What subjects should these 20 common diseases be hung?99%of them answered wrong

Now the division of the department is becoming more and more detailed, and many people who go to the hospital to see a doctor do not know which department they should hang.Sometimes the number is wrong, and you have to re -line up.

Xiao Mingzhong, director of the Obesity Specialty of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, shared the departments corresponding to 13 common diseases in the People’s Daily’s Health Number in October 2022. Do not hang the wrong number.

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1. If you want to lose weight in the three hospitals -hung obesity specialty, some hospitals do not set up this department, they hang the endocrine department.

2. Fish Thorn Card’s Throat -Hanging ENT

3. Conditional disease -hanging endocrinology

4. Varic veins -vascular surgery

5. Suspicious disease -dermatology

6. Dizziness and headache -neurology

7. Insomnia ——cumidity or neurology

8, diarrhea, abdominal distension, abdominal pain -infection department

9. Snoring -Respiratory Department

10. Allergy -dermatology or perverted reaction department

11. Blood in the stool -digestive department

12. Sudden weight loss -endocrinology department

13. Afraid of heat, sweating, irritability -endocrinology department

Xing Surong, deputy chief physician of the ultrasonic diagnosis department of Tongji Hospital in Shanghai, introduced in the Health Times in 2014. The departments corresponding to different parts of pain in different parts of outpatient clinics ②:

14. Abdominal pain:

(1) A appendicitis with pain of the right lower abdomen, looking at gastrointestinal surgery;

(2) If the cough is obvious, accompanied by fever, and the right upper abdominal pain is obvious, you can consider the Department of Respiratory Medicine;

(3) Female patients with lower abdomen pain and vaginal hemorrhage, first consider the obstetrics and gynecology;

(4) If the symptoms of urethral symptoms such as frequent urination, pain, urgency, or urethral symptoms, or male patients have testicles or epididymitis, they need to hang urological surgery.

15. chest pain:

(1) The pain on the chest or chest is relatively fixed, with a sense of compression, and heart panic. It can radiate pain to the left shoulder, and can even radiate to the left elbow joint and the left gum pain. It may be related to heart disease.Items

(2) If it is caused by trauma such as fractures, the pain is intensified when the transgents such as bending down, side curve, etc., may be orthopedic or thoracic scholars;

(3) If persistent chest pain and pain are acupuncture, it may be infected with shingles and belongs to dermatology.

16, leg pain, knee joint, hand joint pain:

(1) Long -term leg pain is generally plastic mobility;

(2) If the two lower limbs appear cold and feel lacking, and the calf belly is swollen, it may be deep venous thrombosis. It is recommended to hang vascular surgery;

(3) If there are multiple joint pain on both sides of the knee joint, hand joints, etc.

17. Toothache:

(1) Toothache, first go to the dental examination;

(2) If the other side and face of the other side of the toothache will feel pain, nasal congestion, etc., it may be an ear and nose infection, which should be hung by the otolaryngomy;

(3) If toothache always appears after exercise, it may be the signal of cardiac disease, which should be hung in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine.

18. Headache:

(1) I feel that the blood vessels in the brain can shrink, which may be a problem of cerebrovascular.

(2) If long -term radioactive pain, multiple cervical headaches, pain or neurology;

(3) Headache with spray vomiting and weak limbs may be caused by cerebral hemorrhage, or head trauma caused by head trauma.

(4) Headache with poor physical activity, you can’t speak, it may be acute cerebral infarction. It is recommended to hang an emergency diagnosis.

(5) The headache is significantly higher than the normal range. The face is red, weak, and chest tightness. It may be hypertension.

(6) The cervical spondylosis of dizziness should be hung with spine surgery; if the vision is blurred and the eye pain may be caused by high intraocular pressure, you can see the ophthalmology.

19. Breast pain:

(1) Women’s breast pain hanging breast surgery;

(2) Male pain due to breast disease, in addition to looking at breast surgery, may also be too obese, or related to breast development, check the hormone level in the body and hang the endocrinology department.

20. Children’s Obesity -Nutrition Department

Children’s obesity is also a disease, which is mostly related to endocrine disorders.Too fat can also cause chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.The endocrinology department is preferred. If the pediatric department of the hospital has a professional diagnosis and treatment of obesity or experts, it can also be registered in the corresponding department.③

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