When a woman in the workplace has a baby, how to make "weakness" a "armor"

In 2023, the China Family Planning Association, the China Youth Network, and the China Population and Development Research Center jointly released the "National College Student Marriage and Education Concept Survey" showed that 55%of female college students stabilized their careers as one of the important conditions for childbirth.

Fight for care, or have baby?For many workplace women in the childbearing age, it is difficult to judge whether it is a multi -choice or a single problem.During the National Two Sessions of the country this year, the program invited guests of the Chinese Youth Daily "The Youth of the two sessions" to explore this topic: How can the women’s cause of "hitting" the golden period of "hitting" the golden period of fertility in the workplace, how to minimize the impact of fertility?How to make women "fish and bear’s paw" both, and while gaining a baby, they can also get a sense of life value and sense of accomplishment in the workplace?


Promoting or having a baby, don’t become a two -choice question

"For the women in the workplace, the mother is Daoka." Zhang Huimin, 40, perceived this sentence.

She has two children, her eldest daughter is 11 years old, and her younger son is 3 years old.Before the first pregnancy, she was a store manager of a supermarket. The suit and high -heeled shoes were standard in her workplace. Zhang Huimin still remembers that she is confidently negotiated with customers in the conference room. It was a high time of her career career.All this, after the first child, turned to another track.

Zhang Huimin concluded: "Among the contradictions between workplace and fertility, the most difficult to balance is time." The most tangled period was that when the child was 0-3 years old, there was no parental support, and it was stressed by the baby.It is another hurdle to pick up the baby on time; if the baby is sick, you can take a few days of leave to take care of the child … This series of problems, one after another, troubles Zhang Huimin.

Like her mother -in -law, some people spin in the time of work and take care of their children, and some people are trapped in the dilemma of back milk.

Zhao Yue, 32, is also a mother -in -law. Her mother can help her bring her children, which makes her return to the workplace less pressure.But on the first day of returning to work, she had a new task: back milk.

Zhao Yue’s company has two maternal and infant rooms. Before she gave birth to a child, she always felt that "the utilization rate was very low." After becoming a mother -in -law mother, she discovered that "the use of the mother and baby room needs to be queued."

In order to sucked milk as soon as possible, Zhao Yue usually chooses an unmanned conference room "quick decision".But the conference room cannot be safe for the mother -in -law.Once, Zhao Yue had just sucked the milk in the compartment of the conference room. The original unmanned conference room suddenly poured into a large group of people to meet, watching the milk bag filled with breast milk and the boasting tools, she was suddenly nervous.Get up, sitting in the compartment stomped, and did not dare to make a noise. It was not until the colleague would leave before she left before she opened the door.

A mother -in -law said that milk can tolerate physical pain, and what makes her unbearable is why the mothers in the workplace can not be calm and milk easily and carry milk?The embarrassment and embarrassment brought by the back milk has become a universal state of mothers in the workplace.

Zhao Yan is a partner and customer director of a company. Sometimes the breastfeeding time happens to catch up with the meeting. After the milk is unbearable, he has to leave a phrase "I need to suck milk" and leave the field quickly, leaving colleagues to look at each other.Whenever this embarrassing moment, Zhao Yan hopes that the science popularization of the society can more people in the workplace, so that more people can understand the difficulty of the workplace mothers.

"Actually, promotion and birth baby can not only choose one of the two, and women in the workplace do not have to force themselves to become a full mother, just relax." Zhao Yan hopes to consider the situation of the mother in the workplace at the society.Build a complete maternal and infant room to make them feel the consideration and care of the childbearing -friendly society, which can greatly reduce the psychological pressure of the mother in the workplace.

Can’t bear it due to fertility and hidden employment discrimination

34 -year -old Yichen has met with her husband for 7 years, and has been married for 4 years, without baby.There are always relatives and friends around Yichen who reminded her, "You have reached the age of the child", but she is more inclined to live without a child.In particular, Yichen found that women were easily discriminated against due to fertility, which reduced their willingness to fertility.

HR Aya, a private enterprise in Beijing, admits that examining the marriage and childbirth of women of childbearing age is the focus of the company’s recruitment of female employees.Although the law clearly stipulates that there must be employment discrimination, there are still some unwritten "hidden means" in the workplace.Aya revealed that HR would "disclose" their true marriage and childbirth by gossiping or some questions about sideways.Receiving.

He Tian, who was married at the end of last year, was responsible for administrative management at a top 500 company in a certain world. Her psychological pressure was worried that her post was replaced after the return of maternity leave.

The 25 -year -old Wang Zi was marginalized by the department for fertility.She once worked in a company in Hunan. When she learned that she was pregnant, the first reaction was "finished."Originally appreciated her leadership, transferred her from the core department to the edge position, doing trivial matters with low technical content and little relationship with her own professionalism.Until the child was almost two years old, the situation did not improve.

