What to do if pregnant women are uncomfortable to regulate diet is important

Pregnant women’s uncomfortable adjustment to regulate diet is important

During pregnancy, due to physical changes in the body, the physical changes of the pregnant woman themselves are also very large. Gastrointestinal discomfort is temporary. Diet therapy should be adjusted mainly, and drugs should not be adjusted.

1. Avoid cold or overheating foods: foods that are too cold and overheated can stimulate the stomach. Although sometimes these foods can make people feel satisfied and increase appetite, especially pregnant women are more suitable for eating these foods often.

2. Diet is mainly light: pregnant women are not suitable for stimulating foods such as diet or spicy spicy food. It is best to eat light food. You can eat more fruits rich in β-carotene and vitamin C.For example, carrots, cabbage, red pepper, kiwi, etc., have a healthier stomach.

3. Remove constipation: It is easy to cause constipation during pregnancy. If constipation occurs, do not take medicine casually. You may wish to take more foods rich in crude fiber, or to eat some linolen or honey water, which can be effective.Relieve the symptoms of constipation.

4. Eat less meals: Pregnant women must pay attention to their diet. In the daytime, try to eat a small amount as possible to increase the number of meals and avoid excessive expansion of the stomach.

5, nourishing stomach Xiaomi porridge: millet porridge is a healthy food, which can be cooked alone, or can add jujube, red beans, sweet potatoes, lotus seeds, lily, etc. to boil into nutritional porridge with different flavors.Xiaomi is grinded into powder, which can be made of pastry, delicious and delicious.However, it should be noted that Xiaomi’s protein nutritional value is not better than rice, because the amino acid composition of millet protein is not ideal, and the lysine is too low and the brightine is too high, so pregnant women cannot completely use millet as the staple food.Pay attention to matching, so as not to lack other nutrients.

Summary: Stomach pain during pregnancy is normal. If the pain is serious, go to the hospital for examination when the pain is very serious. Usually, you cannot take medicine at home.Pregnant women can try to drink papaya milk, honey, plum plums and other foods to relieve, eat less potatoes, sweet potatoes and other flatulence foods, which will aggravate stomach pain.

Pregnant women’s stomach discomfort exercise is important

Pregnant women usually exercise more. Of course, the exercise here is not running or something, but a walk for pregnant women to do more work and housework.Especially after a meal, you can accompany your family to promote food digestion and breathe fresh air. The third is very beneficial to the growth of the fetus.In addition, pregnant women yoga, playing Tai Chi, as long as pregnant women are interested.

Pregnant women’s stomach discomfort and adjustment are important

Pregnant women should maintain a good mood and avoid unpleasant things, because any mental adverse stimulus may cause indigestion.Pregnant women can listen to music or watch arts appropriately to make themselves happy.

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