When confinement after giving birth, my mother and mother -in -law keep in mind these diet taboos, and Baoma recovers the younger after giving birth.

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Many mothers said: "After giving birth to a child, the body becomes worse, and the child has emptied herself!"

But some mothers said, "After giving birth, I have become better, and I feel that I look younger!"

Xiaofeng has been weak and sick since he was a child. He must get sick in the season, either a cold or uncomfortable.The most out of travel is a variety of spare medicines.””

Fortunately, Xiaofeng met a man who really liked her and loved her.Before getting married, Xiaofeng told her husband that she was not very good, and she was not sure if she could have children!Her husband said he didn’t care, anyway, there was nephew and niece in the house.

After the marriage, the two had a good relationship and accidentally became pregnant. Xiaofeng’s husband said that he would be killed, but Xiaofeng suddenly had a great mother’s sex. He felt that he had to give birth to the child anyway.

In order to make the child grow up healthily in the stomach, Xiaofeng was very careful during pregnancy. Her husband also specially reported a nutritionist’s course to study. He bought a lot of books and recipes by himself, and gave Xiaofeng a variety of kindsDelicious and nutritious food.

Xiaofeng was going smoothly throughout the pregnancy. She usually caught a cold in the season. When she was pregnant, she was healthy and healthy.

After dynamic confinement, her husband put down his business and made good food for Xiaofeng every day.The matching of diet is very reasonable.

When the full moon came out, we saw that Xiaofeng’s body recovered very well. Before she was pregnant, her face waxted yellow wax yellow, but after giving birth, she found that her face was a lot more rosy.

And before pregnancy, she was as thin as a bamboo pole. After pregnancy, her body was round and felt more beautiful!

Colleagues all think that Xiaofeng has been born in a few years old!

So whether there is a child or younger, the most important thing is to depend on our diet and mentality during pregnancy and confinement.

Especially confinement is a critical period for postpartum recovery. At this time, the diet controlled well, which can make the mother recover younger after giving birth.

Taboo one: Old hen soup

Many elderly people began to raise chickens when they knew that their daughter -in -law was pregnant, and raised some old hens to supplement their daughter -in -law.

Not long ago, a pregnant woman complained on the Internet. Her mother -in -law had prepared more than 50 chickens and prepared to eat when she was confinement. She thought it was terrible. Is it a chicken a day?

Thinking of the thick layer of oil on the old hen soup is really daunting.

The old hens only account for 40%of the weight. Most of the other are fat and elastic connective tissue, so the fat content of the old hens is relatively high.

The mother’s intestinal peristalsis after giving birth is relatively slow. Eat these high -fat foods, either there is no way to digest it.Fat leads to a more bloated body.

For postpartum mothers, eating some chicken breasts or chicken legs, not eating chicken skin and chicken oil is healthier, you can supplement high -quality protein.

Taboo 2: Bone Soup

Old hen soup is not possible, bone soup is always fine!The white bone soup is rich in calcium. In fact, the calcium in the bone soup is still in the bone. There are not calcium in the soup, but some fat. These fats will melt into small white fat particles, so it looks like it isWhite, still high fat, without other minerals and proteins.

When my mother drinks it, it will only increase the burden on the gastrointestinal and intestines, and cannot replenish any favorable nutrition.

Taboo 3: Eat ginseng

Ginseng is called the king of Baicao. It is said that it has the effect of regulating qi and nourishing blood, but has strong excitement for the human body.You must know that the mother’s nerves will be more excited, and sleep is not very good. At this time, eating ginseng will cause mothers to sleep well and affect sleep.

In addition, ginseng has a strong blood circulation effect, and the coagulation function of the mother after birth is relatively poor. If ginseng with blood circulation function is added, it may cause mothers to bleed or increase their lochia.Not conducive to mother’s health.

Taboo 4: Milk Tea

When Liu Mei was not pregnant, she liked to drink milk tea. During pregnancy, she had a little high blood sugar during pregnancy, so the doctor asked her not to eat sweet things.Her husband stared at him every day to prevent her from drinking.

During the birth of a child, she suddenly wanted to drink milk tea, so she asked the moon in the family if she could drink milk tea?

Yueyue said that it is not possible to drink milk tea in confinement. In the first place, there are a lot of sugar in milk tea, which will affect the mother’s teeth health. Secondly, the caffeine in milk tea will cause the mother to sleep well at night and not sleep well will affect the body’s recovery.; It will also affect the secretion of milk, so it is not recommended to drink milk tea after delivery.

Taboo 5: Drink brown sugar water every day

Brown sugar water -based warm meridian has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.It is also said that brown sugar water can promote the discharge of lochia.But a few days before giving birth, it is okay to drink it occasionally. Drinking too much is not good for your body.

It is generally recommended that you can drink some 7 to 10 days after giving birth, and don’t drink it afterwards.After all, the most important thing in brown sugar water is sugar. Mother eating more sugar can easily affect the health of the teeth and easily lead to obesity. Moreover, the brown sugar water drinks much, which will cause too much dew, which is not conducive to postpartum recovery.

During the confinement period, the diet taboos should keep in mind that what does the mother eat after knowing where can I not eat it?

The diet of confinement after giving birth is divided by weekly, different week’s body conditioning direction is different, and the recipes that the mother wants is very different

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