What to do during pregnancy?You need a safety list

Author: Zou Minjun, Deputy Director of the Pharmacist Department of Zhongshan People’s Hospital

In October pregnant, expectant mothers will have a sweet time in life!However, because of a series of physiological changes in the body of pregnant mothers, the chance of oral diseases is higher than usual.

Some pregnant mothers are afraid that taking medicine and injections will affect the baby in the stomach, so she always supports the doctor. This is wrong.The American Dettic Diseases Association recommends that expectant mothers have timely treatment of acute oral inflammatory diseases, and dealt with them in time cannot be delayed.Articles have shown that the adverse effects caused by the failure to deal with oral acute inflammation during pregnancy may have more dangerous effects on the mother and fetus than most oral therapy drugs.

Therefore, it is of great significance to guide expectant mothers to reasonable medication when treating oral diseases.

Today, let’s talk about the safety list of medication for toothache during pregnancy.

Let’s take a look at the main causes of acute toothache caused by expectant mothers:

(1) Caries;

(2) Pregnancy gingivitis;

(3) Gingivitis;

(4) Gingitis.

For the above causes, the treatment of drugs including analgesia and anti -infective drugs will also use some hemp drugs if necessary.Considering the special physiological state of expectant mothers, in order to use related drugs more reasonably, according to the guidelines of the Dental Periodics Association, we have subdivided the drugs.

Class A medicine: After clinical control research, it is not harmful to pregnant women and fetuses.Specific mothers can use it with peace of mind.

Class B medicine: safer, can be used.

Class C medicine: It is dangerous, use it with caution.

Class D medicine: very dangerous, use it with caution.There is enough evidence to prove that class D drugs have a certain harm to the fetus.

Class X: Disable.

According to this classification principle, pregnant mothers can calmly choose relatively safe drugs.

The above drugs are all western medicine, what about Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine?Is the expectant mother safe?

In fact, the ingredients of Chinese medicines are complicated. Most of the Chinese medicines are compound drugs, and contain a variety of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients.Without strict trials, the taboos are not clear, and it is difficult to ensure that it will not have adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses. It is generally recommended that pregnant women do not use Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine at will.If you really need to take it, you must use it under the guidance of Chinese doctors or Chinese medicine divisions.

Review expert: Liu Ruifeng, director of the Pharmacist of Zhongshan People’s Hospital of the Guangdong Pharmaceutical Society, Liu Ruifeng

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