What to eat in the early stages of pregnancy to promote the development of your baby’s brain and make your baby smarter?

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What to eat in the early stages of pregnancy can the baby’s brain development better and make the baby grow smarter and healthy?This is something that many pregnant mothers are very concerned about, but they ignore a problem, that is, the symptoms of discomfort during pregnancy.

Various early pregnancy reactions in the early pregnancy lead to frequent pregnancy and loss of appetite for pregnant mothers. At this time, although there is not much nutrition required for fetal development, nutritional supply is still required to better promote the healthy growth of the baby baby.

Therefore, the mothers who have severe reactions in the early pregnancy and torture during pregnancy discomfort, do not consider what to eat to better promote the healthy development of the baby!Still think about it first, what food can be eaten, first solve the problem of being hungry, and then consider supplementing nutrition!

In the early pregnancy, the level of body hormone in the pregnant mother changed, and the problem of pregnancy vomiting was prone to occur. As a result, the pregnant mother could not eat it. At this time, we need to pay attention to diet regulation.

The diet should be light, mainly digested and absorbed, avoid greasy food, try to eat as little meals as possible. You can eat some foods such as millet porridge, yam porridge, soft noodles, biscuits, nuts and other foods.Essence

If you really want to eat sour and spicy foods, it is also possible. You do n’t have to do too much. The purpose is to let the pregnant mother eat food and supplement nutrition by drinking water.However, you need to pay attention to the control of quantity, otherwise the mother who is easy to vomit at all may be more serious.

In addition, you do n’t need to be fixed in early pregnancy. The pregnant mother can eat it if you want to eat it. You can eat it if you have appetite. You can also prepare a little biscuits and bread on the bedside to prevent being hungry., You can eat directly.

In addition, if you have severe pregnancy during pregnancy, you can take vitamin B6 under the guidance of a doctor. Do not resist it.

Early trimester of nutritional supplementary focus

In the early pregnancy, if you can also vomit, it does not affect eating, then in order to promote the better development of fetal organs, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to supplement vitamins and minerals, especially to supplement protein, folic acid and iron.

Supplement protein

Protein is the basis of the growth and development of fetal baby. If you supplement protein, pregnant mothers can often eat tofu, soy products, eggs, beef, milk, fish and other protein -rich foods.

Folic acid

Folic acid is one of the important nutrients that are supplemented by pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy, which can greatly reduce the chance of fetal malformations.If the drug supplements folic acid, the pregnant mother only needs to follow the doctor’s suggestion to take medicine, without having to take other drugs with additional folic acid.

In addition, in daily life, you can eat orange, strawberry, tomatoes, grapefruit, asparagus, carrot, spinach and other foods rich in folic acid.

Calcium supplement

The healthy development of fetal bones and teeth requires pregnant mothers to supplement a large amount of calcium. The calcium required by the fetus is obtained from the mother. If the pregnant mother does not replenish calcium in time, the pregnant mother may have calcium deficiency, which will affect pregnancy.Mom is healthy, causing pregnant mothers to have problems such as tooth decay, headache, and leg cramps.

Replenish iron

The qi and blood needed for fetal development is also obtained from the mother. Therefore, after pregnancy, pregnant mothers are prone to iron deficiency anemia, which not only affects the health of pregnant mothers, but also affects the healthy development of the fetus.In early pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant mothers often eat eggs, beef, animal liver, animal blood and other iron -rich foods.


Pay attention to iodine supplementation in the early pregnancy, which is good for preventing fetal intellectual defects and promoting baby’s brain development.Pregnant mothers can often eat seaweed, seaweed, seafish and other seafood, which can have a good effect of supplementing iodine.


Early pregnancy requires a variety of vitamins to promote the healthy development of the fetus. Pregnant mothers can often eat vitamin -rich foods such as carrots, tomatoes, eggs, milk, cheese, and green vegetables.

Early pregnancy diet taboos

It is very important to supplement nutrition in the early pregnancy, but not everything can be eaten, there are still some diet taboos.

In the early pregnancy, do not eat too much high fat, high -sugar food, and too salty food, otherwise it is easy to cause pregnant mothers to have pregnancy hypertension syndrome.In addition, pregnant mothers should avoid alcohol, tea, and smoke, otherwise it is easy to affect the health and intellectual development of the fetus.

It is best not to eat mullet, octopus, aloe vera, macaronium, wolfberry, artemisia, longan, papaya, hawthorn and other foods in early pregnancy.

For the healthy development of the fetus, early pregnancy diet, pregnant mothers must comply with the above diet criteria. Have you remembered?”Headline creation challenge””2022 childcare season”””

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