What should men do during pregnancy!

The relationship between husband and wife is one of the most important social relations in human society.

As a husband, how to maintain her mood when her wife is pregnant, it really needs to be paid attention to.I believe that as a responsible husband, we should think about how to do it!

I know the reason, move it.In the case of his wife’s pregnancy, the husband should have a certain degree of understanding of the pregnancy, and appropriately understand the physical change and emotional changes of his wife.(To be honest, my wife is currently pregnant, because I can’t accompany her for my work, I feel a little guilty to her. I recently went to the hospital for examination twice, and the others were very healthy, but progesterone was a bit low. Therefore, all of them are now, all are now all there are now, all of them are now, they are now all there are now all there are now.Performatone needle, I do n’t know how to comfort her every video, because she has always called the buttocks. [Laughs] [Laughs]

Our male compatriots also need to understand what you need to pay attention to during pregnancy, as well as preparations that should be done before and after production, and so on.

Male compatriots should keep their wives a pleasant mood through gentle language and love attitude.When his wife’s emotions are low, the husband should care more, accompany, comfort, and use care words and actions to alleviate her emotions and let her feel warm and concerned.

Actively participate in fertility preparation and pregnancy.Pregnancy is the real test of husband and wife feelings. The male compatriots need to actively participate in fertility preparation and preparation, such as accompanying his wife to the hospital for examination, auspicious fetal heartbeat, and so on.(Hey! I am not qualified, I don’t accompany my wife.)

After setting up what to do, male compatriots must also actively participate in pregnancy care and postpartum care, such as helping his wife to do housework, preparing diet, fruits and nutritional products, etc., to maintain a harmonious and stable atmosphere of the family.This can make my wife feel the support and care of prenatal and postpartum, and can also enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

Give your wife more love and care.Women during pregnancy are particularly fragile, and they need more care and love, so that their wives feel that their husbands are a trust in each other, supporting each other, caring for each other, and giving each other a sense of security.The love and care for his wife are not only an emotional investment, but also a long -term plan for the happiness of the family.

As a responsible husband, the male compatriots need to know the various situations during pregnancy, actively participate in the life and care of pregnancy and postpartum, and care for his wife’s psychology and soul through positive language, care attitude and cute behavior.Let her feel more love and care.In this way, we can be the happiness between husband and wife during pregnancy and make the relationship better.(Book cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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