What’s wrong with back pain in the early stages of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very hard thing, because the pregnant mother must endure various changes brought about by the body in ten months, but also to withstand the nausea and vomiting caused by pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy.More importantly, many pregnant mothers will feel back pain in the early stages of pregnancy.You ca n’t do whatever you want in your diet, and you have to bear this unspeakable pain in your body. It can be seen how hard it is to give birth to your baby.Today we only talk to you about the back pain in the early stages of pregnancy. Please pay attention to the related issues "What is the matter of back pain in the early stages of pregnancy":

Reason for back pain in early pregnancy:

Due to changes in hormones during pregnancy, the pressure on the abdomen and back is increased, so there is often a phenomenon of back pain.With the increase of the number of pregnancy weeks, the probability of backache back will increase, and the more serious the degree. Excessive fatigue, excessive bending, raising heavy objects, standing too long, too much walking or incorrect posture will cause back pain.

How to prevent backache in the early stages of pregnancy

In fact, the pregnancy of the pregnancy will not only appear in the early pregnancy. As the baby grows up, the uterus is getting bigger and larger, and the load is getting heavier. There will be backache in the middle and in the middle of pregnancy.50%-75%of pregnant mothers will have the trouble of back pain during pregnancy.Especially when the uterus grows day by day, the body has also changed a lot, such as uterine dilation, hormone changes, and poor blood circulation.Therefore, it is usually necessary to prevent it and reduce the back of the pregnant mother.Preventing and relieving lumbaric acid should be faced by pregnant mothers and prospective dads during the whole pregnancy.See if there is any way to help pregnant mothers reduce backache.

1. Moderate amount of pregnancy exercise -walking after meals

In fact, the most suitable movement for pregnant mothers is walking.Pay attention to the measurement when walking.Especially when walking in the third trimester, someone must be accompanied by people. When there is a sensitive contraction, stop and rest for a while.Pay attention to walking in a flat place when walking, because the abdomen of the abdomen in the third trimester can not see the feet at the foot, so as not to cause the road to prevent wrestling.It is not recommended to climb and climb the stairs, because this kind of weight -bearing exercise may be very difficult for pregnant women to increase the burden on the waist.

2. Massage the waist -the quasi -father cooperation

If the pregnant mother’s backache, you cannot enter the medicine, acupuncture, or plaster, and these babies are harmful to fetal babies.The easiest way is to call the dad to massage the waist.

How to cure lumbaric acid in the early stages of pregnancy

What should I do? How to treat lumbaric acid in the early stages of pregnancy? In fact, it is normal to be backache in the early stages of pregnancy. If the situation is not very serious, there is no need to treat it specially. You can find a method in your life to relieve the symptoms of lumbaric acid.Let’s take a look!

First, the sleeping position should be correct. When you sleep, you should change the posture often. It is best to sleep on the side. Try to raise your legs as much as possible to help eliminate the symptoms of pain.Soft cushions are conducive to soothing back pressure.

Second, an appropriate amount of outdoor activities, do not stand for a long time or walk for a long time. This will increase the symptoms of lumbaric acid. During the activity, you can sit and rest properly when you feel backache.

Third, massage the waist, press the back flat with both hands, push up and down, do not move the position of the hand, just press the muscles up and down. This effect is obvious, and you can do it yourself at any time.You can do it. Of course, you can also let your family massage before going to bed.

Fourth, you can hold your hand in front or hold your stomach with your hand during the activity. This can also reduce the gravity of the waist and reduce the backache

Reminder: The above is the topic of "What is the matter of back pain in the early stages of pregnancy" we shared. In the sharing, we understand the cause of back pain in the early pregnancy, prevent and treat.Xiaobian hopes that today’s sharing can help everyone, and hope that pregnant mothers can pay attention to these matters during pregnancy, avoid these factors, and wait for the baby to be born happily!

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