What will happen to people with "dinner with liquor"?What is the "safe scope" of drinking?

There are not many small restaurants on the road during the day, but it is lively at night. The sound of people can hear people drink and chat in the private rooms covered by hot air.Why do many people like to drink at night?What will happen to people with liquor with liquor?Isn’t your body uncomfortable after drinking?Maybe it’s different from what you think.

Why do many people like to drink at night?

After work after get off work to release emotions

At the end of work, I can finally relax. At this moment, I just want to make myself happy, and drinking has become a choice for many people.Drink a lot of free time at night. Don’t worry about the next job. Just get drunk and go home to sleep. There is no burden on psychology.

Drinking is the entertainment activity of some people

For many people, drinking is actually an entertainment activity. The life of migrant workers and middle -aged and elderly people is relatively monotonous. I do n’t know how to recreate. Drinking is a group of people gather together.It can be boring and makes the night less lonely.

Drinking at night is a way of lifestyle

Old people generally like to drink in the morning, while young and young people prefer at night. The three and two sit together to drink a few glasses to eat and go home. This is their lifestyle. If they do n’t drink one day, they feel strange.

If there are any misunderstandings and contradictions between people, and sorry for drinking while drinking, most of them can be resolved. If you do n’t drink, apologize this sentence, it is not easy to say.

What will happen to those who "eat with liquor"?

Studies have confirmed that alcohol has adversely affected the human body. For example, a study led by Peking University found that drinking drinking increased by 40 grams and a stroke risk increased by 35%.

In addition, it has a disadvantage of sleep, digestion, spirit, and bones, and is a veritable healthy killer.Some people say that they can eat when they drink, and they have food in good food, and alcohol damage to the human body is relatively small.

This kind of idea is very wrong. The stomach blood flow is abundant during meals. At this time, drinking is like letting alcohol riding a special train to accelerate the spread to the whole body and cause the body to suffer more damage.The hotness and lightness brought by alcohol are temporary. The continuous expansion of blood vessels will soon emit calories, and soon you will feel cold.

Alcohol and food in the stomach are mixed together. As the peristalsis decompose stimulates gastric mucosa and intestinal mucosa, some will also pour to the esophagus, causing burns to the esophagus mucosa.There are a lot of wine in the stomach, plus greasy, high -calorie foods, the stomach is like a bulging balloon, which is unbearable. In the long run, it is prone to chronic gastritis.

Drinking alcohol in 3 years is the most hurt, and take a look at yourself

Drinking and hurting the brain is a consensus, but do you know?From birth to death, the brain’s sensitivity to alcohol is different. In other words, if you drink for a long time in a high -sensitive stage, it may bring indelible damage to the brain.

The study was studied by a number of high schools such as Australia, the United Kingdom, and was finally published in the British Medical Journal.

Study conclusions say that women drink alcohol, adolescent drinking, and drinking after 65 years of age, and have the greatest damage to the brain.

When the embryo is the rapid development of the brain, at this time, drinking drinking has a great impact on the development of the fetus, which may cause the fetal intelligence to be damaged, abnormal brain development, and affect neuronalization.

And minor is also the stage of active brain nerve development. At this time, if you are curious to try drinking, it will increase the risk of cancer in the future.For the elderly, the aging itself will damage brain cells. If you consume too much alcohol at this time, you will accelerate the death of brain cells.

We must not only see the impact of now, but also take into account the possible changes in the body in the future. Do not regret it when you are sick and cancer.

What is the "safe scope" of drinking?Unlike what you think

Some wine people said, "I have a lot of myself, I don’t drink it when I feel drunk."

It is not reliable to judge the scope of "appear drunk", because each person’s physique is different, alcohol tolerance and metabolic rate are also different, and what kind of alcohol is also affected.From a study in Nature Communication, we can roughly understand the impact of the amount of alcohol on the brain.

Intake 8 grams per day, and the brain aging speed is accelerated by 0.5 years. 32 grams of alcohol per day, the aging speed exceeds 10 years.

It is equivalent to drinking 22 milliliters of 45 degrees of liquor. The amount is not large. Many people take a bite, but just drinking wine will make the brain aging. If you drink more every night than this, you can imagine how much the brain is.Injuried.

Therefore, drinking is not safe. Micro, drunk, and face are not judging standards. As long as you drink a sip, your body will be damaged. If you do n’t want to be affected by adverse, then you need to quit drinking.

Young people are curious and want to know what the wine is. Seeing that students drink them privately and try secretly, they do not know that doing this will cause damage to cognitive functions, affect memory and reaction.Adults are tired and stressful. I want to relax a few glasses at night. I don’t know that the body has not been relaxed, but is damaged by alcohol.

There are many ways to relax. You can exercise, read books, and play games. Try not to gather together to drink. If you encounter entertainment, you must drink a few mouthfuls. Remember not to empty the stomach, drink more water, and do not drink miscellaneous wine.Find the opportunity to eat some fruits and pasta to reduce mucosal damage. Early rest at night, especially the middle -aged and elderly people, the alcoholic addiction is relatively large, you should remember these points.

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