What time is the first "Card Checking" after pregnancy?Why do I need her husband?

I believe that pregnant mothers who are just pregnant have such experiences. In the days of vomiting and nausea in the early pregnancy, they were anxiously waiting for the first big examination of the first file, looking forward to knowing the health of the fetus.My friend Feifei has been postponed for more than ten days this time. The pregnancy test stick was tested: "The captain! Winning!" She was ecstatic for more than three years, and her mother -in -law urged early to ask for a child every day.La!No need to listen to her again!

The Fifi husband, who learned this good news, was nervous and didn’t know what to say.The joy of the new prospective dad overflowed: "Next, you have to face a lot of things! In the future, you should cook less salt and less oil. In the future, you will pick up and drop off from work.Gan, you are a big hero! "Listening to her husband’s shattered thoughts, Feifei felt happiness."By the way, I will accompany you for the first birth check. I also have to see who the baby looks like! When will it go?" Facing the questioning of her husband, Feifei also made a sorrow. I don’t know.When I was pregnant, I took out my mobile phone to check and said everything, so when will the first -time card for the first -time card for pregnancy go?

I believe that many pregnant pregnant mothers have such questions. When will the first checkup?In everyone’s thoughts, it is generally believed that it should be the most appropriate to build a card in 12 weeks after pregnancy!In fact, because the current age of pregnant mothers is generally older (like Feifei, this year is 33 years old, and the first pregnancy is pregnant), it is recommended that it is more scientific for 7-8 weeks to build a card.He once consulted the obstetrician and gynecologist. He said that as long as you are diagnosed, you should check the card. The purpose of building a card is to allow pregnant mothers to conduct relevant examinations in a timely manner under the guidance of a doctor.

In fact, at 3 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal organs have begun to differentiate, and the development of the fetus should be carried out under the care of the doctor.Some pregnant mothers belong to the elderly maternal, or have a history of abortion before, and they should be checked early to facilitate early understanding of the health of the fetus. After all, the risk of abortion in the early pregnancy is high.And some pregnancy examinations must be valid in the specified period of time. For example, NT examinations need to be carried out in this period of time from 11 to 13 weeks+6 days (best 12 weeks).Make up.

Card Capture requires a blood type of a bloody test to determine the blood type of pregnant mothers, so remember to be empty before checking.When testing urine samples, be careful not to let the leucorrhea remain on the sampling cup, so as not to affect the high urine value, and the test results will be errors.

The process is relatively complicated (registered, waiting, and clinic), and there are more items to be checked. It is recommended that pregnant mothers are best accompanied by someone around the card, or family or husband.Of course, you can’t see the appearance of the fetus during the first birth check. This prospective dad should know!

For the first birth check, you went to the file for a few weeks. Has your husband accompany you to the hospital?Leave a message!

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