What’s the matter with women’s abdominal pain?Gynecologist explained clearly

Many female friends have symptoms of lower abdomen pain, but many female friends do not know what causes it. If women often occur in pain, they should be paid attention to, otherwise the disease will develop more seriously and even miss the best to miss the best.The timing of treatment will cause great harm to health.

What’s the matter with women’s abdominal pain?

1. Gynecological disease

Women’s lower abdomen pain is generally considered to be pelvic organs. There is a pelvic organs. There is a pelvic organs. There is a pelvic organs. The common symptoms of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic pelvic inflammatory symptoms in clinical practice are pelvic abdominal pain, or anal swelling and lumbosacral pain and swelling and swelling.Pain, tiredness or pain in menstrual periods are more obvious.Therefore, do not ignore the pain of the abdomen. Once you find the above symptoms, you should seek medical treatment in time.

2. Uterine disease

Women’s organs are a complex system, and any organs can develop. For example, if there are some inflammation of the uterus, it will cause the abdomen pain in women, such as endometriosisOne of the common diseases; diseases can cause abdominal pain during menstrual periods, and can also cause discomfort for husband and wife life.

3, ectopic pregnancy

Generally occurs in married women. Extrace The pregnancy refers to the implantation of pregnancy sacs and continuing growth and development in the place where the pregnancy embryo is outside the uterus. Due to the limited position of the abnormal pregnancy, the symptoms of abdominal pain occur in the local location.It is also accompanied by irregular bleeding.Therefore, if you are married and you are pregnant, you should be alert to the occurrence of abnormal pregnancy. Once the lower abdomen pain occurs, you should go to the hospital in time to avoid serious accidents.

4. Internal medicine abdominal pain disease

Little abdominal pain is sometimes caused by gynecological diseases, and sometimes it is caused by internal disease diseases. For example, common appendicitis, it is dialectical with gynecological diseases.Simple appendicitis, abdominal pain is mainly limited to pain in the right lower abdomen.The painful parts of the common clinical appendicitis are:

● Acute appendicitis (pelvic location): When the cecum decreases too much or the right half colon is lacking, the appendix can be below the iliac spine line, and even enters the pelvic cavity. When inflammation occurs, metastatic abdominal pain occurs, and it also occurs.That is to say, abdominal pain is in a lower position and tenderness points, and the muscle tension is also mild. The number of stools may increase and the anal swelling; or the symptoms of bladder stimulation such as frequent urination and urgency.

● Under the liver acute appendicitis: This is mainly when the congenital intestinal reversal decreases incomplete, causing the cecum and appendix to stay under the liver; or because the acquired appendix is too long, the tip of the appendix extends to the outside of the liver. If the inflammation seizuresAt the same time, abdominal pain, tenderness, and muscle tension can be limited to the right upper abdomen. The pain in this part is often misdiagnosed as acute cholecystitis.This requires B -ultrasound differential diagnosis.

● The left acute appendicitis: The pain of the common appendicitis is the right lower abdomen, but there are other parts of pain due to the occurrence of the disease, such as the acute appendicitis on the left side.And the day after tomorrow, move the cecum, move and stick to the left lower abdomen. When inflammation occurs, the symptoms of left lower abdomen pain occur; however, the pain in this part is generally rare.Therefore, when such pain occurs, you need to use B -ultrasound or some other images to identify the correct diagnosis.

● Ovarian cyst rupture: This is because the area around the cyst has no adhesion and the space of the activity is not limited. Therefore, when the owner’s bowel movement or the change of the body position, the ovarian distortions will be caused. Due to the distortion of the ovaries, the lower abdomen suddenly occurs and the lower abdomen occurs.Continuous spasm causes patients with nausea and vomiting.And the abdomen has obvious tenderness and muscle tension.And the ovaries may cause severe pain after rupture.

In addition to the above diseases that cause pain in the lower abdomen, we also need to seriously distinguish the pain of small abdomen.When a small abdominal pain occurs, it is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible before the symptoms can be removed.

I am Dr. Li Li in the Department of Women.Sharing health knowledge in popular languages every day can forward more understanding of health knowledge. If you have any questions, leave a message in the message area.

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