What to do with stretch marks?How to eliminate stretch marks?The doctor tells you how to eliminate it correctly

Can the stretch marks on the child’s belly be removed?Everyone knows that it is difficult to remove stretch marks. If the old stretch marks for more than 10 years have passed, the chance of removing is even more minimal.

Earlier, we talked about the prevention of stretch marks. The ultimate purpose or ultimate effect of stretch marks prevention is not completely without stretch marks, but the possibility of reducing stretch marks.What are the signs of stretch marks?Let’s take a look together.

What are the precursors of stretch marks?

1. The belly starts to itch;

2. Red dots appear on the belly;

3. It is found that the color around the belly is different from the other parts of the body;

4. Light purple patterns begin to appear on the belly.

What should we do when we grow stretch marks?How to eliminate stretch marks?For different stretch marks, there are different methods of improvement in clinical practice.Let’s first look at the classification of stretch marks (stages, grading, classification) of stretch marks of stretch marks

Classification of stretch marks of stretch marks (staging, classification, classification)

Stretch marks are a linear skin damage of the dermis layer of the skin during pregnancy. The long shaft and the tension of the damage site are vertical, and the performance of stretch marks is similar to scars. It is mainly divided into several progress stages: early performance: early performanceIn order to highlight the dark red or purple stripes of the surrounding skin, most of them have no obvious conscious symptoms. A few can be accompanied by itching and burning. Over time, the pigment loss, relaxation, atrophy, and finally stable performance.For white or silver stripes, a wrinkled appearance.

The red stage (period): The stretch marks of the red stage are purple-red, protruding, irregular line-shaped, and temporary state, which is generally 3-6 months after birth.

Silver and white period (static period): The stretch marks of the silver -white period are bright, atrophied, wrinkled, irregular line -shaped, and persistent lines. Although the elastic fibers of broken fibers are gradually repaired, it is difficult to recover to the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state,, and the previous state, and the previous state,, to the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state,, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state,, and the previous state, and the previous state, and the previous state, it was difficult to restore it.The cracks on the skin gradually faded, and finally turned into silver white.

The skin of the skin is relatively aging and aging, which is far faster than the surrounding healthy skin, which makes the 30 -year -old woman’s belly looks like an 80 -year -old lady.(What to do with swelling? What to do)

There are different evaluation methods for the classification of stretch marks (not much significance)

Method 1: According to the percentage of the skin area of stretch marks, the severity of stretch marks is divided into three degrees, mild <25%, moderate 25-50%, and weight> 50%Too practical)

Method 2: Make a horizontal line and a vertical line of the navel as the center, and divide the abdomen into 4 parts. Each part gives different scores according to the amount of stretch marks.In the medium quantity of stretch marks, 2 points indicate a lot of stretch marks, with a total score of 0-8 points. The higher the score of the total score, the more severe the stretch marks (still feel too single)

Method 3: Relying on the condition of the skin scanner, the skin chroma, and the skin elastic monitoring instrument to collect the skin, the method of combining clinical judgment and objective parameter detection, from the color, elasticity, surface texture, scope and other parameters of the stretch marksComprehensive evaluation of stretch marks.The scoring uses a 6 -point method: 0 points represent the perfect state, 6 points represent a serious state (comprehensive and comprehensive reference method)

Women’s psychological state.What are the effects of stretch marks on psychology?

Psychological impact of stretch marks

After giving birth to a baby, if the stretch marks cannot be disappeared for a long time, a psychological burden will occur.Even some Baoma will dislike themselves, including postpartum depression, dislike or hurt the baby, and bad temper.Therefore, Baoma’s need for stretch marks is very urgent (reality is cruel). So when is the best treatment for stretch marks?

The best treatment period for stretch marks

① When the stretch marks are just appeared (see the precursor of stretch marks): The previous chapter we said that the prevention of stretch marks is greater than the treatment, so the treatment of stretch marks must be as soon asAt this time, it should be paid attention to, intervene in time, and prevent crazy stretch marks (don’t let go of yourself!).

