What’s wrong with the smell of white belt?

What is the leucorrhea odor?

After slow maturity, women’s vagina will exclude some substances. The vaginal mucosa exudation, the endometrium, endometrial, and fallopian gland secretions.Lands.If the leucorrhea is normal, it also indicates that the woman’s body is healthy, and it can still clean it.

So what is the abnormal leucorrhea?what’s going on?

The abnormal leucorrhea may be invaded by some bacteria, resulting in the smell of tasteless or smell.In this case, the female tube should be prepared for psychological preparation. This may be that bacteria infected the vagina, and they should go to the hospital for examination.

If a white band has a fishy smell, it may be vaginitis. This kind of verification is caused by vaginal hemorrhhobia.And the vagina also has symptoms such as burning, pain, itching, and humidity of the vulva.

If there is a smell of white belt, it may be some anaerobic bacteria infection, or it may be a vaginitis caused by trichomoniasis infection.

In severe cases, leucorrhea will have a bad smell.This situation is relatively complicated, generally severe infection or caused by tumors, such as severe endometritis, severe cervical erosion.

What should I do if the leucorrhea odor is very heavy

After the leucorrhea appeared on the scent mentioned above, the female bunny flew to the hospital for examination. If it was an abnormal leucorrhea caused by bacterial infection, this is actually a gynecological inflammation.In the words of gynecological inflammation, we may not want to see it. We don’t want to think about it. Although we are not a flood beast, we will still resist.

If the odor of the leucorrhea is very heavy, that is, when there is a smell or even a bad smell, the female bunny can actually do very little. They can only actively take treatment and strive for early healing.In fact, leucorrhea will appear during pregnancy. Do not panic and take treatment in time to ensure the safety of the baby.

If you go to the hospital for examination, you generally observe from the amount, color, shape, and odor of leucorrhea to determine whether it is inflammation. After the diagnosis, we take corresponding treatment methods for the cause.So during the treatment, the female binkers should determine the cleaning and dryness of the vagina, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and maintain a happy mood.Daily life is to achieve the following points.

1. Use some mild formula -wash products. The formula of pregnant women’s care supplies is relatively mild; do not wash the vagina with strong alkaline washing products, which will destroy the acidic environment of the vagina.

2. Soft loose and wide underwear, cotton fabric underwear is better.Avoid tight pants.

3. Keep the vulva clean and dry, wear less jeans, and try not to rub the pants to the genitals.

4. Pay attention to sexual life, wearing a condom, or bathing before sex, clean love.

6. Do not use antibiotics in large quantities. I believe that everyone has heard of the side effects of antibiotics, and it is very stimulating to the genitals.Elastic

What kind of medicine is good for leucorrhea odor

The leucorrhea itself is wet, which makes people feel uncomfortable, but it is even more uncomfortable when there is a smell.So is the leucorrhea odor just take some medicine, or buy some vaginal cleaning solution and wash. After all, it is infected with bacteria. The bacteria are dropped by KO. Is it just a leucorrhea odor?

In fact, the women’s children’s medication is blind and dangerous. Only the right medicine can find the best solution, and the leucorrhea odor can be cured early.So if your white belt has a odor, you still look at the doctor honestly. Don’t use this medicine that kind of medicine. This is unscientific and will delay the best treatment time. Everyone must have such awareness.

Although it is a very stupid way to take medicine, it is actually more troublesome for some office workers to go to the hospital. The leucorrhea odor caused by bacterial infection is not cured in a day or two.Don’t panic.

Can the leucorrhea odor be pregnant?

If the leucorrhea has only a faint smell, there is no big problem after the inspection, and it can still bred the baby normally.However, if the taste of leucorrhea is pungent and irritating, considering that it may be caused by bacteria, it may be inflammated by gynecology, and naturally it cannot be pregnant.

If a leucorrhea odor occurs during pregnancy, it is necessary to take medicine and treatment under the guidance of a doctor to ensure the safety of the baby’s baby, otherwise it will be a doom for the baby.If vaginitis, malignant tumors, endometritis and other diseases such as leucorrhea abnormalities, it is not possible to nurture the baby.To expand, there are three kinds of gynecological inflammation.

1. Vaginitis.The pathogens that cause vaginitis include gonococcus, mycoplasma, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, mold, etc. These pathogens can directly devour sperm and cause infertility.

2. Cervicitis.The local inflammation caused by the invasion of various pathogenic factors is mainly manifested in cervical congestion and edema. In severe cases, secondary occurrence is cervical erosion, often accompanied by changes in vaginal discharge, urgency, frequent urination, and small abdominal pain.

3. Annexal inflammation.Attachment inflammation affects the fallopian tube and continues to expand the ovarian inflammation. Because the fallopian tube and the ovarian inflammation, the fallopian tube ovarian inflammation is called.

How much does leucorrhea odor check

If you feel that your white belt has a odor, the inspection is indispensable.It is recommended to do leucorrhea for routine leucorrhea inspections. This kind of inspection is a common, and it is also highly used. Of course, the price is relatively close to the people.Ordinary leucorrhea inspections require 20 yuan, and leucorrhea with BV experiments requires 40 yuan.

The leucorrhea inspection is first for the pH check. The vagina of women was originally weakly acidic, with a normal value of 4.5. If this value is detected, it is necessary to do further cleaning.The vaginal cleaning examination is four degrees, Ⅰ to Ⅱ degree is normal, and Ⅲ ~ ⅳ degree is abnormal leucorrhea.There are also amine tests. The test results are positive and negative. After this examination, you can basically check whether there are gynecological inflammation.

The leucorrhea inspection is generally available within 3 hours. When you get the results of the inspection results, you do n’t understand to be immediately for the relevant medical staff. Generally, he will tell you if you have abnormalities in white bands and gynecological inflammation.Take corresponding treatment.

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