What should I pay attention to when the age of childbearing is delayed?Expert interpretation

China Network live broadcast May 31st. The National Health and Health Commission has set up a press conference today at 15:00 to introduce the relevant situation of the health rights and interests of women and children, and answer media questions.The following is a record of related content:

Chinese Women’s Daily Reporter:

I want to ask a question, please answer it.At present, the age of fertility in my country is gradually delayed. The age of 35 and above is more common. What are the problems need to pay attention to when pregnant women are pregnant?Thanks.

Zhao Yangyu, Director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Third Hospital of Peking University:

This topic is indeed very important. For elderly female friends, if you are preparing to get pregnant, I suggest that the first thing you want to do is to consult before pregnancy, especially for the early stage of older pregnant women, such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.Through such pre -pregnancy consultation, there is a better management to give her early diseases, including the choice of drugs after pregnancy, etc., which is very important for her mother’s fetal safety after pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, you are sure that you are pregnant very well, and everyone is very happy, but I remind us that when we first see a doctor when we first see a doctor, we must take your previous history of illness.Including some history related to pregnancy, even what surgery you have done, etc., whether there are drug allergies, etc. These issues must be inform the doctor in detail. Doctors can take some individualized pregnancy treatment plan for your situation.During pregnancy, you still have to follow the doctor’s order and regularly check.

In addition, it is recommended that pregnant women have a plan to participate in the courses of pregnant women’s schools. The setting of our courses is also wired and offline. You can arrange to study in an orderly manner according to our time, because we should understand that we must understand some of our entire pregnancy.In special cases, what precautions are very important, and it is very important to do our own management. Our pregnant women and doctors shall be managed together, which is very important to ensure the safety of pregnant women.

Our country’s management experience for older pregnant women is still relatively mature. Some complications or complications are incorporated into the classification management system of maternal mothers. I mentioned earlier that the multi -disciplinary teams were escorted.But here I also want to talk about it. As the age of pregnant women increases, the probability of children with defects will increase, so in terms of eugenics, although our country’s prenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis have alreadyIt is constantly improving and improving, but there are still some limitations.In other words, we still have no way to make all the fetal abnormal fetuses be diagnosed before childbirth.

Therefore, I recommend that female friends, if you are pregnant, try to choose to give birth at the age.But no matter what, for the elderly pregnancy, everyone should pay attention to the attitude and action, and it must be relaxed psychologically.Thank you for your question.

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