What strange dreams do you have during pregnancy?It feels too real!

According to many pregnant women’s reactions, the dreams during pregnancy are even more stimulating and nonsense, and most of the expectant mothers think that the dreams they do during pregnancy are more real than before, and sometimes there are several dreams in one night.

In fact, at different stages of pregnancy, the doubts in expectant mothers will continue to change, so the dream of making is also changing.Maybe in the early days, you will dream that some big trees, sea, flower fields, sunshine and so on are symbolizing life, which is closely related to the mood of the baby’s mood for the baby’s arrival.

Then in the middle of pregnancy, the dream changed a style. The pregnant mother may dream of a kitten and puppy, and dream of being a body that has not been tried, such as singers, speakers, adventurers, etc.Small animals may symbolize the growth of the growth.

So what kind of dreams do pregnant mothers usually have?

Dreaming that you have giving birth to a boy or a girl

I believe this dream almost has done every pregnant mother?Because after pregnancy, my mind is all on the baby, of course, it will also be curious about the baby’s gender.Maybe the gender you dreamed is the sex of the baby you are looking forward to.

Dreaming of eating all kinds of things

In order to supplement nutrition, pregnant women have to eat and eat every day, just like a job, so they may cause even dreaming … but if there is a problem with diet during pregnancy, such as the imbalance or insufficient intake of trace elements, maybeThere will also be dreams due to physiological needs, so a balanced nutritional diet is essential.

Dream of men and women

When a woman with normal needs suddenly entered pregnancy, and her pregnancy would be stronger than usual, and the couple did not dare to take risks at will.It is difficult to make such a dream when the estrogen increases a lot, but this is normal, don’t have a psychological burden.

Dreaming of being chased

In fact, the dream of being chased is often derived from the pressure in real life, and the subconscious hopes to escape the pressure of pursuit.Especially the mood of pregnant women fluctuates, and it is easier to be nervous.Therefore, in order to avoid this kind of dream that is easy to wake up, it is best to let go of the brain before going to bed. Do not be too tangled.

Dreaming of playing with your children everywhere

This is a very good dream. Dreaming of a happy picture of the future during pregnancy, it proves that you usually have a relaxed mood and look at the pregnancy optimistically, and show the blueprint in your heart.

Dreaming of children encounter danger

Most of these dreams occur on the expectant mothers who are pregnant for the first time, because they have no fertility experience, or they may not be concerned during pregnancy, and they cannot get a comfortable environment.However, if the belly is cold and hot, it may be caused by physical discomfort. If you often happen, you can ask a doctor to consult.

Dreaming of being blamed by family

Have you ever done it?Many pregnant women may be due to family pressure and the tension of relationships, which leads to their fragile side in the dream. Such a serious mothers will even wake up in the middle of the night.In fact, regardless of family conditions, the babies in my arms are your most solid spiritual pillar, which can bring you strength and comfort.So if you are not happy, remember that your baby is with you, you are not alone.

The dream made by expectant mothers believes that it is more strange than the examples in the article. I wonder if there is a dream that a mother has the same dream as you?Communicate in the comment!

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