What to eat!Don’t be afraid of Bao Ma’s pregnancy

Xiaoyuan’s wife has recently discovered pregnancy!Intersection

At the beginning, we did not know that I was pregnant because there was a day in the morning that my daughter -in -law was disgusting and vomited (I still thought it was the meal I made too badly, so I vomited?!), And then we realized that in the past few weeksAt the beginning, she had a disgusting symptom, and thought that she had been sleepy these days, wouldn’t it be pregnant?

I went to the hospital to check the B -ultrasound, it has been 8 weeks of pregnancy!Haha ~~ won the prize!Xiti Rabbit Year Bunny Babies!

Children’s parents really have a slow response!I don’t know if the baby rabbit will vomit us after birth ~

However, we have not eaten from the surprise of pregnancy, and the child’s mother began to be tortured by pregnancy.

Regarding the various physiological reactions of pregnant women, Xiaoyuan, as a novice dad, was at a loss at the beginning. Recently, he was busy checking various documents and articles to make up for various health knowledge and nutritional guidance schemes about pregnant women.

Pregnancy vomiting, commonly known as "harming joy", is a common situation of early pregnancy reactions. Most pregnant women have experienced the torture of pregnancy, especially in the morning and evening without any reason, vomiting and retchingYou will feel nausea, vomiting, and retching.However, there are also a small number of people who are mild in pregnancy and vomiting, but they are disgusting and uncomfortable.

In fact, 50%-80%of pregnant mothers will have pregnancy vomiting during pregnancy.This symptoms generally begin to appear at the fourth week of pregnancy and reach the peak period in the ninth week.Ending pregnancy vomiting around twelve weeks does not rule out that some pregnant mothers will have symptoms of pregnancy during pregnancy.

Of course, this is different from person to person. Xiaoyuan’s daughter -in -law’s previous pregnancy reaction was not strong. It started from the 6th week. I don’t know what will happen …

If pregnancy is excessive, it will make it difficult for pregnant mothers to supplement effective nutrients, and even keto acid poisoning, and more serious cases will shock or even die.But mothers don’t have to panic.This phenomenon is very common in the early stages of pregnancy, and it will be relieved as the pregnancy course increases.And a few of them will not have any symptoms of pregnancy ~

So far, the exact cause of pregnancy vomiting is not clear.However, experts analyze that this may be related to the increase in hormone levels in pregnant mothers, changes in thyroid function, and the increase of smell and the increase in smell.

During pregnancy, in order to ensure the stability of the uterus and make the fetus a safe developmental space, the mother will produce lutein (progesterone) in the mother’s body, thereby reducing the probability of uterine smooth muscle contraction and ensuring the safety of the fetus.However, the secretion of this hormone will affect the normal activity of the smooth and smooth muscles of pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women cannot perform normal gastrointestinal activity. At this time, more gastric acid will be secreted, and there will be different degrees of retching phenomenon.

In addition, the level of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in women’s body will also affect gastrointestinal motility, making pregnant women prone to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and anorexia.

The occurrence of this kind of pregnancy reaction is related to the time of HCG and elevated elegance in the body. These two hormones will increase in the body in 4-5 weeks. This is why most pregnant mothers are pregnant at 4-6 weeks of pregnancy 4-6 weeks.Pregnancy reactions began to appear on the left and right.

If the pregnancy vomiting is relatively mild, it is generally not recommended to take some oral antivirus, because these drugs may affect the embryo in the early pregnancy.If the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting are mild, you can take a series of methods such as physical methods or diet, exercise, and psychological regulation to alleviate pregnancy vomiting. Specifies can be adjusted from the following aspects:

1. The diet of pregnant women

1. Try to eat and eat as little as possible

Pregnant mothers can break the principle of eating three meals a day in the past, but use their own specific hunger as the standard. The method of eating less meals can prepare a small amount of food in the meals, such as fruits, milk, pasta, nuts, and nuts.Wait for your nutrition to protect, and give the stomach more digestive time at the same time.For pregnant women with high blood sugar, this principle can also stabilize their blood sugar value during pregnancy.

2. The food should be light and refreshing, not greasy, and eat more food that is easy to digest

Such as thin porridge, ravioli, rotten noodles, etc.; Prospective mothers with serious response in the morning, you can eat some grilled buns, salty bread, biscuits, etc. before getting up in the morning, which can adsorb a certain amount of gastric acid, which is conducive to reducing pregnancy vomiting.

3. Food cooking should be diversified

Try to use the taste of pregnant women, such as sweet and sour, sour, which will have the effect of enhancing appetite.Pregnant women are very sensitive to the smell when the early pregnancy reaction, even if it is oily, fishy, and egg flavor can cause vomiting.

4. Don’t be too high in food temperature

The heat of food is easy to stimulate the sense of smell and induce vomiting.You can eat some cold food.Small smell of cold food helps to suppress gastrointestinal motility.Giving pregnant women’s yogurt and cold drinks can reduce vomiting.

