When "accidental pregnancy" encounters "gynecological inflammation", can they still be people?

Many women report that no matter what kind of contraceptive measures they take, they will still be accidentally recruited.well!怅.However, painless abortion is now mature and the process is safer.However, when "accidental pregnancy" encounters "gynecological inflammation", can people flow surgery?

First, let’s understand the time of drug flow and abortion!

In the face of accidental pregnancy, if you decide to choose people, you must pay attention to all aspects of the flow of people to avoid regrets of accidents. The easiest point of many people is the choice of time for people. Because once the best time to miss the flow of people, the difficulty and risk of surgery and risks will be missed.It will greatly increase.

Painless abortion

The time is relatively broad, the best time for painless abortion is between 35-55 days, because the uterus is not too large, there are not many pregnancy tissues, the fetus is small, it is easy to absorb, the surgery time is short, and the bleeding is less.Observation for an hour after surgery, you can leave the hospital after losing the anti -inflammatory medicine.

Drug current

The drug flow time is within 49 days of pregnancy. If it exceeds 49 days, the drug flow cannot be implemented, and the longer the time, the greater the danger.Remember that the drug flow needs to be carried out under the guidance of a professional doctor, and you must not let it go.

Can I perform abortion surgery with inflammation?

Generally speaking, gynecological inflammation cannot be performed directly. It is necessary to do it after anti -inflammatory. As for the time to eliminate inflammation, it depends on what inflammation and extent.It is recommended to check abortion surgery under the guidance of a doctor in the hospital.

Friends who want to be abortion should do gynecological examination first. If you find inflammation, you should cure inflammation and then surgery to prevent inflammatory infection expand.

When performing abortion surgery, surgical equipment needs to pass through the vagina and cervix into the uterine cavity. Although the surgical device does not touch the vaginal wall, although the surgical equipment is followed by strict surgical operation regulations, the cervical canal and the inner mouth of the cervix are expanded during the surgery to infected the uplink infection of bacteria for bacteria.Provide opportunities.

Moreover, bacteria may also directly enter the uterine cavity with surgical equipment.This is why infection may occur after abortion surgery.During vaginitis, the balanced relationship between these bacterial flora is broken, and some bacteria are excessively growing and are in a pathogenic state.

If an artificial abortion surgery is performed without treatment at this time, the opportunity for pathogenic bacteria to enter the uterine cavity will increase, which makes it easier for postoperative infection.If it is not acute or severe inflammation, abortion surgery can generally be performed after simple treatment.

The purpose is to timely discover potential postoperative infection diseases and give treatment to ensure surgery and postoperative safety.Because the common complications of artificial abortion surgery are postoperative infections.However, the specific circumstances need to choose a safe and appropriate treatment plan according to the specific conditions of the individual.

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