What should pregnant mothers pay attention to during pregnancy?Take a look at the precious suggestions summarized by the people

Pregnant mothers are very hard, and there will be more or less reaction during pregnancy.Each mother’s reaction during pregnancy is also different. Some pregnancy vomiting is more serious, some can have back pain, and some feet and legs will swell;

I heard that a pregnant mother knows that the pregnancy reaction has not stopped when she is in production. Everyone will sigh: Mom is really hard, and it is really great.

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So for a novice mother, what should be paid attention to during pregnancy? Bao Ma Xiaodan gave the following suggestions:

1. The work and rest are regular

During working days, you can arrange at 7:30 in the morning according to the usual work hours, eat breakfast, start work at 9 o’clock, lunch at 12 o’clock, and you can eat some fruits around 10:30 am.Take a break at noon, you can eat some fruits at about 4-5 pm and rest properly; eat at around 6 o’clock.

Washing at 9 o’clock in the evening, it is best to soak your feet but do not soak it for too long, within 10 minutes.At about 9:30, I went to bed for the baby in the stomach.

You can rest for a while or go out and walk outside occasionally. Remember to bring some fruits, snacks and nuts outside.It is best not to eat junk food. Occasionally, you can solve it. Try to eat as much as possible. The snacks cannot be eaten as a meal.

2. Equipment of diet, eat less meals

Whether it is usual or special period, such as pregnancy, sickness, etc., we will advocate eating less meals.Specific mothers with reasonable diet every day to ensure a balanced diet, and all kinds of nutrients can be ingested.

At first glance, it sounds difficult to distribute at first glance. In fact, the easiest thing is not to pick eaters, do not partial eclipse, and don’t be too fine.

You can eat more coarse grains, milk, meat and eggs, fish, soy products, staple foods, vegetables and fruits reasonably arrange, so that the baby can balance nutrition in the mother’s body, and grow up healthy after birth.

It is said that the mother does not pick or eat during pregnancy, and the baby given to her will not pick eaters.

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In addition, the diet is as light as possible, and some mothers have a heavy taste. For example, some mothers have a heavy taste and belong to the kind of spicy people.But when you are pregnant, hearing spicy food or heavy taste food can cause fetal poison.

The so -called fetal poison is caused by the unhealthy diet habits of expectant mothers during pregnancy. For example, the baby will grow birthmarks, so for the baby’s health, please keep a healthy eating habit.

The last is to control the amount of food.Some people eat a lot when they are pregnant, and they are hungry quickly.But still control, otherwise it can easily lead to excess nutrition.

Excessive nutrition during pregnancy will cause the difficulty of mothers in the production process, such as increasing the difficulty of the smooth birth, which is easy to increase the chance of cesarean section.

Another harm is that it will bring more complications to pregnant mothers, as well as postpartum recovery difficulties, etc., so try to control as much as possible, eat less sugar -containing foods with high sugar, high oil, less food, eat less, eat less, and eat less.Sweet and fried foods such as high -calorie foods.

If you are hungry, it is also a good choice to replace desserts with nuts, yogurt or fruits.It sounds a bit troublesome. In fact, once the diet is formed, you naturally eat those things every day.Therefore, good eating habits are important.

3. Do weight and waist circumference record

From the second month of pregnancy, you can measure weight and waist circumference every morning, or once a week, but the premise is to set a cycle, so that you can better refer to it.

The most intuitive benefit of making records is that you can monitor your weight growth by yourself.Especially for expectant mothers with better food volume, they can play a certain role in self -supervision.

4. Moderate exercise

After the first three months, it is basically a stable period. At this time, expectant mothers can exercise appropriately every day.Some people like to do yoga during pregnancy, and some people like to walk.No matter what it is, it is excellent to be able to move appropriately.Disposal chatting, breathing and breathing outside the air, the whole person will be comfortable and pregnant, it is really troublesome and particularly happy. Each pregnancy test is through the barrier.

For babies, many expectant mothers have also changed. Originally, they would change after pregnancy.

However, in addition to the daily weight waist records mentioned above during pregnancy, I also insist on copying a small story every day, read it to the baby at night, and treat it as a prenatal education.

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In fact, many more interesting things can be done during pregnancy, such as practicing calligraphy when you are free. On the one hand, you can cultivate sentiment, and on the other hand, you can leave your baby as a memorial in the future.

Therefore, for babies, expectant mothers must believe that they can do better whether they are diet or exercise!

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