When can you test whether you are pregnant?Is the pregnancy inspection stick deep and shallow?

Sisters who assisted reproductives hope that they can get pregnant as soon as possible. Some anxious sisters, two or three days after the same room or just finished the surgery, two or three days after test tube transplantation, start with pregnancy test sticks.I ca n’t measure anything, but I feel very disappointed. The anxiety of suffering from losses every day keeps spreading …

When can you test whether you are pregnant?

It is generally recommended to promote natural pregnancy sisters for 14 days after the same room, which is that the day of menstruation can be used to test pregnancy without menstruation.

Sisters who do artificial insemination or IVF pregnancy are also 14 days after surgery for pregnancy test.

Don’t be too anxious, premature pregnancy testing does not necessarily be measured, it is also easy to affect your mood.

Why can pregnancy test sticks be used for pregnancy?

Women will secrete a hormone in the body after pregnancy -human chorionic gonadotropin (referred to as HCG). This hormone exists in urine and blood. The general pregnancy test stick is to use the single plant and multiple HCG in the device to use the deviceThe reaction of antibody and antibody in urine determines whether pregnancy is determined.

The pregnancy test stick is qualitative rather than quantitative testing, that is, it can only judge whether you have a pregnancy (generally HCG> 25 can be measured), but I don’t know how high your HCG value is.

What does different color rendering mean?

There is only one control line C on the pregnancy test stick C: indicates that there is no pregnancy.

Two lines appear on the pregnancy test stick, that is, the control line C and the detection line T are all color, and the detection line is clearly clear: it means that it is pregnant.

There is no counterpart C appeared within 5 minutes on the pregnancy test stick: indicates that the test is invalid or failed.

The pregnancy test stick is deeper and shallow: If the control line C appears clearly and clear, the detection line T is very shallow. The table is likely to win the prize, but it may not really have a baby.In response to this situation, you need to use a new pregnancy test stick to collect morning urine every two days to re -test.

Is there a false positive and false negatives in the pregnancy test stick?

The accuracy is relatively high according to the method of the instructions to correctly use the pregnancy test stick.

If the pregnancy test stick is used to measure the positive ("double bar"), and the results of the blood drawing show that there is no pregnancy, it may be that the operation of the pregnancy test is improper, or it may be a biochemical pregnancy (the embryo stops developing).

Another situation is the interference of the drug.Some patients use human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) tires. The HCG half -life is about 7 days, which may affect the show of the gestational stick.However, it does not affect the night needle of the test tube, because the pregnancy test is 14 days after transplantation, and the HCG has already passed the half -life of about 7 days, which will not interfere with the test results of the pregnancy test stick.

Therefore, sisters who do IVF do not use pregnancy test sticks to test pregnancy prematurely, which will easily cause misjudgment.

If the pregnancy test stick is used to measure the negative ("whiteboard"), and the blood drawing results show that you are pregnant, it may be because HCG does not reach a certain concentration during urine tests and is not measured.

The speed of each embryo is not the same. Some may develop later. The HCG value is not so fast, and it will not be measured in two days.Sisters who assisted reproductive pregnancy, do not stop the medicine because they did not measure it.

Everyone uses the pregnancy test stick to test whether or not they are pregnant or not, and they must return to the reproductive medical center to draw blood.Blood drawing is currently the most accurate detection method. It can not only check the HCG value, but also check the values of progesterone (P) and estradiol (E2).You can also determine whether the development of the embryo is good according to the speed of HCG value.

Is the "thought fan" pregnant?

In the WeChat group, Xiaolu sometimes receives the consultation from the sisters, saying that he has tested the "thought gray" and "thought fan", that is, there is a very light print. Is it pregnant?

This is not necessarily.Sometimes the seal appears for a long time to put the test strip. Such a test has failed; the test line T appears to be "positive" in the time stipulated (usually 5-10 minutes).Therefore, some sisters said that there was no "double bar" when testing in the morning, and it was displayed when I came back at noon.In fact, such test results are invalid.

Another method of control is to use another pregnancy test stick to compare water to compare with water, which is even more clear.

Why use "morning urine" to detect?

The best time for the pregnancy test stick test is in the morning. In the morning, the urine has a higher concentration of HCG compared to other time periods, and the results are more accurate.Do not drink a lot of water before testing. Drinking too much water to dilute the urine may cause false negative results.

Other precautions

1. The validity period of the test strip.Pay attention to the production date on the box, do not use the expired pregnancy test stick, because the chemical agent time or improper preservation will be invalid, which will affect the test results.

2. Ectopic pregnancy is a kind of pregnancy. The pregnancy test stick cannot be diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy. You can only measure pregnancy. The diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy needs to be used as a B -ultrasound or blood HCG.

3. The pregnancy test stick is a disposable product.After the first use, even if there is no result, it cannot be used again.The reasons for the results of the pregnancy test may be that the use method may be inaccurate, or the test strip has been expired or invalidated.

4. History of pregnancy.In the near future, the test results of the pregnancy test may be affected when there is a recent pregnancy, because HCG can continue to be positive for a long period of time after the end of pregnancy (after childbirth, after childbirth, and abortion).

5. Diseases and drugs.Some diseases and drugs may cause false positive test results, such as blood in the urine, or taking some fertility drugs. Some tumor cells such as hydatidal, fleece, bronchial cancer, and kidney cancer can also promote the secretion of HCG in the body.

Sisters want to determine whether they are really pregnant, remember to go to the hospital for early pregnancy check.In addition to determining whether you can be pregnant in the early pregnancy, you can also determine the pregnancy weeks of the fetus and determine whether there is an ectopic pregnancy. It is a better choice to ensure the health of maternal and infants.””” “” [[Super talk] “””@headline health

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