When eating grass, you have a meat, and the breeding ability is amazing. Why did the rabbit meat not become the main meat of human beings?

When I was a kid, I lived in the countryside. At that time, one or two rabbits would be raised from households to households. The most impressive thing was that there would be a special person to pick up rabbit hair every other time.

However, with the passage of time, the rabbit breeding seems to become more and more indifferent. It has not been cultivated in large scale like other livestock, so it is difficult for us to buy rabbit meat in the vegetable market.

I checked some materials, from the rabbit that was truly domesticated to the promotion and breeding in the next few times. In fact, the situation was basically similar. It was in a period when the economy was poor.The livestock of meat is used as a replacement of meat breeding.

Although it is the same in all parts of the world, rabbits are one of the main targets of ancient hunters hunting, but the rabbit is not really domesticated by humans for a long time.

It is generally believed that the wild rabbit was first domesticated by a French monk around 600 AD. The purpose was to be a alternative to meat during the twenty -man.

Then, during World War II, Europe had vigorously promoted rabbit breeding. The reason was also the shortage of food. Rabbit meat was regarded as an alternative to the protein intake of ordinary people.

Because of this, rabbit meat is not particularly popular in Europe to today’s hats of "poor people eat meat".

In China, the situation is similar. The most common stage of rabbits in the countryside is also during the period when food is relatively short.

Then the question comes. Rabbit meat can be regarded as alternatives of other meats. Why does no one have raised rabbits in a large scale so far and push rabbit meat into mainstream meat?

Rabbit’s amazing reproduction ability

If a high -quality survival condition for rabbits, they are absolutely capable of amazing destructive power, because their breeding speed is really amazing.

As we all know, Australia has serious "rabbits", and even today in certain regions, rabbits in some areas are illegal, unless you are a magician.

And all of this originated from a wealthy immigrant -Thomas Austin. He was an enthusiastic hunting enthusiast, but Australia did not have much suitable prey at that time.

Therefore, in 1859, he let his nephew bring a few rabbits from Europe and released them in the wild, hoping that these releases rabbits can be reproduced in Australia.

But because these rabbits come from different varieties, their offspring offspring is very suitable for Australia’s climate and environment, so crazy growth.

In the 10 years after Austin’s birth, Australian rabbits have become ecological disasters, leading to a series of economic losses and local species extinction.

Picture Note: One push the rabbit skin

Although local residents hunt 2 million rabbits every year, this cannot control the population of rabbits. It is believed that in 1920, rabbits even reached 10 billion peaks.

Australia has to take more extreme measures -putting mucus virus (a virus with a high mortality of rabbits) to control the number of rabbits.

Caption: Australia’s unique anti -rabbit fence

But even so, the number of rabbits is still not completely controlled. A large part of the reason is that rabbits have evolved to super breeding capabilities.

For domestic rabbits, it is usually adult and have reproductive capabilities after 5-6 months. The average pregnancy period is only 31 days, and 1-12 young rabbits can be produced at a time.

Moreover, the most interesting thing is that they can get pregnant again within a few hours after production. When this child is weaned, the next child is just born. They can reproduce all year round and will not waste time at all.

On average, a female rabbit can produce 60 young rabbits a year, and their reproductive ability will last about 4 years.

The newborn rabbit, the source of the picture: Photography

Since the rabbit grows fast and the reproduction ability is strong, it can be flooded in the wild, so why is no one breeding?

Rabbit is not suitable for domestication

The rabbit is definitely much earlier than expected. During the period of human hunting, rabbits may be one of the main hunting objects.

But as we said earlier, the time they were really domesticated are not very long. In fact, the reason is simple. Rabbit is not particularly suitable for domestication.

First of all, rabbits are very active and easy to be shocked.

Because the rabbit is a prey for many carnivores, they become very active. They must eat for a while and eat for a while, and they are ready to escape at all times.

Many animals are not domesticated because of this easily frightened characteristics because they are difficult to adapt to our society.

The fox is too easy to be frightened without being domesticated.

Secondly, rabbits are also very picky.

Although rabbits can eat many different grass, even dried grass, they are fine, but they do not eat our by -products.

For example, pigs and dogs are the possibility of first domestication because they are not very picky. We can eat the rest of what we eat, and rabbits will not eat the rest of us.

Third, the requirements for rabbit breeding venues are also high.

The rabbit cannot be kept uniformly in the cage that can only accommodate in one position, and it cannot be uniformly released like cattle, sheep, or ducks.Because they also dig holes.

These problems may gradually improve with the push of domestication time, but now it is only 1,000 years, and rabbits are obviously not suitable for large -scale farming.

In fact, even if the rabbit is completely domesticated and meets large -scale farming, the economic benefits of rabbits will not be very high.

Rabbit ears can help heat dissipation, source: Andy Rea

The economic benefits of rabbits are low

All rabbits will excrete two different types of feces. One is relatively hard, and the other is soft. After the soft that is discharged, the rabbit will eat it again and absorb nutrients secondary.

The reason for them to do this is actually very simple. The nutrients of grass are very limited and difficult to digest. This is why herbivores need to keep eating grass.

But this will cause trouble for farmers. It is okay to raise one or two. If it is raised more, the supply of grass may become a problem, especially the rabbit is really difficult to release.

In addition, you will find that most of the large animals on the land are grass -eating animals. One of the reasons is that the foods of herbivores are not nutritious. They need to increase the body shape to reduce the formation of metabolism.

Rabbit’s body shape is relatively small, so their metabolism is very fast. At the same time, because they are designed as unusually active features to avoid predators, their energy consumption is huge.

The same kilogram of pastoral grass, cattle and sheep can be transformed in meat, which can actually be more than rabbits, so if rabbits are just to eat meat, they are not particularly economical.

This is the best pig to make the pigs. They eat everything, and they sleep when they are full.

In fact, not only the economic benefits of breeding are poor, but the rabbits are also particularly fragile!

There are many types of rabbits, and some are small in size.

When rabbits deal with various survival pressures, they have only one ultimate move -increase reproductive strength, as long as more and faster reproduction, they do not have to worry about their genes cannot continue, so they are not designed as a veryStrong disease resistance.

Many diseases are fatal for rabbits. Sometimes they are frightened and may die in a hunger strike. Therefore, if large -scale breeding, the risk will be very high, and if you accidentally do it, you may be a nest.

Picture Note: Rabbit heads are more popular

at last

Obviously, a high -risk and unsatisfactory economic benefits are difficult to be recognized by farmers, and it is unlikely to improve their genes.

Because of this, it is difficult for rabbit meat to become a mainstream meat, unless it is really popular one day.

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