What strange dreams do you have during pregnancy, what are you foreshadows?

Regarding the problem of "fetal dreams", there have been many opinions on the people. Some say that when you dream of a snake during pregnancy, the baby in the stomach is a baby baby, and he has a daughter who dreams of butterfly.Although many people say that this is superstitious, the pregnant mothers who believe it are also very good. What are the hells of these dreams during pregnancy?Can these forecasts be believed?

@管: Whether it is psychological hints or not, I think it is quite accurate. Dreaming of two children sitting on my bed a month before pregnancy, I found that I was pregnant and went to the hospital to check the doctor.Wonderful, is there such a coincidence of such a thing? It must be that the two babies have given me a dream. I am so happy. I look forward to the two of them grow up and talk to them.

@: Two months of pregnancy, dreaming of a big black bear, did not wait to tell her husband, my husband told me what he felt like a boy and he would grow up as a high horse.Then I said that I dreamed of the big black bear. When he went to the Internet to check, some people said that it was a big black bear as a boy, and I felt that this kind of thing was amazing.

@: I didn’t have a child, but my sister seemed to have a dream when I was pregnant. When my sister was six months pregnant, I dreamed of snakes one day. I woke up the next day and felt strange. Is my sister pregnant?Can I also dream?Then I saw the snake in our courtyard that day. At that time, the dogs in our family were still teased with it. Then my sister was really born with a baby baby. It is already healthy now. I believe it again.These things.

@: My child dreams are all my son tore my dream. I always dream that he pokes my stomach and breaks out one hand, or my head is out.I don’t know what’s going on, is it that the little baby wants to come out too much.

@小: I also dreamed of carp, a golden -brown particularly beautiful big carp, swimming in the clouds in the sky, particularly shocking and beautiful, and then gave birth to a small cotton jacket, but I do n’t think it ’s a baby, a baby, a baby,Those who are parents should be very happy, because they are a piece of meat that falls on them.

@: Boss Huai, my husband dreams of a beautiful snake, haha, he said it is a female, because it is a beautiful snake, my aunt dreamed when I was about to have a son, and I also called.After the second child dreamed of a dragon, the two babies were all sons.

In fact, some of the fetal dreams are accurate but some are inaccurate. Moms do not feel that dreaming is what is. Keep a good mentality. Do n’t think too much.Bao will be our little angel.

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