What should I eat before, middle, and late in the "Yang"?Nutrition expert: no need to deliberately pursue light

"The recovery of all new crown patients is mainly based on their own immunity." On December 17, at the 2023 "Financial" annual meeting, Wu Zunyou, chief expert of epidemiology of the China Disease Prevention and Control Center, made the above statement.Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infectious Department of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, also said in an interview: "The most effective drug is immunity."

What should I eat after infection to improve their own immunity?What are the diets of each stage that need special attention?Many nutritional experts gave suggestions.

General principle: regular eating, balance nutritional diet

The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Prevention and Treatment Expert Committee has recently released the "Guidelines for the Intervention of TCM Intervention at the New Crown Virus infection" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines"), which mentioned that patients need to be "diet".

The "Guidelines" pointed out that those with new crown virus infection should eat three regular meals a day. The diet should be light and easy to digest, and the food is diverse. It ensures that cereals, high -quality protein foods, fresh vegetables and fruits intake, and drink more water.

The Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission recently released the "Practical Manual (First Edition) of the New Crown Virus Positive infection (first edition)" ("Manual") mentioned that the new crown virus -positive infection should pay attention to seven aspects, and the dietary "Balanced nutritional diet ".

The "Handbook" mentioned that the energy should be sufficient during home life, and 250 grams of grain potato foods per day, including rice, flour, miscellaneous grains, etc.To ensure protein intake, take 150 grams of high-quality protein foods every day, such as lean meat, fish, shrimp, eggs, soybeans, etc., try to ensure that one egg, 300 grams of milk and dairy products are guaranteed every day.In addition, it is necessary to consume essential fatty acids and increase the intake of essential fatty acids through a variety of cooking vegetable oils, especially vegetable oils rich in monocular unsaturated fatty acids.In addition, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. The vegetables consume more than 500 grams per day. The fruits consume 200 grams of 200 grams per day to choose dark vegetables.

Preliminary infection: Drink plenty of water and ensure high -quality protein and carbohydrates

The symptoms of each stage of patients in the early stage of infection are different.Most patients have symptoms such as throat pain, low fever, dry cough, and runny nose in the early stage of infection.

"During the current peak infection, do not die for weight loss, especially those who are undergoing strict heat control weight loss, you can consult with your nutritionist to suspend and adjust the current diet plan. After all, if you are full, you can have the strength to have the strength.Guo Zhongyi, a director of the Beijing Nutritionist Association and a director of the Beijing Nutrition Society, reminded.

He suggested that if the symptoms are not heavy, the appetite is okay, and eat according to the balanced dietary pagoda of the dietary guide.

"Especially the guarantee of high -quality protein, the normal operation of almost all immune functions is inseparable from protein. When the immune system is removed from the virus, the consumption of protein is also increasing. At this timeEntering 15-30g of protein to ensure that all the necessary amino acids are consumed. Active high-quality protein can not only play an anti-inflammatory effect, some studies also show that the intake of proteins during the day may prevent cells from self-owl. "Gu Zhongyi prompted, so it was prompted. ThereforeIt is helpful to add some protein to each meal and snacks. Like eggs, milk and dairy products, fish, shrimp, chicken, lean beef, and soybeans are the source of high -quality protein.

In addition, to ensure the intake of carbohydrates.He suggested choosing foods with a low blood sugar index, such as oats, millet, and unpaid whole grains. In addition to providing energy, they also provide some dietary fiber.

"Dietary fiber is also carbohydrate, but they can produce probiotics such as buttate in the intestine, which can have a probe effect. It is still meaningful to maintain intestinal immunity."

Fan Zhihong, a professor at the School of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering, China Agricultural University of Agricultural and Rural Agricultural University, suggested that patients should maintain a good mood and rest in the early stage of infection.In diet, you need to eat normally, drink plenty of water, and supplement vitamin C.If the quality of daily diet is not too high, you can choose to supplement various nutrients during the infection, but it should be appropriate.

In the middle of the infection: no need to deliberately pursue light, choose foods with high digestion and absorption rate

In the middle of the infection, patients often continue to have high fever, pain, and weakness.

Fan Zhihong said that when fighting with the virus, it is very important to give enough energy. Do not let the immune system fight hungry.

"What you can eat, what you eat." Fan Zhihong suggested that when high fever, the main source of energy should be a digestible carbohydrate.As long as you can eat it, protein foods can also be eaten, but you must not only eat fish and eggs without eating foods containing carbohydrates.

She explained that carbohydrate liver is the source of the minimum burden on the kidney, the least waste, and rarely increases the energy source of the body.In addition, carbohydrates have a protein effect. If energy and nutritional supply are not provided during the infection process, the body protein decomposes too much, damage is large, and the recovery is slow.

Cai Honglin, deputy chief physician of the clinical nutrition department of China University of Science and Technology, said that after the infection of the new crown virus, the nutritional equilibrium should be guaranteed. Large -dose vitamin C+warm sugar salt water+chicken soup+nutrient solution is a feasible scheme to ensure protein intake and do not have to deliberately pursue light.

"Light is relative, which is compared to the usual taste. Let a person who is usually heavy taste eats some meals during the illness, and you must not eat it." Cai Honglin said, ensuring that sufficient protein and energy intakeJust accept it.High fever, cough, headache, and even diarrhea will affect our appetite and affect our digestive and absorption function. Therefore, you must choose those foods with high digestive absorption rates, such as eggs, you can choose your favorite approach, make as soft as possible, water as much as possible, moisture, watermore.If you are uncomfortable to drink fresh milk, drink yogurt.In addition, plant proteins such as soy products, soy milk, tofu brain, tender tofu, thousands of pieces, etc. The oil is not heavy and digested and absorbed.The choice of fish and shrimp, depending on your appetite, eat if you want to eat, and don’t force it if you don’t want to eat.

Cai Honglin reminded that it is necessary to emphasize the diversity of food and the color of the color of vegetables, and eat as much as possible vegetables as much as possible.When the appetite is not very good, don’t force yourself to eat what you must eat, but you must pay attention to rest and drink plenty of water. Take vitamin C in more than 1 gram a day and rinse your mouth.

Late infection: training smell, supplement high protein and staple food

In the late stage of infection, some patients may have symptoms of smell, weakening or short -term loss.

Gu Zhongyi said that if the sense of smell or taste is failed, it is recommended to pay attention to oral hygiene, brush your teeth twice a day, and smell a slightly irritating taste, such as lemon and roses.After the symptoms of the pharynx are disappeared, add a bit of spicy seasoning or side dishes in the meals, such as vinegar, lemon juice, tomato juice, kimchi, sour radish, spicy cabbage, etc.You can also try canned fruits of sweet and sour, such as canned hawthorn and canned orange.

Fan Zhihong suggested that after the sense of smell weakens, the appetite will not be good. It is recommended to eat something salty.With the recovery of the body and normal appetite, eat in time, supplement high protein food and staple food, pay attention to nutritional matching, consume appropriate amounts of fruits and vegetables and other foods, and restore the healthy vitality before.

Cai Honglin concluded that the general principle of positive infected people’s home life: balanced diet, matched with balance, and pay attention to energy supplement.Drink plenty of water and supplement vitamin C in the early stage of the infection; eat more fruits and vegetables, starch foods in the middle of the infection; we will conduct olfactory training in the later stage of the infection to supplement high protein food and staple food.

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