What should I do when I was bitten by a dog during pregnancy?Because a mother -in -law and daughter -in -law are crazy

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Rabies disease is not unfamiliar to everyone. It is a very terrible disease. Once it occurs, there is no medicine.Rabies have a certain incubation period in human body. If you are accidentally bitten, you need to go to the hospital to get a rabies vaccine immediately to prevent it.But if you are pregnant with a pregnant woman, if you accidentally bite by a dog during pregnancy, can you go to the vaccine, will it affect the baby in the abdomen?

Ms. Zhang was pregnant for more than 6 months, because she was a first -tire, so she was extra careful in daily life.Whether it is diet or daily activities, pay close attention to the baby who will accidentally hurt and get into the belly.Recently, Ms. Zhang has always been raising a fetus at home, and most of the time she stayed at home. One hospital was checked. The doctor suggested that she still needs to move appropriately.

Therefore, Ms. Zhang wandered in the community downstairs for an hour or two every afternoon, chatting with other Baoma, and obtaining the scriptures.But just two days ago, Ms. Zhang took a walk downstairs as usual. After walking for a while, she felt a little tired, and she sat in a bench to rest.

A aunt in the community walked the dog in the garden. Many children came around. At first, the puppy was very good and gentle.But then it might have hurt the puppy, and suddenly became very irritable. She rushed to Ms. Zhang like crazy and bites it on her calf.I saw Ms. Zhang’s calves appeared and bleeding. After seeing it, her aunt hurried to go to the front, and said that she would take Ms. Zhang to the hospital to get a rabies vaccine.

At this time, her mother -in -law came back from the outside and saw the scene that happened in front of her, and quickly stopped her aunt.And stopped the daughter -in -law and said, "It’s just bitten by a puppy. There is no big deal. It will be fine in two days. You are pregnant now, and vaccine is not good for children."Although her mother -in -law said that, Ms. Zhang still felt uneasy, so she went to the hospital to ask the doctor.

The doctor said that the rabies vaccine is an active vaccine. The activated virus cannot pass the placenta barrier, and it has been detected by biological safety. There is no side effect of the development of the fetus, and it will not cause malformations and other conditions.After listening to the doctor’s answer, Ms. Zhang relieved her rabies vaccine and spent her pregnancy safely and healthy.


What problems should pregnant women pay attention to when vaccination of rabies vaccine?

After all, the rabies vaccine is an extent vaccine, and some adverse reactions may occur after vaccination. Therefore, it is recommended that the mother should not go home immediately after the injection.

Although there is a certain risk of vaccination, once pregnant women are injured, especially when they are bitten by animals, they are still unable to delay.You should go to the hospital immediately to inject the vaccine, otherwise even if there is no response at the time, it will occur afterwards.

In addition, Baoma does not need to worry about the injection of vaccines on the fetus. Rabies vaccine is an active vaccine. It does not affect the fetus through the placenta, so the maternal can rest assured.

The maternal is more or less small or less during pregnancy. Although it does not cause particularly serious consequences, after all, the mother will be worried about the baby in the belly.For women who have tires, colds may be considered more common. Many expectant mothers will be more concerned. What should I do if I have a cold? What should I pay attention to?


What if pregnant women are sick?

Go to the hospital according to the doctor’s diagnostic medication!The constitution of pregnant women is different from others, so once you get sick and cold, you must not take the drug freely without authorization.Go to a regular hospital for examination and explain the situation with the doctor. Under the doctor’s instructions, taking medicine is a wise move.

If pregnant women have sore throat due to a cold, do not consider taking medicine immediately. After all, the ingredients in the drug will affect the fetus.Pregnant women can drink more water and eat some foods with therapeutic effects to achieve a certain relief effect and gradually recover.

During the illness, pregnant women must pay attention to rest, and temporarily put down the work in their hands to avoid excessive fatigue.During the epidemic of the disease, try to go as little as possible. After all, there are many bacteria in places in many people, and it is easy to cross infections.Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to personal hygiene and do not contact patients with colds, and pay attention to ventilation in the room.


Which drugs during pregnancy will affect pregnant women and fetuses?

Anti -cold medicine: Most of these drugs contain many ingredients. Many drugs with significant effects are not suitable for pregnant women, especially the first 4 weeks of pregnancy.Cold medicine is often cure and does not cure the root cause, which is not very safe for pregnant women, so it is best for pregnant women not to take anti -cold medicine.

Anti -virus: It is also extremely unfavorable for the fetus. It is recommended not to use it easily. If you have to eat it, you should also take it under the guidance of a doctor.

Retreatment: Maternal colds usually have symptoms of fever. At this time, most of the condition is more serious. You should go to the hospital to see a doctor in time. The antipyretic medicine is taboo for pregnant women. Remember not to take it at will.


Pregnant women often encounter annoying things during pregnancy, so it is often a matter of time to get angry, and it is inevitable that there will be a sore throat. So what should I do at this time?

Using salt water mouthwash: Everyone knows that salt has the effect of fungicidal and anti -virus. If the knowledge of pregnant women’s knowledge is simple and sore, you can use fresh salt water to rinse your mouth and shabu your throat to reduce the pain of the throat.In addition, drink more warm water to better promote detoxification and ensure good health.

You can eat some high -fiber foods: high -fiber food helps to help pregnant women better laxative, excrete the existing toxins in the body, thereby achieving the role of detoxification and fire.Some high -fiber fruits and vegetables can also accelerate gastrointestinal motility, which is very helpful for detoxifying and eliminating fire.

Eat some fruits of clear fire: For pregnant women, eating more fruits is very good, and general fruit pregnant women can eat it.However, it should be noted that the fruits you eat should not be too single or eat too much at one time. This will not only have no good, but also bring negative effects.When pregnant women go to the sore throat, they can eat some fruits such as grapes, pears, and dragon fruit, especially in summer, not only cooling and quenching thirst, but also very helpful for pregnant women.

Eat some detoxifying vegetables: Generally speaking, bitter foods such as bitter gourd have a certain effect of clearing heat and detoxifying.If pregnant women get angry, they can eat some greens such as almonds, celery, bitter vegetables, etc.

In short, the sick woman is a major event. It is related to the health of her and the fetus. It is impossible to take care of herself carefully to make the baby healthy.

I am a senior childcare teacher and a mother of a 2 -year -old baby. In the process of accompanying the child, if you encounter problems, you can communicate with me. I hope my suggestion can help you!

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