What should I do if vaginitis repeatedly relapses repeatedly?

Xu Jinglong tells you: What should I do if vaginitis recusses repeatedly?

1. Types and symptoms of vaginitis

1. Moomal vaginitis: itching of vulva, vulvar and vaginal burning pain, leucorrhea is tofu -like, sometimes accompanied by frequent urination, frequent urination, pain, pain, pain, white membrane -shaped in the inside of the labia and the vaginal mucosa,Things, red and swollen mucous membrane surfaces are exposed after removing, and damaged erosion surfaces or surface ulcers can be seen in the acute stage.

2. Trichomonas vaginitis: Increased leucorrhea, milky white or yellow, sometimes pus, pus, often foam -shaped, with odor, severe cases of bloody leucorrhea, urinary pain, frequent urination, and hematuria.

3. Bacterial vaginitis: increased leucorrhea, gray -white, light, foam -shaped.The vaginal mucosa is congested, the bleeding point is scattered, the vulva itching and the burning sensation, and the pussy smells.

4. Non -specific vaginitis: The vagina has a feeling of falling, burning, accompanied by pelvic discomfort and systemic weakness.The vaginal discharge increases, purulent, slurry, and odor.Because the secretion stimulates the urethral opening, it can cause frequent urination, urgency, and pain.

5. Elderly vaginitis: increased leucorrhea, yellow yellow, water shape, pus in severe cases, odor, and sometimes bloody or accompanied by bleeding, the vulva has itching or burning sensation, dry pain, lower abdomen swelling in the lower abdomen, and the lower abdomen swelling.When affecting the urethra, there are frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria.

2. Why does vaginitis cause infertility?

Under normal circumstances, the flora in the vagina is relatively balanced, and the pH is relatively balanced (the pH value is between 3.8-4.5).This environment that is suitable for sperm is temporarily reserved and passed. It is very important. Once this environment is destroyed, infertility is prone to occur.

What should I do if I have vaginitis?

1. It is not advisable to eat spicy food during treatment.Enhance autoimmunity.Keep your mood optimistic.

2. Use the medicine correctly according to the doctor’s advice.Do not diagnose, take medicine, and abuse antibiotics.Be sure to go to a regular public hospital for relevant examinations and take medicine under the guidance of the doctor.

3. Symptoms are reduced or disappeared.In particular, moldy vaginitis is easy to recur, and it takes several months to adhere to medication to avoid drug resistance to the flora.

4. Wear cotton underwear and keep the vulva dry.Wash and replace underwear alone to prevent cross -infection.Underwear can be exposed or sterilized at high temperature.

5. Sexual partners treat them at the same time.

6. Control blood sugar.Female diabetic patients have high vaginal glycogen content, and fermented in glycogen to produce alkaline substances, destroying the pH balance of vaginal vaginal, and it is easy to be infringed by mold.

7. Do not clean.Drug care solution is likely to destroy the vaginal weak acidic environment (pH value 3.5-4.5), and destroy the self-cleaning function of the vagina. Women without vaginitis only need to clean the vulva every day.

8. There are many molds in the washing machine.Wash with 60 ° C hot water or clean the washing machine with sterilization solution.

9. Pay attention to the hygiene of public places.Do not use hotel towels, towels, toilet cushions, bathtubs, etc.

10. Correct contraception, attach importance to the care during pregnancy.Repeat fungal vaginitis and try not to use drug contraception as much as possible.Pregnant women should choose a local treatment plan.

4. Does vaginitis need treatment?

Vaginitis and vulvitis are the most incidence of gynecological inflammation. The recurred seizures of gynecological inflammation will not only affect physical health, but may cause complications of egg tubeitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, infertility, abortion, and even cervical cancer.It will also have a negative impact on the quality of life and mental health.Therefore, female friends should pay attention to seek medical treatment in time when suffering from vaginitis.

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