -in -law’s house has four consecutive generations. There are more boys than girls. Their family genes are really super powerful. You will definitely give me a grandson.

My mother said this, which made me stress and was scared inside.

My dad’s house, three consecutive generations, to my generation, it was broken.My mother’s house is also a consecutive generation of single transmission.

I know that my mother did not have a son, and it was her pain in her life. She pinned her hope on me, and she really hoped that I had a son, so that she could spit with her eyebrows.

But I really do n’t know. I tried hard to promote. My mother also hidden this kind of thought.

I said, I followed my mother’s family, and the life of giving birth to a girl has nothing to do.

My mother said, are you stupid?

I said, I am not stupid.

My father -in -law said long ago that their family is rare girls. They are not rare boys. They are all babies, regardless of whether they are rare or women.

My mother said that your in -laws have so good conditions. There must be hope that there will be boys to inherit their family business.Besides, they are also very confident in family genes and believe that you have a boy, so he speaks very atmospheric.What would it be result if their family was super powerful genes in your hands?

Unfortunately, in my mother’s words, the mother’s gene destroyed her in -laws.

I have always lived in fear.

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