What should I do if there is a pregnancy vomiting in pregnant women?

According to statistics, 3 of each of the four expectant mothers will feel nauseous during pregnancy and sometimes vomit.

Reasons 1. The rapid change of hormones

As soon as pregnant, the hormones in women will change sharply.Because the body cannot withstand this drama, pregnancy will occur.

Reason 2. Immune response in pregnant mothers

It is said that in the body of pregnant mothers, a kind of immunity that treats the baby as a "foreign body" and wants to reject the baby’s baby, "pregnancy" is a allergic reaction because of this.

Reason 3. To protect the baby’s baby

In the early days of pregnancy, in order to prevent mothers from eating too much, they moved too much, so this reaction was generated to protect the baby.

Although there are divergent opinions, none of them cannot be explained.In addition, if multiple pregnancy (twins) occur, pregnancy vomiting may be more serious.

Which expectant mothers are more severe in pregnancy

1. Easy motion sickness, seasickness, migraine.

2. Be twins or twins.

3. Your mother or sister has symptoms of pregnancy.Pregnancy is also called early pregnancy reactions. It is about 6 weeks of pregnancy and changes in the secretion of hormones in the body. Digestive disorders are manifested as: loss of appetite, mild nausea, vomiting, dizziness, body tiredness, etc.

Processing method

The degree of early pregnancy reactions varies from person to person, and the physique is poor. Pregnant women who are prone to nervous early pregnancy generally perform strongly.Mild nausea and vomiting are common symptoms during early pregnancy. A small amount of diet is meal. Taking vitamin B6 can often be relieved.

Pregnant women who have early pregnancy reactions are too nervous or anxious, and can be conditioned to reduce the discomfort symptoms of early pregnancy reactions:

1. If the pregnant woman’s early pregnancy reaction is strong, a small number of meals can be adopted. You can add meals between three meals. Do not eat too much each time. He often eats some foods rich in protein and carbohydrates (such as soda biscuits).Essence

2. Avoid eating some greasy, spicy and irritating and digestible foods. Some those with special odors and strong taste should also avoid eating, because these may stimulate pregnant women to produce malignant and vomiting symptoms.

3. After getting up in the morning, you can eat something (such as soda biscuits) on the bed, so as to avoid nausea and vomiting caused by low blood glucose in the morning and low blood sugar.

4. Do not drink too much at a time when drinking water. You should take a small number of times, which can reduce the feeling of nausea.

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