What should I prepare at all stages of pregnancy?A good collection of good things during pregnancy!It’s more reliable than my husband

Dare to say after giving birth!As a mother, it was considered an overwhelming person. Thinking about knowing that he was pregnant at the time, the first thing was to start listing and buying. I felt that the strategy I had made can finally come in handy.

However, reality is often not what you think. There are a lot of pits in the middle. Today, I summarized my good things during pregnancy.(Favorites first before you see it, you can’t find it next time! Note copy!)

1. Early pregnancy (1-12 weeks of pregnancy)

1. Essential nutrition products in the early pregnancy

┃ folic acid tablets:

Folic acid is a vitamin that must be supplemented during pregnancy, which can prevent congenital defect diseases such as fetal nerve tube deformity and cleft lip and palate.

Generally, it is necessary to start supplementing during pregnancy. The latest will start eating folic acid tablets from the beginning of pregnancy.Folic acid tablets do not have to buy expensive ones. A few dollars of folic acid tablets can also achieve the effect of supplement folic acid during pregnancy.

2. Must -have books during pregnancy

┃ Breeding books

The main recommendation book list:

"Sils Pregnancy Encyclopedia":

The most influential parenting authority in the United States, from the beginning of pregnancy to the entire pregnancy to the special conditions during pregnancy and some response methods, such as the situation where the elderly maternal will happen, the placenta prefix, early stripping, and RH blood type.The disadvantage may be that there will be differences in the thoughts of pregnancy at home and abroad.

"Heidi Pregnancy Encyclopedia":

The dual combination of physiology and psychology is refined into a simple and easy -to -understand entry, corresponding to the pregnancy week.Once there is any situation, you can basically find a satisfactory answer as long as you turn the directory.

3, maternity clothes

During this period, the pregnant mother’s belly will gradually become larger, and the slim clothes before pregnancy may not be worn, especially pregnant women’s pants, pregnant women’s underwear, etc.

┃ Breastfeeding underwear

Magic Xi: The face value and design are very high. The four -way buckle design is used to prevent the chest from sagging, and the auxiliary milk is also properly collected.

Love pregnant sincerity: I really love the feeling of no trace!The ice is cool and breathable. It is not boring at all. The whole underwear is very simple and generous!

He Shan: I have two sets of this one, coffee color and avocado color, which is more suitable for summer wear, no trace design, soft and not deformation, breathable is not bored in summer.

子 牌: This brand is a bit hot. The design of sports underwear, the support of high -density knitted cotton is very good, and it is more convenient to wear daily.

The above underwear has breastfeeding buckles, which is very convenient for mothers to breastfeed.

4. Streaming skin care steps

Don’t say what you can’t care for skin care products!If you are pregnant without skin care, just wait to become a yellow -faced mother -in -law!You don’t need to wait for production, you can see it during pregnancy.

I just got pregnant and I didn’t dare to get on my face when I heard the elders at home. After a month, I got dry and tilted skin red blood.Fortunately, it is not too late to regain skin care. Let me briefly talk about my skin care steps.

┃ ┃ ┃ mask

I am too short of water during pregnancy. This kind of autumn and winter is the skin of the desert skin of fried chicken. It is really on the edge of the collapse in the early stages of pregnancy. I still use a lot of products. I still feel that my face is dry.Intersection

I have been scratching it, and this niche domestic product brand is too surprising!After pregnancy, I often stay up late, and the skin is particularly dull for a long time.

However, the facial mask of Chongba was applied, and she wouldn’t do it immediately, and there was no kind of tightness at all!I won’t feel greasy when I get up in the morning, and it is still very moist and refreshing.

芙 Germany tender Fu folic acid skin care set

Let me talk about my skin quality mixed -sensitive muscles. After pregnancy, the cheeks are dry, the t -area oil is oil, and the ingredient party!

I have been using water milk, I will become the kind of dryness in autumn and winter, so I urgently need to hydrate and moisturize products.Check the ingredients of the water milk in advance.

A variety of moisturizing agents such as sodium hyaluronate, biological enamel-1 can be hydrated densely, solving the problem of dry skin during pregnancy.

