What will happen to people who eat a piece of vitamin C every day?

Introduction: Vitamin C is particularly common in our lives. It not only exists in the form of drugs. There are many foods that usually contain vitamin C, but the prices of vitamin C sold in it are high and low, so some some are some, so some some are some, so some some are some, so some some are some, so some some are some, so some some are some, so some some are some, so some some are some, so some some are some, so some some are some, so some some are some, so some some are some, so some are some.People think that inferior vitamin C content is less.

But in fact, this is not the case. Vitamin C in those expensive health products often adds a lot of additives, the taste will be relatively better, and the vitamin content will not be much. So what impacts to eat a vitamin C every day will cause the human body to affect the human body.Woolen cloth?

In theory, vitamin C is water -soluble vitamin. Eating too much daily will consume too much vitamin C, and excess parts will excrete the human body with urine.

There is no big hindrance. You can eat daily, but you also need to grasp the amount. According to the specifications prepared by the National Health and Health Federation, the average vitamin C intake cannot exceed 2000 mg.

Too many intakes, many vitamin C will penetrate into the stomach and enter the natural environment of the human body, which is likely to cause food poisoning symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and twitching.In addition, taking too many vitamin C will be fused with the body’s iron, magnesium, zinc and other nutrient elements, causing the level of nutrients in the body to greatly reduce the level.

In addition, vitamin C does not rely on medicine to add: According to the "Chinese Residents Diet Guidelines" specifications, each person consumes about 100mg of vitamin C every day. You can consider the human body of 490g of vegetables and fruits in the human body with 200g of fresh fruits, such as orange, and winter jujube.Require.

1. Promote collagen production

Vitamin C plays a particularly critical effect in the formation of nucleus, promoting the production of collagen in bone cultivation matrix. On the other hand, vitamin C can promote the production of collagen, reasonably improve the skin color, make the skin fair, and enhance the gloss.

2. Improve immunity

Taking vitamin C in normal times can also have the effect of physical immunity, but immune capacity is very critical for the human body. It can resist external germs and reduce the risk of diseases.

3. Promote the recovery of the mouth

Vitamin C can promote the production of collagen and dilute scars, especially those with swelling and bleeding or joint pain in gums can usually supplement vitamin C.

4. Promote urination

The lack of vitamin C, the capillaries are particularly sensitive, very easy to crack, and it is very likely to cause scurvy. At this time, taking vitamin C, which has capillaries, can prevent blood vessels from rupture.

1. Patients with chronic diarrhea

Chronic diarrhea refers to at least 3 times a day for the frequency of the stool, and it continues to be more than 1 month. Generally, the stool is very thin and has a lot of moisture. Therefore, the water in the body has a large amount of outflow, and the vitamin C tablets have the effect of stool.

After taking it, the amount of urination is increased to discharge more water, which is not good for physical and mental health, causing dryness and hypocalcemia. In addition, vitamin C tablets can accelerate the rate of small gastrointestinal peristalsis and exacerbate intestinal dysfunction patients.It is easy to cause abdominal pain.

2. Patients with digestive ulcers

The key to general gastrointestinal ulcers is gastritis and duodenal ulcers. This type of patients have more gastric fluid secretion, gastric and duodenal intestines have ulcers and erosion surfaces, which are prone to stomach pain, gastric ulcer bleeding and other diseases. Vitamin C tabletsThe main component is vitamin C, which is acidic.

After taking it, it can affect the gastric and duodenal mucosa, improve the secretion of gastric juice, and the ulcerative disease is more serious, and the pain is more significant. During the ulcer period, it is best not to take such drugs.

3. Patients with urinary tract stones

The key to urinary tract stones refers to bladder stones, urinary stones, and urinary tract stones. If you suffer from such diseases, you should also prevent vitamin C tablets. The drug components of vitamin C tablets must be metabolized in the kidney and metabolism into hydrochloric acid compounds.

The generation of urinary tract stones is closely related to too much oxalic acid. Long -term use of vitamin C tablets can cause urinary tract stones. If you are sick, the condition is very easy to change.

4. Patients with rheumatism

Patients with gout patients are particularly high in blood uric acid. They must take the initiative to reduce uric acid treatment to prevent drugs that are very likely to cause hematuria. Vitamin C tablets belong to this type of medicine, which can increase uric acid levels, improve the improvement of rheumatism, and even be even improved.It can cause subacute the disease.

5. Patients with diabetes

Diabetes is an abnormal disease in metabolism with a high incidence. The blood glucose value of patients is unstable. It is necessary to carry out blood sugar testing and master the development trend of the disease.

Vitamin C tablets are not easy to exacerbate diabetes patients, but affect the conclusions of blood sugar testing. The test conclusions are inaccurate, and the disease cannot be distinguished.

6. Patients with iron deficiency anemia

Some patients with anemia are not suitable for taking vitamin C tablets, especially seabed anemia, sickle -like cytosyotic anemia, etc., which can not be given a lot. Vitamin C tablets have the effect of promoting iron digestion and absorption.

However, patients with thalassemia and sickle cellular anemia do not lack zinc. Instead, the concentration of serum iron and iron protein is too high. Blindly taking vitamin C tablets blindly is not very good.

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