When a woman is pregnant, she will meet these skin problems. People who come to teach you how to care for you

Women will become cautious after pregnancy, because they look forward to this small life, so whether they are diet or life, pregnant mothers are particularly cautious, especially for some of the rumors on the Internet.For example, a rumor during pregnancy with the highest online attention, the problem of "not skin care after pregnancy", I do not know how many pregnant mothers are miserable.In fact, if you do not pay attention to skin care during pregnancy, these three major skin problems will occur, and the pregnant mother will completely become "yellow -faced mother -in -law".

Dull skin

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers found that their skin became dull, and even began to grow chloasma, which shows that you have been closer to "yellow face".The dull skin during pregnancy is mainly due to the increase in melanin in the body because of physiological factors, and accumulating on the face will cause the skin to become dull.After the baby is born, the hormone in the body will return to normal, and the pigment accumulation on the skin will fade.However, if the pregnant mother wants to have a luster during pregnancy, it is still indispensable for skin care. You can use some skin care products for some pregnancy, because such skin care products have the effect of repairing and nourishing., Make the skin of pregnant mothers shiny and elastic.


The second skin problem during pregnancy is acne.Because during pregnancy, the metabolism of pregnant mothers is relatively slow, and the fat under the skin will increase, and the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands will be strong. Therefore, the pregnant mother’s face will be more serious, and they also love acne.It is recommended that during pregnancy, during pregnancy, the cleaning of the face must be in place, especially in the T -area part, you can use some masks of hydrating and oil control during pregnancy to add skin moisture, keep water and oil balance, and dredge pores.A dry skin that does not have acne.

Dry skin

In the special period of pregnancy, some of the skin of Baoma will be particularly oily. Of course, there is another extreme, that is, the skin is outrageous.Because during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must not only ensure the moisture required by their bodies, but also provide water for the baby. This can easily make the pregnant mother deficiency, and in severe cases, the skin is dry and skinny.Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should drink plenty of water every day. If they do not like to drink boiled water, the pregnant mother can drink milk or drink soup to supplement water.

Although the arrival of a new life will be very happy, pregnant mothers should not over -believe that some rumors about pregnancy are eliminated on the Internet, saving the baby and harm.

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