What should the pregnant mothers do during pregnancy?

Itching, we all experienced it, but that feeling is really unacceptable, we can’t help but think about it … But do you know? This group of people -pregnant mothers, when the body is itchy, when the body is itchy,Can’t be scratched casually.

Because pregnant women accidentally scratch the skin and cause infection.Frequent and hard scratches can also stimulate the uterus, which causes the uterine contraction and easily leads to premature birth.Therefore, it is not recommended to scratch the hand when it is itchy.

Pregnant mothers will have such a question: "But itchy and unbearable, what should I do in this case?"

Pregnant mothers who have pregnancy skin disease may itchy, usually when they are six or seven months pregnant.Except for itching on the skin, there are no changes, and rashes and blisters will not occur.

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to hygiene during pregnancy, keep the skin clean, and appropriately apply some moisturizing dew after taking a bath.For abdominal stretch marks, you can apply a small amount of olive oil to prevent or reduce local itching.Do not scratch with your hands to avoid scabs and worsen the symptoms.Some chemical stimulus and bad hygiene habits, such as wearing impermeable chemical fiber underwear, can also induce itching and pay attention.

Most pregnant mothers will experience during pregnancy. Because the body is changing during pregnancy, the breast is preparing for postpartum breastfeeding, so the breasts will become larger.

Itchy breasts during pregnancy. Keep your diet a light diet. Do not eat stimulating foods with strong and strong food. Try to wear appropriate all -cotton underwear and take a shower. Do not bathe with too hot water to avoid exacerbating itching.

It is prone to vulvar itching during pregnancy, most of which are caused by the increase in vaginal secretions and local humid stimulation.Some are caused by mental factors, or it may be caused by external stimuli.In addition, due to changes in the vaginal acid alkali (pH value) during pregnancy, fungal reproduction is likely to cause vaginitis.Sometimes it may also be due to the abnormal sugar metabolism, which cause itching of the genitals.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the vulva clean and dry, change their underwear, and dry them in the sun. It is not irritating soap, drugs, and too cold or hot water to clean the vulva.

In the middle and late pregnancy, this phenomenon will be more common.The expectant mother’s belly itching may be because the uterus is constantly increasing, which causes the abdominal skin to be enlarged, the elastic fiber of the skin is pulled open, forming stretch marks, and itching of stretch marks.Wipe olive oil or moisturize on the belly, which can alleviate.But do not scratch it with your hands. If it is unbearable, you can rub it with your hands.

1. Do not wear non -breathable and tight clothes.Try to focus on cotton, loose, breathable, and easy to absorb sweat.

2. Do not expose the sun too much, do sunscreen and moisturizing work.

3. Do not do a lot of sweaty exercise, keep your body dry at any time.

4. Should not take too much every day, the water temperature should not be too high, and avoid excessive cleaning products.

5. It is forbidden to eat irritating foods, such as peppers, raw garlic, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the intake of seafood and avoid aggravation of symptoms.

In addition, please do not use the drugs during pregnancy, otherwise it is easy to bring an unpredictable harm to the fetus; if this "itch" has not been relieved, you can go to a regular obstetric hospital for examination and treat it under the guidance of the doctor.

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