② within half a year after giving birth: Three months after giving birth are the fastest weight loss, and then the speed will slowly slow down until 6 months after giving birth.Because the wound on the body is healed during this period, the energy and endocrine effects consumed will make the body in a high metabolic state. Therefore, as long as the reasonable diet is matched with the reasonable diet, do not over -supplement, and then use the professional postpartum repair methods to use professional postpartum repair methods.You can quickly restore the tightening and vitality of your body skin, so that the new mothers will restore confidence in their bodies!

③ Now: Because many new mothers are breastfeeding half a year after giving birth, and just welcomed the arrival of the little baby, they are a little bit messy, and they may have no time to take care of their belly, and they have perfectly missed the golden opportunity to recover postpartum recovery.Never give up yourself!IntersectionIntersectionEven if the stretch marks reached the stable period, the best time for old stretch marks is now. Don’t hesitate anymore, don’t be lucky, etc., that is, now, late is not better than that, treatment is not cured!(I will not persuade you for more than 10 years of stretch marks)

The above is so much, everyone wants to know the treatment of stretch marks.

Analysis of stretch marks treatment methods

Because stretch marks are universal and permanent, the beauty of the skin is severely destroyed, which has brought great mental and psychological pressure to the mothers.It is a research hotspot in the medical community. Scholars at home and abroad have done a lot of research on the treatment of stretch marks. The treatment methods are also constantly exploring.The combination therapy has no gold standard for treatment so far.Based on the treatment principles of "anti -inflammatory, anti -oxidation, damage reimbursement", I provide several multi -dimensional non -surgical solutions here to discuss with everyone.

External drugs:

① ethanol acid: It is mainly chemical exfoliating principle. Ethanol acid molecular weight is small, which can effectively penetrate the skin. By regulating the synthesis of collagen and degradation of matrix, it will play a role in improving stretch marks (only improvement).Due to the high requirements for ethanol acid concentration and high irritation, it is easy to cause skin burns. Therefore, it is recommended to use it with caution under the guidance of a doctor.

② Vitamin acid (prescription drug): Epidermal horny formation cells, dermal fibroblasts are the main target cells that the effect of vitamin acid. Vitamin can induce epidermal hyperplasia and stimulate the synthesis of extracellular matrix protein in the skin cells. New ones are not accelerated on the dermis.The connective tissue belt also has a certain anti -inflammatory effect.For example, Ada Palin, he Zarodin, etc. have a certain effect on stretch marks, and the side effects of the BUT caused the symptoms of skin irritation are also obvious, such as: burning sensation, erythema, and desquamationDrugs (women are banned within 3 months of pregnancy. Patients with acute or sub -acute dermatitis and eczema skin diseases are disabled. Although there is no evidence that the skin is abnormally used for skin acid A acid, the child with childcare is strictly conceived during medication., So as not to consume this preparation by babies.) Therefore, the best treatment time of vitamin acid missed the best treatment of stretch marks. The side effects are still so large that they really want to cry without tears!Not very recommended!

③ Cocoa oil cream: Studies show that the prevention and treatment effect of cocoa cream on stretch marks is very small (≈ ≈)

④ bitter almond oil: Be sure to cooperate with massage, otherwise there is really no great effect.

