What taboos should you pay attention to before pregnancy?Don’t conceive during the sick period

The blending of men and women may cultivate the future life, and high -quality babies come from the blending of high -quality sperm and eggs.The environment and good conditions should bypass some elements of adverse eugenics and eugenics as much as possible:

(1) Do not get pregnant when the mentality is suppressed

Once a person is under anxiety, depression, and the physical appearance of the body with a thick body, its physiological effect must be changed, which will not only affect the quality of male sperm or egg cells, but also affect the irritation of the mentality after conception.The growth hormone metabolism of the pregnant mother affects the growth and development of the baby.Therefore, when the family is unhappy, it is best to temporarily contraceptive measures.

(2) Don’t get pregnant when you are too tired

For example, the wedding honeymoon period and the middle of the tourism, because the two sides were tired of doing marriage and couples for the big exercise, and we welcomed them to send them.Excessive indulgence in the wedding honeymoon will also affect the natural environment of sperm and eggs in the fertilized eggs in the palace, which is not conducive to eugenics.The diet of people in traveling to travel is not regular, and human brains are often impulsive. Coupled with excessive exhaustion and shaking journey, it is likely to affect the growth and development of the pregnant eggs or form a gifted palace.Or ahead.Therefore, it is best not to get pregnant when you are too tired.

(3) Do not conceive during the sick period

Because the disease affects the physical quality, the quality of the sperm egg separation, and the natural environment of fertilized eggs in the uterine cavity, the medicines taken during the disease period are likely to have a bad effect on sperm and eggs, forming a defect for rebirth babies.Therefore, when some people are sick of each other, they have to wait for the human body to restore and get pregnant for more than half a year before getting pregnant.

(4) Do not use older pregnancy

Men exceeded the age of 55 or women who are more than 35 years old during pregnancy. They are called older pregnancy. During pregnancy, monitoring should be improved during pregnancy. The incidence of the incidence of abnormal fetal fetuses is relatively high.

(5) Do not touch radioactive elements and toxic chemicals before pregnancy

Because body cells are very sensitive to X -ray and toxic chemicals.Women assume that the X -ray is directly radiated before pregnancy, especially the abdominal cavity direct X -ray, and it must wait for 4 weeks before pregnancy to be safe.

(6) Insufficient pregnancy from early winter to early spring

Due to the most afraid of viral infections in the early stages of pregnancy, once a pregnant woman is infected with virus infection, the malformation rate will improve significantly. Spring and winter is the season when virus infections are high and spread.

(7) Do not smoke and drink before pregnancy

Alcohols in cigarette oil wine in cigarettes can endanger sophisticated cells and eggs.Women who often smoke and drink, it is best to wait for the quit cigarettes for 2 to 3 months before getting pregnant.It is best to quit alcoholic cigarettes 1 month before his wife’s pregnancy.

(8) Do not have to raise kittens, dogs and other small pets before pregnancy

Cats, dogs and other small pets are likely to cause women to infect various pathogenic bacteria, such as the sense of arches, which can immediately infect the baby’s baby and make the malformed fetus.Therefore, there are no small pets such as kittens and dogs before pregnancy.

(9) Do not get pregnant immediately after suspending the emergency contraception

At least 3 months of disconnection can be pregnant, it is best to get pregnant after half a year; women who place the nursery ring should wait for 2 to 3 times after all normal menstruation after taking the ring.Can make the uterine wall and ovulation during ovulation have a whole process of repairing and integrating, in order to facilitate the separation and development of essential eggs.

(10) Do not conceive immediately after surgery of premature babies, small children and Portuguese Portrait Palace

Women suffer from trauma in the uterine wall after premature babies and abortion. It is assumed that it is very easy to have a small birth and cause recurrent abortion. Therefore, at least half a year after the first small or premature babies will be conceived.After the treatment of hydatate surgery, the nourishing layer cells that were originally hidden in the venous blood vessels had a period of time after a period of time (more than 1-2 years), which can be lively or even a bad change.Therefore, patients after hydatidal surgery, in order to prevent them from being treated with malignant hydatidal or HCG epithelial cancer, at least 2 years on time on time, and cannot conceive during this period.

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