Essence water: The texture is transparent and sticky, and it feels like a touch of water.

Moisturizing milk: The texture is a hydrated cream, the yogurt, the upper face is not sticky at all, and it is pushed away very well. The moisturizing effect is very good.

The cream contains natural plant essences such as folic acid. There are no risk ingredients such as flavors and preservatives that pregnant women cannot use. Therefore, there is no fragrance and taste. I can accept this taste.

The texture is creamy, and the push is very silky. The upper face is very moisturizing and moisturizing, because it adds cicathetic grass ingredients, which not only moisturizes, but also repair red -allergic skin state.

When the autumn and winter changes, the stingy face was red when the wind was scratching. I painted two layers of frost in the evening to sleep, and the red face and tingling were worshiped!Before makeup, it can also solve the condition of dry card powder!

Don’t worry about safety issues. The ingredients are natural plant essence. Mild and soothing is not irritating. Before using cream, you can also match its water milk before the face.

致 Daike AQ Exquisite Eye Cream

Compared to my previous eye cream, this is really a lot of capacity. I bought 15ml before. Daike’s eye cream is 20ml, but the price is also very expensive.

The texture is also milky cream, which is very moisturizing, and the ductility is very good.

Ingredients: Hongfu Gui extract, double peptide, white sandalwood extract, birch water, black soybean extract, glycerin.

It feels half of the light and massage, but it feels half of the way, but the battery life is a bit weak, and the moisturizing is still good.

2. In the second trimester (13-24 weeks of pregnancy)

1. Pregnant women leggings

The stomach of the pregnant mothers in the middle of pregnancy will gradually become larger, and the usual pants can no longer be worn. You can replace the pregnant women’s leggings dedicated to pregnant women.

I am wearing the leggings of Uniqlo’s pregnant women, which is really easy to wear!Intersection

Fully fit the stomach and hips, no crotch at all, there is no sense of restraint and super comfortable. There is no problem with elasticity enough to wear it.IntersectionIntersection

2. Massage device

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother is easy to puffy, and because of the baby in the stomach, I feel that my body is getting heavier, and my thighs, calves and even feet will be swollen and sore.Essence

Notice!Don’t rub it lightly, especially the back part, avoid some belly!

3. Dilute stretch marks

油 Apply pregnancy oil

The pregnancy oil of Clarins is one of the few less oily. Many of the pregnancy oil will be greasy. As soon as it is opened, it is a strong essential oil.

Usage: Take an appropriate amount of oil under the body half -dry and semi -wet after taking a bath. Use the circle to apply the oil to a easily long line. After a few minutes, wash it off with water. You can use it every day.Don’t make a circle when you are!

Massage method:

霜 Apply pregnancy cream

In fact, the oil will still be a little more oily compared to frost, so after cleaning the oil, I usually take another layer of pregnancy cream. I am using the tenderfolic acid pregnancy pattern essence.

After the use of giving birth during pregnancy, I have less three or four cans, and the pattern is not long.However, if the skin is short of water, it will be specially itching. This is very moisturizing. There is no strange smell. I still like it.

If you repair stretch marks, you must stick to the postpartum light lines. After taking a shower every day, you can apply it once during the day to make the skin more moisturizing and moisturizing.

After using it for a while, it is really good to use, and the liquidity is very good. Unlike some pregnancy cream, it is too solidified.The absorption is also faster.What I want to remember is that I think of other pregnant mothers on the thighs or other places.

Third, the third trimester (25-40 weeks of pregnancy)

┃ Pregnant woman pillow

As the stomach gets bigger and bigger, sleeping is uncomfortable.At this time, holding a pregnant woman is much more useful than holding her husband. You can support the abdomen and waist to prevent leg cramps and improve the quality of sleep.

┃ ┃ 腹 ┃

The rapidly expanding belly is increasingly testing the support of skin tension and pelvis.The belt can reduce the downward pull of the abdomen, which is also one of the means to prevent stretch marks. It can also prevent pubic pain.

┃ fetal heart monitor

Fetal heart monitoring and digital movement are the conventional means of healthy monitoring of the baby in the third trimester.Buying a simple fetal heart monitor yourself at home is much more convenient.

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