⑤ olive oil: (pay attention to avoid pits) In China, many entry -level recommendations are to use olive oil massage prevention and treatment of stretch marks. Olive oil to remove stretch marks is the hottest and the highest penetration rate. Almost 80%of pregnant mothers have triedAfter that, from the perspective of relevant international literature reports, the effect of olive oil in the prevention and treatment of stretch marks is basically 0. I hope to help everyone avoid pits.(Suggestions that have been bought for hair care ~)

⑥ stretch marks cream: In fact, there are many types of stretch marks creams on the market.Specific brands also need to look at the eyes slowly. The active ingredients of anti -stretch marks include: hydroxylinine complexes, rose fruit oil, cedar grass, vitamin E, etc.I have also said that at least twice a day, persistence every day, until after giving birth, I need to continue to use it)

Instrumental treatment

① Photon pigment regeneration instrument: There is no doubt that stretch marks such as color loss, white, silver and white, mainly to launch UVB waves, stimulate melanocytes, accelerate the formation of melanin, and make pigmentation of pigment missing parts, thereby improving pregnancy to improve pregnancy.The appearance of the pattern.The position of stretch marks is close to the normal skin color of the surrounding skin. Although the effect of concealing stretch marks visually, the tissue structure of the stretch marks does not change (it can be simply understood as a half permanent makeup.Is it fragrant?)

② RF treatment instrument: RFs are widely used in the field of beauty, and there are many types of radio frequency instruments.In the treatment section of stretch marks, the main effect is tightening and regeneration.Radio frequency mainly acts in the skin dermis layer (water molecules in collagen), which causes the bipolar molecules to rotate friction to generate heat. The release of radio frequency energy, stimulate the changes, regeneration and regeneration of collagen fibers and elastic fibers to make the thickness and thickness of the leather and the thickness and thickness of the leather.The density is increased, and the tissue arrangement is more dense, thereby improving the appearance of stretch marks.RF is a relatively non-invasive and safer method, but it should be noted that there are too many types of RF meters, including many home use. To achieve the ideal effect, the leather is heated 55-65 degrees Celsius (for the epidermis (for the epidermisIt is relatively hot, not all radio frequency instruments can meet this temperature, so there are certain security risks and technical requirements. You must choose a regular medical institution and use the medical version of the radio frequency.) Among themIt is not that of Gaimori, and Reba can basically treat the skin on the whole body. At one time, it has a good tightening and stimulating collagen regeneration.When I was, I am very glad that my stretch marks prevention work is in place)

③ Ultrasonic treatment instrument: In fact, it is similar to the principle of RF, heating.Ultrasonic is a mechanical wave that can achieve energy through the surface tissue to achieve a specific depth target area tissue, so that specific tissues absorb energy and quickly heat up, and produce chemical reactions. Start the regeneration and repair of elastic fibers and collagen fibers in the leather tissue tissue tissue tissue., Promote the reconstruction and microcirculation improvement.It has significant effects and rarely has adverse reactions.The disadvantage is that the treatment cycle is not short. 15 times is 1 course of treatment. Those with sufficient time can be tried.(If you want to save time, you can consider the ultrasonic knife-high-intensity focus ultrasound therapy, the price is comparable to the hot Maggie)

④ Laser therapy instrument (dot matrix laser): It is currently a relatively mainstream stretch marks repair method. The pheasant light thermal effect is used to produce tiny light beams arranged by the lattice laser.In the tiny heat damage area of the structure, there is a normal tissue that is not damaged around each small damage area. Its keraton cells can quickly crawl and make it heal quickly.Can make collagen fibers and elastic fibers proliferate and re -arranged, so that the content of type I and III collagen fibers is close to the normal proportion, changes the pathological scar tissue structure, and gradually softens and restores elasticity.The thermal exfoliation, thermal solidification, and thermal effect of the laser laser can achieve the effect of rejuvenation and removing pigment. Usually, it is necessary to do 3-5 times, and the number of severe lines will be more.After several treatment, the color of the stretch marks can be lighter, width narrowed, and shorter in length until it is not obvious.(Compared to ultrasonic and radio frequency, the effect of improving pigment is more, and the intensity of stimulating collagen regeneration is greater. The BUT recovery period is correspondingly growing, and the risk of sinking is also greater).

