When can I do early pregnancy examination?What items need to be done early pregnancy

Many women appear confused when they are pregnant for their first pregnancy, without any direction.Some women even confused that they didn’t even know that they were pregnant.Everyone knows that now pays attention to scientific pregnancy.That is, when I was pregnant, doctors asked pregnant mothers to do a series of pregnancy examinations.In this way, some health problems can be screened in the early pregnancy, and early detection can be treated early to avoid difficult problems in the later period.

When can I go to the hospital for early pregnancy examination?

Under normal circumstances, women come to menstruation every month.But if you have sexual life, menstruation is not coming, at this time you can go to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick.In the morning, check the morning urine to see if you are pregnant.If the pregnancy test stick is positive, it means that you are pregnant. At this time, you can go to a regular hospital to inform the doctor that the doctor will arrange the next early pregnancy examination.

What are the examinations for early pregnancy examinations?

1. Blood HCG and progesterone

When I go to the hospital for the first time, the doctor will recommend a test of blood HCG and progesterone regardless of whether they are pregnant at home.Because the test strip is likely to have false positives, and the blood value will not have deviations.In addition, you can view the approximate pregnancy time through the blood value. The progesterone value can observe whether the embryo has a good development environment.

2. Urine test

The urine test here is not to check or not, but to check whether the indicators in the urine are normal.Gyllatic, urine protein, sugar and red blood cells.Because through these values, the possibility of urethritis and hypertension can be screened.Therefore, urine tests are not only done in the early stage, and basically every pregnancy test will be checked.

3. Hemorrhoid examination

For the first examination during pregnancy, there are more blood drawing items.It is mainly to exclude some of the basic diseases of pregnant women and avoid affecting the baby’s development.Blood examination will mainly detect hepatitis B, ABO hemolysis, blood routine, AIDS, syphilis, toxoplasma, thyroid function, etc.If there is a basic disease, it can be treated in the early stage and can be treated early without affecting the development of the fetus.

4. B ultrasound

The B -ultrasound test of early pregnancy tests is mainly to exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.In addition, you can check the development of the embryo. Although some embryos are bed in the palace, it may not develop normally because of the physical fitness problem or the embryo itself, which is what we often say.This can be detected by early B -ultrasound. If this happens, you can also take early measures to avoid hurting the health of women.

Pregnancy is a big challenge for every woman. Both the body and the psychology must bear different changes.For women who are pregnant for the first time, a lot of things do not understand, so we must go to a regular hospital for check -in in time.Under the guidance of a doctor, cooperate with the doctor to do every prenatal examination, so as to spend pregnancy safely.

Source: Family Doctor Online

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