What should I eat when I was pregnant?

When I found that I was pregnant, I must have some handsome hands and always want to give the baby the best to let the baby grow healthy. So how should we adjust in the diet and "eat" a healthy baby?

In the early pregnancy, the fetus grows in the mother’s body, and the nutrients they need are supplied by the mother.Due to various changes in the body, the nutrition that needs to be different during different periods is also different.

First in the early pregnancy, a balanced diet should be guaranteed, reasonable and comprehensive nutrition, the supply of high -quality protein, appropriately increase the intake of carbohydrates, and ensure the supply of vitamins and minerals.

The second in the early pregnancy diet should be easy to digest, less greasy, and light taste.Breakfast can choose foods such as milk, eggs, bread, biscuits; lunch is relatively rich, and a moment of rest after meals.Choose foods that are easy to digest and light for dinner; but each meal should not be too much, so as not to cause vomiting; in the meals, you can eat appropriate amounts of nuts and juice.

In addition to basic food nutrition in the early pregnancy, it is also necessary to supplement nutrients such as folic acid, iron, and zinc.Folic acid is an important vitamin related to fetal brain development.Folic acid supplementation at the early pregnancy and quantity can help prevent fetal nerve tube malformation.Due to early pregnancy reactions, vomiting may cause iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, the prevention of iron deficiency anemia should be supplemented in the early stages of pregnancy.Rabbit meat and so on.In plant foods, sesame, red dates, red beans, etc. are also rich in iron.Due to insufficient zinc intake in the early pregnancy, serious consequences such as miscarriage and fetal malformations may be caused. Pay attention to the supplement of zinc element. The intake of zinc in early pregnancy should reach 15 mg per day.

In the early pregnancy, there is another "horror" thing, which is pregnancy vomiting. Pregnancy vomiting may break your infinite longing for pregnancy life. Some people will have pregnancy, which is very serious. So how can pregnancy vomiting be relieved, which is a problem.First of all, in addition to eating food that pregnant women usually like, strengthen appetite, and eat more digestible and light foods, it is also very important, and soup and greasy foods are most likely to cause nausea or vomiting.Drink soup, drinks and boiling water.In fact, you can eat some mango. Mango can effectively alleviate pregnancy. The nutritional value is extremely high. The content of vitamin C exceeds orange and strawberries, and contains a variety of trace elements necessary for the human body.

There are also some pregnant women who think that there will be pregnancy vomiting, so I won’t eat, and I won’t vomit if I don’t eat. This idea is incorrect. I have sufficient amount of carbohydrates.Decomposition fat to meet the physical needs of pregnant women.During the decomposition, fat will produce ketone bodies, insufficient carbohydrate intake, and ketone body cannot be metabolized normally.

In the end, I hope that if you have any physical discomfort, you should go to the hospital in time, do not delay your illness, supplement your nutrition for yourself and your baby healthy in life, strive to be hot mothers, and welcome the birth of healthy babies!

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