Wheat bran is a good material to feed cattle!In addition to cheap, it also has these 3 advantages

Wheat bran is a very common cattle raising feed. It is the corner material left by wheat when producing flour.Although it is not worthy, the nutritional value is still very high, so many farmers will buy cattle and sheep.But do you know what benefits and disadvantages are there of wheat bran?

First of all, the advantage is cheap.The price of wheat bran is about 900 yuan per ton, which is only 4 or 5 cents a pound.Now corn and soybean meal are more than one pound, so compared with corn and soybean meal, the cost of feeding wheat bran in breeding will be much lower.

In addition, the content of coarse protein and crude fiber in wheat bran is relatively high and the palatability is better. Adding wheat bran to the feed can regulate the nutrient concentration.

However, wheat bran is not all beneficial. Because the crude fiber content is relatively high, if a large amount of wheat bran is fed for a long time, it will affect the digestion and absorption of cattle and sheep.It is not conducive to the growth and development of cattle, and there is a phenomenon of dry eating.

Of course, the disadvantage of wheat bran will happen in a large amount of feeding. We can match the feed in this way, and there will be no impact.

Breeding cows: 58%of corn, 14%wheat bran, 22%soybean meal, 4%premix, 1%calcium carbonate, 0.8%salt

Cowes after weaning: 55%corn, 12%wheat bran, 24%soybean meal, 4%premix, calcium carbonate 1.8%, soda 2%salt 1%

Early stage of fattening: 58%corn, 8%wheat bran, 26%soybean meal, 4%premix, 2%soda, 1%calcium carbonate, 0.8%salt

Late fattening: 65%corn, 6%wheat bran, 20%soybean meal, 4%premix, 3%soda, 1%carbonate, 0.8%salt

You can match the feed ratio according to the demand for nutrients in each period.

Of course, wheat bran can not only do feed, but also have other uses during breeding.

Because the crude fiber content in wheat bran is relatively high, although the wheat bran itself is not digested, it can promote the gastrointestinal motility of beef after eating.Therefore, when there is a constipation of the cow, you can add more wheat bran to the feed to relieve diarrhea, or you can also boil wheat bran into soup. After cooling, you can drink the cattle. The effect is still good.

Of course, the negative impact of the relief effect of wheat bran is that if the feeding amount is too large, the dilute and the feed will not digest.Therefore, when using wheat bran to promote digestion, you must pay attention to its addition.

After the calf is born, there will be a lot of mucus on the body, nose and nose. This mucus is generally licking slowly by the cows.However, sometimes the cow does not lick the calf, but it cannot let the calf air dry naturally, so we can use wheat bran to rub, dried dry wheat bran placed on the calf, rubbing and rubbing.The mucus on the calf is sucking clean, which is more convenient than using a variety of towels and rags, and it does not need to be cleaned again, saving time and effort.

The mucus on the calf can promote the discharge of cow tire clothes. However, if there is a method in the previous method, when the cow is unwilling to lick the calf, the stimulus without hormones can easily cause the tire clothing.Therefore, we can mix the wheat bran that wipe the mucus into the feed to feed the cow. After the cow consumes the feed with mucus, the tire clothing is easy to discharge.

Various feeds have their own purposes, each with advantages and disadvantages. If you want to save money, you can feed with wheat bran. There is no problem to control the proportion.

The sharing of wheat bran feed is complete, what you want to know can leave a message in the comment area, let me answer it!

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