What to do if the fetal movement of pregnant women is accelerated

When expectant mothers are pregnant, as the pregnancy increases, after the arrival of the second trimester, expectant mothers will start to feel the little baby in the stomach, which is the fetal movement we call.Fetal movement is a proof of the health of the fetus in the stomach of the prospective mother, so when I feel the fetal movement, it also shows that the baby grows up in the stomach.

The importance of pregnant women to measure fetal movement

Deng Qin, a maternal and gynecologist at Chongqing Anqier Maternal and Gynecology Hospital, said that pregnant women can measure fetal movement by themselves at home, which can not only understand the latest status of the fetus, but also effectively reduce the chance of the fetus.Especially for pregnant women with high risk pregnancy, such as pregnancy hypertension syndrome, gestational diabetes, expired pregnancy or abnormal growth of other fetuses, paying close attention to fetal movement is even more important.

When can the fetal movement be calculated

Usually after 6 months of pregnancy, expectant mothers can calculate the number of fetal movements by themselves.Some expectant mothers are office workers, and their lives are busy, which requires finding the way to measure them.It is recommended to choose a comfortable posture when you rest after a meal, the head is slightly higher, focusing on the fetal activity, and measure the number of fetal movements within a certain period of time.Sometimes the fetus is pressed on the mother’s back or ribs, and the movements are less obvious.

What to do if the fetal movement of pregnant women suddenly speeds up

Common fetal movement is accelerated because pregnant women suffer severe trauma.Generally speaking, the fetus has the protection of amniotic fluid in the pregnant woman’s belly, which can reduce the impact of external forces. When pregnant women are accidentally impacted, they will not be harmed.Once a severe external force is hit to a pregnant woman, it will cause severe fetal movements and even cause abortion and premature birth.If pregnant women have head trauma, fractures, and a large amount of bleeding, they will also cause abnormal fetal movement.In order to avoid this situation, pregnant women should reduce the large amount of exercise activities and go to a place with less people to avoid being hit.(Supply of Chongqing Anqier Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital)

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