What to do if you sleep during pregnancy, what to do, do this, you are comfortable for your own baby.

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The cousin has been pregnant for three months. She said that she was infertility, but her sleep began to be bad. She couldn’t sleep.Either just thinking about it, or I feel uncomfortable when I sleep, I always want to turn over.I was a little wondering. If you want to turn over, you can turn over. Why can’t you turn over?The cousin said, didn’t you say that you have to sleep on the left side?I laughed as soon as I heard it. It seems that many expectant mothers do not know about sleeping during pregnancy.

After six months of pregnancy, I started to sleep with the left side of the left side.

Some mothers don’t know why they lie on the left side, they just know that the pregnant woman is lying on the left side, so she starts to keep her left sleeping position when she is pregnant.In fact, you can use any sleeping position in the early stages of pregnancy.The sleeping position on the left is only needed in six months in the third trimester, because the pregnant woman’s uterus had increased a lot at that time, and the right rotation state was in the right rotation.Blood vessels are straight, so that pregnant women and baby can get more blood supply, and pregnant women will feel more comfortable.

If the left side is uncomfortable, you can also take other sleeping positions appropriately, but don’t take too long

Some pregnant women often sleep on their back or lie on the right side because they are pregnant. Suddenly changing to the left sleeping position will feel difficult to accept, which will affect sleep at night. At this timeIf you are unwell, just pay attention to your body feel at any time.But no matter how to change the posture, it should be dominated by the left side.I heard that a mother said that she had been lying on the right side before. She went to the hospital to check the fetal heart irregularity. When she turned back to the left side, the fetal heart was very good.

Use pregnant women’s pillows to help you have a good sleep

During the third trimester, because of the increasing pregnant belly, it was uncomfortable how pregnant women lie on the bed.At this time, you can use pregnant women to help them win comfortable sleep.Pregnant women’s pillows are designed for pregnant women. They can not only support the large pregnant belly of pregnant women, but also support the back of the waist to help pregnant women sleep well.Many pregnant women have said that since buying a pregnant woman’s pillow, their sleep quality has been greatly improved.

Don’t sleep too much, add sleep time with a lunch break

Some pregnant women are under pressure because they can’t sleep well. They feel that the baby in the belly is not developing well, the more anxious, the less she sleeps, which will cause a vicious circle.In fact, there is no need to put too much pressure on yourself. If you fall asleep late at night, you can also lie in bed and think about some happy things, and the baby in the stomach will feel.If the sleep quality is affected during the day at night, pregnant women can take a nap for a while to make up for it.

Do you sleep well during pregnancy?


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