⑤ Micro -crystal grinding leather instrument: wear the skin through mechanical methods, use the principle of regeneration of epithelium tissue tissue, and spray small abrasive materials (tritenuxide di -aluminum crystals, silicon oxide crystals, etc.) under vacuumThe surface cells are grinded.The main role is in the epidermis layer. It is best to cooperate with repairing products, which will have a certain improvement effect on stretch marks.Micro-crystal grinding skin, the depth of the grinding skin is very important, it is too shallow and no effect, it is too deep to leave scars, and the treatment cycle is long, 10-20 times of base (once a month, it is difficult for ordinary people to persist).

⑥ Acupuncture therapy: It is microneedic acupuncture, and the principle of function is very simple (similar to the lattice laser), which can improve the collagen that is old in the dermis layer of the treatment site, and stimulates more new collagen, increases collagen and increaseElastic protein deposits.At the same time of acupuncture, you can open the skin absorption channel. If you can cooperate with drugs and PRP serum (accelerate tissue regeneration and repair), the effect is 1+1> 2.Micro -needle is better than the laser laser effect. The key is that the symptoms of the recovery period are relatively mild, and the acceptance will be higher.

⑦ Injection filling (hyaluronic acid, etc.): Applying hyaluronic acid alone, which basically does not have much effect on stretch marks, because the main effect of hyaluronic acid is moisturizing, the essence of stretch marks is the breakdown of collagen fibers. Generally, hyaluronic acid used in skin care, regardless of whetherMacromolecules are still small molecules, mainly the absorption of the epidermis layer, which can improve the moisture of the skin, but the effect of stretch marks is 0. Here is to be said to be injected with hyaluronic acid to fill stretch marks (it is a medical behavior, ten million yuanDon’t operate it yourself), mainly for deep, depressed, with a certain width of stretch marks. The filling effect is immediate, and it also has the effect of stimulating collagen regeneration repair.Hyaluronic acid will be fully absorbed. Generally, the maintenance time is about 6-9 months. There are also other injection products, such as collagen, child face needle, Abef, etc.Basically, they need to be injected repeatedly, and the cost is slightly high (Miss tyranties can ignore this problem)

I also thought about a method, that is the gold radio frequency microneedle.

⑧ Gold RF micro -needle: Seeing this name, you know that it is not cheap, but it is much friendly compared to the hot Maggie and ultrasonic knife.Gold radio frequency microneedle is actually a combination of microneedles+radio frequency+dot laser+transparent skin administration.Gold microneedle uses a micr -acupuncture arranged by matrix type to open the skin epidermal layer and dermis channel. The radio frequency energy is accurately acting on different target tissues.Collagen restructuring and regeneration, enhance the metabolism of the new city, activate youthful skin, restore skin elasticity, and become full and smooth.There are both a little matrix laser invasion treatment of the rapid and significant effect, and also have the advantages of small non -invasive treatment side effects and short recovery time. The advantages of the two are integrated.Too high)

Summary: There are actually a lot of treatment methods for stretch marks (because there is no gold standard @@), mainly because there are many manifestations of stretch marks (such as: pigmentation, pigment loss, texture, depression, relaxation, folds, etc.), none of them one of them).Specific treatment methods can fully solve all problems of stretch marks (in fact, there are many means of repairing stretch marks. To put it plainly, the treatment methods for anti-aging wrinkle removal can be used to improve stretch marks, because the essence is the same-dermis collagenFragmentation and loss, the principle is to repair and regenerate), often we need multiple means to combine, targeted treatment for different skin levels. In clinical, the combination therapy of repairing ingredients+physical therapy has become a mainstream repair of mainstream repairmeans.Moms, the stretch marks that have been formed are not recommended to apply it at home (a single application is difficult to make the macromolecular repair ingredients penetrate under the dermis, so do not pay the IQ taxProducts that can repair stretch marks), go directly to regular hospitals to find professional doctors, and treat targeted joint solutions based on the type of stretch marks and periods of each person to achieve the ideal results.

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