When a woman comes to the holiday, a blood clot is suddenly flowing out. What is going on?Netizen: Growing knowledge


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Menstruation is mainly affected by the ovulation function of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovaries and the periodic changes of endometrial endometrium. Under normal physiological conditions, as the follicles develop, endometrium vascular blood vessels will be proliferated and thickened.Further vascular proliferation, thickening and distortions, endometrial growth promotes the implantation of pregnancy eggs, that is, changes in endometrium in the secretion period.

Growth is mainly affected by estrogen and progesterone. 14 days after ovulation, if there is no pregnancy, the luteal will shrink, and the estrogen of pregnancy will drop rapidly from high concentration, resulting in blood vessels, endometrial necrosis and falling off, endometrium and endometrium and endometrium and endometrium.Menstruation will occur after the spiral arterial artery is exfoliated.

Therefore, menstrual blood mainly includes the endometrium fragments, cervical Y channels, endometrial gland secretions, shedding cells and a small amount of coagulation substances. Generally speaking, the menstrual cycle is 2-7 days, an average of 3-5 days, and menstruation, menstruation, menstruation, menstruation, menstruation, menstruation, menstruationThe amount is 20-70ml. Due to the periodic changes of the endometrium, the proliferation, secretion and falling change occur, and the falling off the menstruation.

1. Determine whether you are pregnant

For married women who are pregnant, if their menstruation does not come within 10 to 15 days, they must consider whether they are pregnant and whether they need to go to the hospital for examination. Do not postpone the best discovery period for their own reasons.

2. Enhance the function of hematopoietic making

Although women will excrete a certain amount of blood during menstruation, compared with the body’s hematopoietic ability, these blood is very small. Under normal circumstances, menstrual blood will not cause feminine anemia.Prevent iron deficiency anemia.

1. Cold during menstruation

If women do not pay attention to keeping warm during menstruation, blood circulation may occur, rapid uterine contraction and pain, and menstrual blood in the uterus cannot be discharged as soon as possible, resulting in blood solidification. This is caused by the cold of the uterus. Women need to pay attention to warmth before and after menstruation.During menstruation, they need to protect the abdomen in accordance with regulations. We can wear thick clothes or stick warm things on the abdomen.

2. Sitting for a long time

Most people are busy with work or work. Many people sit all day and rarely exercise. Even if you have time, it is difficult to stick to it. Insufficient menstrual flow will cause blood clots, especially people who are sitting for a long time.Slow the blood circulation and qi and blood circulation of the pelvic cavity, leading to menstrual disorders and blood clots.

Especially for women with typical menstrual periods, menstrual flow cannot be completely discharged, and it is easy to accumulate in the uterine cavity. Sometimes, blood clots such as meat when going to the toilet.

3. Endometriosis falls off

The uterus is a very important organs in women’s bodies and the most important organs to bred life. Once the disease occurs, the menstrual blood capacity may increase significantly. Blood clots will appear in the blood.It is recommended that you go to the hospital for relevant examinations in time and first rule out the possibility of uterine diseases.

4. Endocrine disorders

As the pillar of the family, men shoulder a heavy burden. Today, women not only need to educate husbands and children, but also need to go out to work. Life and work are also very stressful. Busy work, long -term staying up late, and lack of sleep may lead to endocrine disorders.

Once the endocrine disorders occur, menstruation cannot be regular every month, and abnormal menstrual blood and blood clots will occur during menstruation. This may be caused by endocrine disorders. We must pay attention to adjusting the body and combining labor and rest.

1. Eat three meals a day on time

Women regard weight loss as a lifelong career. In order to have a slim figure as soon as possible, they choose not to eat lunch or dinner, and only eat apples and cooked vegetables at noon and evening. Although this diet helps lose weight, the food lacks nutritional nutrition in food.It will lead to insufficient energy in the body. Excessive intake of primitive protein will cause the lack of hematopoietic raw materials in the body, reduce hematopoietic production, and symptoms of anemia.

Every time women come to menstruation, the menstrual flow is small, and long -term diet may lead to amenorrhea. Only eating three meals on time can provide sufficient nutrition for the body and regulate menstruation.

2. Optical attitude

For female friends, during menstruation, the content of the body is prone to endocrine disorders, which will be accompanied by emotional irritability. At this time, we must pay attention to proper supervision and strive to maintain an optimistic attitude.The secretion causes uterine injury, so pay special attention.

3. Do a good job of family planning work

Pregnancy and abortion are easy to cause great harm to the uterus, resulting in abnormal menstruation and unable to press on time. Meridity and kidney health will be affected. Female friends must do a good job of contraception. You should take good care of your body during menstruation and after childbirth.Avoid frequent pregnancy and abortion, which can easily cause damage to the uterus.

You can take a bath during menstruation, but you should choose a shower instead of bathing. Because the cervix expands during menstruation, it does not close and lacks the usual defense ability. If you take a bath, it will increase the bacterial retrograde infection into the uterine cavity, and even enter the pelvic cavity.The risk of uterine endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Bathing during menstruation, you must use hot water instead of cold water. Bathing in cold water will cause uterine contraction. If the contraction is strong, it will cause menstrual blood to reflux.If the ovaries occur against the current, it will cause endometriosis or chocolate cysts, which will affect future fertility.

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