5. Prepare some appetizers at any time

Such as sour plums, citrus, beef jerky, custered plum, nuts, small fish slices and other foods.But it is best not to eat hawthorn products because it has the effect of shrinking the uterus.Specific mothers should not eat too much sweets, which will stimulate excessive secretion of gastric acid.

6. Supplement of important nutrients foods

The supplement of important nutrients in the early pregnancy, focusing on supplementing B vitamin (folic acid, vitamin B1 family), zinc, calcium, potassium, iodine.

Folic acid is a kind of nutrients necessary for the development of the central nervous system of the fetus and has important functions for preventing defects in birth.

Animal liver, dark green vegetables, orange juice, beans, eggs and other foods have more folic acid.However, folic acid has a limited absorption rate from food. It is recommended to choose folic acid oral tablets.

Vitamin B1 lacks the mental state and gastrointestinal function of pregnant women, making pregnant women feel tired in early pregnancy.

Main food sources: Grain skin flour layer, nuts, grain, meat, animal internal organs.

If zinc deficiency in the early pregnancy will increase the early pregnancy response of pregnant women and decrease immunity.Insufficient zinc intake within 3 months after pregnancy may lead to limited growth of fetus, dysplasia gonades, or even abortion.

Foods rich in zinc are: shell seafood, red meat, animal viscera, dried fruits.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the formation of fetal cell division and initial development of organs. At this time, pregnant women’s demand for calcium is basically the same as ordinary adults, and the daily amount is about 800 mg.

Pregnant women should insist on drinking more milk and yogurt, or consume a certain amount of soy products every day, and bask in the sun, which can generally meet the needs of calcium.

Potassium can regulate the balance of water in the body and make the heartbeat rules.Potassium deficiency can make people easily burn up, reduce intestinal peristalsis and cause constipation, and also cause puffiness. In early pregnancy, early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting often cause potassium deficiency.

Early foods of pregnant mothers should add potassium -rich foods, such as bananas, yam, spinach, strawberries, mung beans, soy beans, kelp, seaweed, chicken, milk, etc., and all kinds of juice, especially orange juice, rich potassium -rich can alsoSupplement energy and moisture.

The lack of iodine can cause hypothyroidism in thyroid dysfunction, which will affect the metabolism of pregnant women and fetuses, especially affecting protein synthesis, causing babies to have small symptoms characterized by low intelligence, lagging sexual development, and motion dysfunction.

Foods rich in iodine are: iodine salt, kelp, seaweed, sea fish, shellfish, etc.

2. There must be appropriate exercise during pregnancy

After pregnancy, many female friends often have a ideological misunderstanding, that is, trying to raise fetuses as much as possible, lying flat, and can maintain the stability of fetal development.But in fact, this is not the case.During pregnancy, if you can maintain the appropriate amount of exercise every day, it can promote the development of the fetus in the mother’s body.

As long as you choose a softer type of exercise during exercise, such as walking, relatively gentle yoga, etc., instead of more intense exercise such as mountain climbing and running, you can play a good effect on maintaining the physical fitness of pregnant women.Help it reduce the degree of pain during childbirth.At the same time, pregnant women can also try to do some housework, such as washing dishes, etc., which can also help them maintain their body and mind, thereby alleviating the symptoms of pregnancy.

3. Avoid taboos during pregnancy

During the pregnancy of pregnant mothers, many items can easily lead to an intensification of their pregnancy vomiting.These substances may come from the smell, or from the air humidity, or noise or light.Therefore, pregnant mothers should try to ensure their cleanliness, and at the same time, avoid places with greater noise, and try to choose a relatively quieter and moderate dry and humid room.

In addition, female friends must try to eat breakfast after getting up in the morning after getting pregnant without empty stomach.The choice of breakfast must also take care of nutrition. Adding to drinks such as orange juice, orange juice and yogurt during breakfast can also help pregnant women to relieve the day’s sickness symptoms.At the same time, mothers can also add a little ginger in the dishes, because ginger can stop vomiting.But remember that the number should not be too much, just one or two pieces.

Fourth, proper psychological intervention

The reaction of psychological conditions on physical conditions cannot be underestimated.The expectant mother’s husband also has other family members. At this time, it should be properly psychological guidance to pregnant women, increase the time to accompany pregnant women, and tell pregnant women that pregnancy is the symptoms that every woman will appear when she is pregnant.With the extension of the gestational week and the changes in hormone levels in the body, the symptoms of pregnancy will gradually improve or disappear, so don’t worry too much.If the pregnant mother’s pregnancy is too serious, then the family must also accompany them to seek the help of a doctor in time, prescribe certain drugs, and treat the treatment of stopping vomiting without damaging the fetus.

Moms of the treasures ~ Early pregnancy is a critical period for the formation of various organs of the fetus. We must pay attention to supplementing nutrition, scientifically alleviating pregnancy, healthy during health, and ensuring the healthy development of the fetus!

Not to mention, Xiaoyuan opened a small stove to the daughter -in -law ~

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