When buying prawns, don’t know how to choose?Old fishermen teach you a few tricks to pick shrimp, and never buy wrong!

In our lives, there are many friends who love to eat prawns. You must know that everyone is a kind of high -nutrition and low -fat food. If you often eat shrimp, you can not only improve the immunity of the human body, but also strengthen metabolism.Friends during weight loss are also very friendly. You can rest assured to eat and eat without worrying about getting fat.However, when you go to the market to buy a piece of shrimp, the price is indeed very expensive. It takes dozens of dollars to move, and the amount of shrimp is very small.

At this time, some people will consider cost -effectiveness. If you buy these dozens of dollars, you can definitely have a lot of money.But after coming to the market, I was stunned, because there are many types of shrimp in the market, with fresh shrimp, frozen shrimp, curved shrimp, and straight shrimp. So what should I choose to choose?Let ’s teach you a few ways to choose the correct way to choose shrimp to keep you at a glance.

1. Pinch the effect.

For friends who often eat shrimp, they all know that the taste of shrimp has a lot to do with its freshness. If it is fresh prawns, it is delicious and delicious no matter what method is used.And the shrimp is also very fresh, and it is particularly chewy in the mouth.But if it is frozen for a long time or is not fresh, it may occur with poor meat or no elasticity.

If we don’t know how to pick shrimp, we can just use this feature to choose.First, you can choose a relatively clean stall.Then you can pinch the tightness of the shrimp with your hands. If the shrimp is tight and elastic, it means that such shrimp is relatively fresh.If it is troublesome, you can also choose the kind of lively shrimp directly. Such shrimps are usually not too big, but the price is also more expensive.

2. Look at the color of shrimp.

When selecting prawns, you can also choose according to the color of the shrimp.Some people may ask: Isn’t shrimp all the same color?How can there be different colors.But in fact, if you look closely, you will find that the color of the image is indeed different. You must know that once the shrimp is cooked, the color will change, and then it will show a red state.

If we are choosing shrimp and find that the back of the shrimp is slightly red, it is likely that such shrimp encountered high temperature during transportation.This kind of shrimp should not be used to buy home. When you buy it home, you will find that the shrimp meat is not only loose, but also the taste is relatively poor.The most worrying thing is that this kind of shrimp is likely to have problems such as parasites or bacteria, which is also very unfavorable to our health.

3. Smell the taste of shrimp.

Because shrimp itself belongs to seafood food, the shrimp will also exude a unique seafood flavor.When we don’t know how to choose shrimp, we can smell the taste of shrimp.Pick up a shrimp and smell it gently under the nose. If you smell the taste of seafood, it means that the shrimp is still relatively fresh. If you smell the pungent smell, don’t buy it.This kind of shrimp is likely to be shrimp that has been placed for too long and deteriorated. After eating, it may also cause problems such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.

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