What’s wrong with Bai Bai with bloodshot?These situations are very serious, and we must pay attention to

Leucorrhea is a unique "private thing" for women. It is a bond that women observe their private organs and uterus. Through the color and symptoms of leucorrhea, they can probably recognize their physical condition and play an important warning role in women’s gynecological health.Gynecological healthy women’s leucorrhea colors are pure white, transparent and thin, and they will appear in large quantities before ovulation, and they usually have less secretions.If there are other abnormalities in the leucorrhea, it may be that there are some problems with the body. Women should usually observe carefully about their private objects. Once these are these cases, it must be paid attention to.healthy.

1. Gynecological health abnormal

The maximum of leucorrhea is most likely that there are problems with women’s gynecology.If you see blood in the leucorrhea, the first thing to think of is that gynecology may be damaged.Some women may suffer from various inflammation, due to inflammation and erosion of inflammation caused by bleeding in the vagina. When the secretions such as leucorrhea are excreted in vitro, they will bring out the blood wire in the body.Without treating inflammation in time, gynecological problems will be more serious, and the problem of blood wire in leucorrhea will become more frequent.Gynecological inflammation will also increase the number of leucorrhea, not only the problem of white belt with blood wire, but also the phenomenon of abnormal leucorrhea flavor and abnormal color. If it fails to treat it in time, it will be very harmful to women’s physical damage.

2. Abnormal bleeding during ovulation period

It is not only when you come to the aunt, there will be menstrual blood, and some women will bleed during ovulation.Bleeding during ovulation will not be very obvious, and the blood wire brought out in the leucorrhea is also accidental. When this occurs, there is no need to worry too much, so that the body can rest and supplement nutrition.

3. Cancer precursor

Blood wire in the leucorrhea may also be a precursor to the disease in the uterus.Women’s uterus is very fragile and needs more protection. However, some women usually have bad living habits, which may cause harm to the uterus.Various symptoms in the uterus cause in -uterus bleeding.Black wires caused by this type of problem are a healthy warning. If female friends feel that there are obvious discomfort or pain in the abdomen at the same time, it is recommended to seek medical examination as soon as possible to clarify whether voter bleeding is a precursor of cancer.

4. Other external factors

Leucorrhea bleeding may also be caused by a birthplace. Some women placed the birthpool in the uterus. They may have friction bleeding in the body because of improper placement and inappropriate positions in the body.

1. Loose to wear

Don’t wear very tight clothes for excessive pursuit of figure.Excessive clothes can easily cause discomfort in private parts. If the air does not circulate will breed bacteria, bacteria may be brought into the body to cause infection and bleeding.Maintain a certain degree of looseness and breathability in personal clothes.Try to wear cotton comfortable underwear.

2. Maintain good personal hygiene and living habits

Women’s personal hygiene is very necessary. It is necessary to change the clothes and clean the clothes, and to clean the private parts, especially women with intimate behaviors, and should also wash the vagina frequently to prevent bacteria from entering the health of the uterus, various sanitary napkins or protection of various sanitary cotton or protection.When using hygiene supplies, change it frequently, so that the private parts should be refreshing and sterile.In addition, you must have a healthy living habit. Private life should be controlled and reject all kinds of behaviors that may endanger gynecological health.

3. Observe more secretions

Lands are an important factor for women to judge gynecology. Female friends should understand the state of leucorrhea. When they see abnormal secretions, pay more attention and observation. They will distinguish the smell and color of leucorrhea. There should be a certain awareness of physical examination awareness, Regularly check the gynecological department, do not ignore the abnormal leucorrhea. When you see the blood wire or other abnormal phenomena of leucorrhea, you can do a comprehensive examination in time. Do not be lucky or embarrassed to go to the doctor, otherwise you will delay your own health.

Pay attention to leucorrhea issues and escort their health. Women who have conditions still recommend gynecological examinations often to prevent various diseases.

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