What will the hospital be dealt with?After reading these processing methods, do you dare to give birth?

The arrival of new lives is exciting for most families.But sometimes there are many accidents. For example, if you do not plan to get pregnant or check the fetal deformity in the later period, you must kill the fetus in a artificial way.

For women, this is the most effective method and the most commonly used method.However, do you know what the hospital is killed?

Let me tell a story first.Xiao Wang is a novice Baoma who is relatively young and has no experience.But recently, this friend found me and talked to me a more embarrassing thing: she was pregnant again, and all of this was because contraceptive measures were not done well.

Although Xiao Wang is not afraid of regenerating a child, if the child is born, the burden on the family must be particularly large. In the end, Xiao Wang chose an artificial abortion.

It didn’t take long for Xiao Wang to undergo surgery. Before the operation, Xiao Wang said that she had a wish, that is, to see a child who had been dropped by Si. If you do n’t read it now, there will be no chance in the future.

After the operation, Xiao Wang looked at the child he had already gone, but what could he do?Xiao Wang was in a sense of guilt for a long time. When he thought of the dead child at night, he couldn’t sleep all night.However, no matter how sad she is, it is useless. The child has always left the world.

I want to ask everyone a question. Do you know how miscarriage surgery does?How cruel is it?

For short pregnancy fetuses, during abortion surgery, it usually uses a pump. It has a strong suction force, which can break the uncompressed fetus body and then suck it out.These cold words make people feel cold behind.

If the fetus is relatively stable in the month, there will be many treatment methods in the hospital during surgery: the most common is to divide with a surgery knife. This method is not much different from the living fetus.Crushed the fetus’s bones through surgical pliers, then scraped the fetus’s meat, and finally sucked out with a pump. This method is cruel.

No matter how big, you can extract some amniotic fluid from your mother’s abdomen with a needle tube, inject the mother’s body through high concentration of saline, the fetus will burn the body in the uterus, and then catalytic oxytoc.It is no more than toxin adrenaline.

So where did these "fetuses" go in the end?After reading the following methods of treatment, do you dare to give birth?

1. Classified as medical waste

The abortion fetus is treated as a medical waste and then discarded.In fact, this is a behavior that some ordinary hospitals do. They will put the children left with some real medical wastes for some kind of treatment, and then burn.Some people feel that why should I deal with it before burning?Isn’t it easier and convenient to burn the corpse directly?That’s because these medical waste has a lot of bacteria. If it is not treated with disinfection, bacteria will produce the breeding of bacteria and affect people’s health.

2. Directly burned

Some hospitals will directly send the knocked children to the crematorium.This method is just like our death, and sent it to the burning furnace to burn.Most of these children suffer from congenital disability or disease, and their parents do not have enough financial ability to raise these children.So they chose to kill these children.

3. As the garbage is discarded

In some irregular hospitals, they throw these SI fetuses as garbage.They usually throw these babies into the trash can and then clean up the trash cans regularly, such as throwing into some small rivers or remote trash dumps.Those who live in this area are actually used to such things.

4. Utilized by the black heart clinic

In some poor areas, their medical conditions are not as good as cities, so many hospitals that do not meet the requirements provide abortion services, but these black -hearted hospitals will collect some immature fetuses as medicinal materials.There has always been a saying that immature babies have been supplemented as drugs, so some people buy in some rural areas, and they sound cold.

Seeing these endings, people can’t help but make people feel booing and feel the value of life even more.The respect and awe of life should be cultivated from each child when they are young.

The baby is the heart of the parents. For most people, there is no way to abortion.In fact, abortion is very harmful to pregnant women, such as common gynecological inflammation, ectopic pregnancy, irregular menstruation, etc., and may even cause infertility.However, because these situations are all long -term performance, short -term injuries are not easy to find, and many people easily decide abortion.Some people take a week after surgery, and even go out to play.

So, what should I do to avoid this?

First of all, adopt contraceptive measures, do not give your child life.Every small life should always thrive and have their own life when they come to this world.If you destroy degeneration for various reasons, it has to be said to be a regret.

Therefore, if both men and women are not prepared to give birth, they should take positive and effective contraceptive measures.In any case, each child has the right to survive. For both men and women, they must not only be responsible to the child, but also to be responsible for themselves and their lover.

Human life is precious.If you are not concerned about yourself, how to ask others to protect yourself?Especially in adolescent children, they are usually blind in the face of love, and they often have unexpected pregnancy because they are stolen.However, because he is young, he cannot bear responsibility, and you dare not let your family know that you can only choose a miscarriage.

This approach not only hurts his body, but also makes your physical and mental condemnation from conscience, leaving a shadow.Therefore, parents should also teach their children to correct the gender knowledge, learn to protect themselves, and cherish life.

The doctor tells you: how the abortion surgery is done and how miserable the fetal fetal treatment is.

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