When I am pregnant, I can still make me unexpectedly, and no longer become a convenient sticker in the workplace

“From the 5th week of pregnancy to the end of her fertility process. From the beginning of pregnancy, the changes in her life and work, and even the mentality, the changes in the dots are all changes.The delicate records were recorded, and the readers followed her brushstrokes with the visual and feelings of a woman, pregnant women, and workplace.

Shiba, 34 years old, is no longer young, but in the company with more men and younger women, in addition to his job, he still has to do some miscellaneous jobs such as rinse coffee and distributing food. The surrounding supervisors include male colleagues.Everything is taken for granted. When Shibata do all this miscellaneous service, they have not looked up.This kind of work …

The ubiquitous gender discrimination in the workplace makes Shiba feel extremely troubled.So at first she pretended to be pregnant and publicly public … In Japan, which is older and aged, pregnant women have gained granted respect on the surface. Because of pregnancy, Shima has gained special cases to get off work on time.At the same time, it also reduces the number of company miscellaneous services.

Soon Shiba got the key chain of "Baby in the stomach" in the station office.I feel that this small detail in "Empty Handbook" is particularly humane. The first 4 months of pregnancy is the most uncomfortable when pregnant women are most uncomfortable, but at this time, it is not obvious. Many pregnant women are very easy to ignore. With this keyIf you practice, you can remind the people around: she is a pregnant woman, a expectant mother!Need to take care of and need to care.After hanging the key chain, someone in the tram gave Shiba.

Because of pregnancy, Shima opened a trust investment account and chose children’s education. In the unit, he also obtained the extra care of the unable to give birth.Just do it, so everyone is ready to leave at this time … This period is critical. Your belly is getting bigger a little bit. "

The kind of unknown, will not directly indicate the job that someone does, without exception, in the past, it was the internal work of Shiba.However, because of the changes in the body of pregnancy, Shiba is no longer the same as before, and things outside the other are the same. Instead, they can be simplified and simplified under the premise of being able to do it.No matter which department, please let it go ", put it in the refrigerator.Then, she accidentally found that the result of letting male colleagues can be accepted.

However, the hidden harassment of the workplace is still everywhere. Shibata reminds male colleagues to take a bath according to the requirements of the work to remove the body odor complained by others.The male colleague also worsened. "You can take a bath with him? If you go, I will be together. In the face of the hidden workplace harassment, it seems that Shiba has no better way to deal with it.

Shiba is a single woman, without her husband, no boyfriend. She goes lonely to work every day, is lonely off work. On the 18th week of pregnancy, she sighed lonely: Speaking of which, she did not say a word to people this weekend.When you see this, you will think, maybe her pregnancy just wants to arouse the attention, care and care of more people around her.But it seems that she did not get as expected.Male colleagues are more curious about her unmarried pregnancy. Even if she is drunk and wants to touch her belly, is she questioning that she can receive a congratulatory fund if she is not married?… Although she roared back, she still had tears in her heart that she wanted to escape from the person here.

Shibada needs to disguise themselves as a pregnancy state in order to get the basic treatment of men in the workplace: women who do not want to do do, they have to do it, and they have to work hard.For example, because as a woman, she should be poured into the water and clean the refrigerator by default. Even he returned to his parents’ home, and the original house was used by her parents to use it.The guests with the quilt have the flavor of camphor. A faint sadness, hovering in the lines, lingering, forgetting and forgetting. Letting female readers sighs.

The plot advancement of the author’s pen’s pen gives people a wonderful sense of distortion. At first it was the real environment of fake Nakada and forcing Chezian’s fake pregnancy, but the end of Shibada really gave birth to a child.Essence

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