When a man is pregnant …

The drama "The Pregnancy of Kentaro Kentaro" (2022) shows the dilemma of women from a male perspective.The picture shows the actor Yoshiyama Kentaro (left) and the child’s mother Seto Aya (right) after pregnancy. They decided to give birth to the child and support them together.(Data map/picture)

"The men’s men have children for us, and it is too cool to live in this era!" On April 21, 2022, Nai Fei launched eight episodes of mini -series "Takayama Kentaro’s pregnancy".Knowing that Ya Ji’s partner was pregnant and became a "pregnant husband", he was amazed, and it was difficult to hide his joy between words.

"Men’s pregnancy", this absurd setting has established the comedy tone of the story.The excitement of the play is also this. It uses identity to change from the perspective of male to explore the fertility dilemma, family relationship dilemma, and workplace difficulties that women have encountered.

The male lead Matsuyama Kentaro is a staff member of an advertising agency company and a prodigal son of love, maintaining a close relationship with several women.After several abnormal vomiting phenomena, Kentaro Kentaro went to the hospital for examination. The results of the inspection shocked him: he was pregnant.

"The Pregnancy of Kentaro Kentaro" is not limited to the dispute between the sex of men and women, but expands the thinking to the social situation of a few groups.The picture shows the actor Yoshiyama Kentaro in the play as a B -ultrasound after pregnancy.(Data map/picture)

From the beginning of learning that the news fled, he had to abortion, to hesitation, until he was finally accepted, and the story began with the ups and downs of Kentaro’s heart road in Mushan.

After the doctor explicitly informed the pregnancy time, Kentaro Kentaro confirmed that the mother of the child in the belly was Seto Yaji, who had a relationship with him during that time."Could it be my child? You must also have an appointment with other girls." "Your tone is the same as those men. But whether it is having a child or an abortion, it is me."Exchange has a stronger irony.

After some ideological struggles, the two decided to face the controversial society with pregnancy, and faced many problems of pregnancy and childbirth, and raising children.For the first time, Kentaro Kentaro realized that the "trouble" caused by pregnancy, leakage of urine, breasts, and body hairs could not help but sigh: "I have never thought of being so difficult to get pregnant. As a man, I have never thought about it.How to change the rhythm of life. "

Kentaro, who became a pregnant husband, realized that he was a woman, especially the dual inappropriateness and inequality of women in the workplace and family life.An Oakli, a well -known female doctrine scientist in the UK, mentioned in "Unsure Women: Sociology of Family Affairs" that although the characteristics of modern marriage are equal and "mutual" between husband and wife, but the family task levelUnemployment still exists in large quantities.Men’s absence allows more modern women to carry the dual labor burden in the public and private sector, and men only need to occasionally involve family affairs to create the illusion that both husband and wife assume the responsibility of family labor.

After gradually adapting to the identity of the pregnant husband, Kosari Kentaro decided to have a role in the balance of family (with baby) and career.It does not mean that you need to lower your goal. Because you will learn how to be better than people in this way, and one day in the future, this experience will definitely be reflected in his own work. "His self -motivation will beThe group laughed: "Yushan, don’t say that it is so great. This is the moment our women are like this.

In the play, Miyama Kentaro became a traffic star after pregnancy, and appeared on the cover of various fashion magazines.(Data map/picture)

This is exactly the premise and the sadness of the show -even if the men who experience women’s dilemma as immersed in women’s dilemma like Kotaro Kentaro, they cannot truly reach or change the dilemma of women.

The screenwriter opened the brain and let men get pregnant. Even if such extreme cases are brought out to put men at the point of being reviewed by the society, the environment they face is still relatively loose.Just as the name of the American drama "The Sisters of the Bankruptcy": "If a man will also come to menstruation, the cotton strip will be threw from the carcass with the carnival." Kentaro Kentaro is pregnant, and he is not facing unemployment.Dangerous, on the contrary, the entire society is caught in the carnival of the onlookers and hunting pregnant husbands, so that he has gained more opportunities to board the cover of various types of fashion magazines and become a successful case of traffic stars and corporate marketing -it is in Kentaro Kentaro, YoshiyamaWhen he chose the same meeting room as an advertising spokesperson, when his client was screened the advertising model, he saw the scene of female models pregnant and even public breastfeeding, and he had dismissed them outside the candidates.

Kentaro Kentaro "using" his own transformation quickly turned into a feminist, and he began to make some shouts for women and make some changes. "Men proposed a matter of course, which caused a very enthusiastic discussion.Because women’s voices have been ignored for a long time. "

For example, the play was ended and the child was born. Ya Ji and Yoshiyama Kentaro decided to form a family to raise the child together.At this time, Ya Ji’s company intends to send her to Singapore’s resident.This is a rare opportunity to promote, but for the sake of children, Ya Ji intends to push off the opportunity.Kentaro Kentaro stopped her. He said, "No one should sacrifice herself. No matter it is you, children, everyone should cherish their lives by priority."

French feminist Baowa, in her book "The Second Sex", describes the survival of women from childhood to old age: "As a child, for the elders’ likes, when they grew up, they were happy for their lover.Later, for the family and the happiness of the child … On the road of others, women have to become an object and give up autonomy. "

Bovoli describes the general state of women, and another well -known feminist scholar, Kyoko Kyoko, Japan has also had similar expressions.In the age of Ueno Chiyoko, which was born in 1948, the Japanese workplace was full of restrictions on women. She has introduced in the book "Feminist from Zero".Temporary workers, and relying on relationships, they were worked as a short -term work when they got married. At that time, the age of marriage was very low, so women’s working hours were only two or three years. At that time, a common awareness of women was that a woman was married once she got married., I will end my life. "To this day, Japanese women are still facing similar problems.It can be said that what Miyama Kentaro has done is to help women tear off labels, abandon the stereotypes of society, and get autonomy.

In the final analysis, it is valuable to penetrate into this layer with entertainment."The Pregnancy of Kentaro Kentaro" has also taken a step further to enlarge the pattern, not limited to the dispute between the sex of men and women, but to discuss the seemingly absurd topic of the pregnant husband on the dimension of the "minority group".In the play, the pregnant husband is a minority of Japanese society. They are facing social review, prejudice, and labels. They need to hold the group to warm up, and they need to make sounds and change the social environment to obtain respect and peaceful treatment.

This is exactly the same as Ueno Chiyoko’s point of view.Ueno Chiyoko left a famous saying in his speech at the opening ceremony of the University of Tokyo. She said: "Feminist thoughts are not for women’s words and deeds, such as men, or to make the weak as strong as strong.It is the weak that the weak should be respected as the weak. "

Southern Weekend reporter Li Yilan Southern Weekend Intern Wang Zhuoying

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