In the meantime, Wang Zi couldn’t help looking for leaders to express the demand of transfer, and most of them got it.This hidden workplace discrimination gives her a sense of anxiety and frustration."I hope that companies can affirm more mothers in the workplace. Do not think that women can not be responsible after being a mother.I can be competent between children and the workplace, "because this is also a role model for children."

The 27 -year -old Li Shuqing planned when she planned to have children just after graduation. In her opinion, women have children, "should not be late."She is more eager to experience the life feelings of a baby. The new role of "mother" can bring strength and confidence.

Although I have taught the dilemma of the workplace and the children, Zhang Huimin does not regret becoming a mother, and now she has become an insurance industry practitioner.In her opinion, the most attractive thing about this job is to be flexible to get off work. She can pick up and drop children to school on time, and can also take into account workplace work.

When I go home from get off work, the child will share the interesting things of the day with her, showing the knowledge of the new society with a smile. When working overtime at home, the child giving her a moment of excitement. She felt the happiness and satisfaction of that moment.There are countless her in this city, and she is just a mother. They work hard between the workplace and the family to make the "weakness" a "armor".

How to "steady happiness" to the work of the workplace mother

Starting on January 1, 2023, the newly revised Women’s Rights Protection Law was officially implemented to protect the rights and interests of "her" in all aspects.

According to Zhang Liyun, an associate professor of the School of Labor School of Labor Relations, the implementation of the law is positive for more comprehensive protection of the rights and interests of women in the workplace."After the revision of the Women’s Rights Protection Law, the protection of women’s equal employment rights has been strengthened, and gender discrimination is clearly prohibited, and the protection of women’s rights and interests of pregnant women." Zhang Liyun interpreted.

Relevant legal regulations have been introduced to the issue of employment discrimination against women of childbearing age.In the "Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Administrative Penalties Counterfeit Treasure Form" issued by Beijing, it is clearly stated that the employer refuses to recording (hiring) for women in the process of recruitment (employment)Women’s records (employment) use standards, or reduce the salary and welfare benefits of female employees due to marriage, pregnancy, maternity leave, breastfeeding, etc., and can be fined up to 50,000 yuan according to law.

In the "Regulations on the Protection of Women’s Rights and Interests of Women in Shanghai", which was implemented at the beginning of the year at the beginning of the year, a new gender statistical report system and gender equality assessment mechanism were added, and the guarantee system was required to establish synchronization with economic and social development.

In Zhang Liyun’s view, this is a good start. The legislation fundamentally stops workplace discrimination, eliminates explicit employment discrimination, and has a deterrent effect on some "hidden discrimination"."Now the legal literacy of women has improved significantly. If there is a problem of discrimination during the recruitment process, women can ask the Women’s Federation, trade unions, labor administrative departments, local police stations and other relevant departments. Once verified, labor units will compensate for job seekers in accordance with law."Zhang Liyun said.

In addition to the employment discrimination facing the age of childbearing age, the country has also been in mind the trouble of the mother -in -law.In 2022, the "Guiding Opinions on Further Improveting and Implementing Active Fertility Support Measures" jointly issued by the National Health and Health Commission and the National Development and Reform Commission, etc.Maternal and infant facilities such as mammal rooms are implemented to promote breastfeeding.

Cheng Jiaoying, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of China -Japan Friendship Hospital, admits that women in the workplace usually face the dual pressure of physiological and psychological.She calls for the workplace to give a more substantial care for the mother -in -law.If you equip the maternal and baby room with women’s privacy, and a TV that is placed in a circular video in the meantime, it can help back the mother to shorten the milk time.

Yang Shenghui, an associate researcher at the China Population and Development Research Center, said that the rising period of business was "hit" a golden period of childbirth. To solve the problem of female fertility in the workplace, it is necessary to work from national policies to society, enterprises, families and other parties.She suggested that in addition to the corresponding functions or economic interests, enterprises must actively bear social responsibility and give more care for women in the fertility stage; in the family, men must participate in the parenting link, and jointly bear family affairs such as housework and children. Women themselves themselves themselves themselves.A positive concept of fertility should also be established.

Aya suggested that government departments formulate and improve relevant policies, such as some preferential policies such as small and medium -sized enterprises who recruit young and medium -sized enterprises recruiting young women, which will largely increase the enthusiasm of recruitment of children for childcare.Fear of losing work and giving up fertility.

Qi Xiumin, deputy secretary of the party committee of the National People’s Congress and deputy secretary of the party committee of the lawyer industry in Xingtai City, Hebei Province, can only make enterprises willing to better contribute to the construction of a maternity -friendly society and make fertilityPeriod female employees worrieds after lifting.

Cheng Jiaoying, who has been practicing for nearly 20 years, said that it would be a very valuable and meaningful thing to watch a small life from a toddler to growing up.She often said to her young mother, "Every baby is the best gift from God to us."

(The requirements of the interview object, some interview objects are a pseudonym)

China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Wenvina Huang Danwei Source: China Youth Daily

Source: China Youth Daily

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