What should I do if there is a physiological need during pregnancy?

Creating the birth of a new life is the top priority of all families.

From the moment he was sure of his approaching, the pregnant mother became the "rare animal" of the whole family. Each small level, such as clothing, food, housing and transportation, has received twelve points of attention.It is not reasonable to do what you do, and cause physical and mental health threats to expectant mothers and fetuses.

But hiding here for a long time, there is also the anxiety and anxiety of pregnant mothers and pregnant dads.

During pregnancy, the "suffering" of pregnant dads and expectant mothers really exist

After pregnancy, the elderly in the family will persuade the pregnant father and expectant mothers to be careful, especially to abstract, otherwise it is likely that it will have a bad effect that cannot be recovered.

However, the question and answer survey that the organization had previously found that most pregnant mothers were in addition to whether the growth and development of the fetus were physically and mentally healthy, and they were also worried that because of their harm of the harmony of the husband and wife during pregnancy, the final marriage broke down.

After all, some men can’t help but hone, because physiological needs cannot be solved, and derailment abound during the pregnancy.Although this belongs to the character of character, it is also necessary to make the pregnant mother’s high and widening. It is a kind of hardship buried in their hearts.

Therefore, compared to the previous traditional cognitive ability, today’s young couples will no longer have the intimacy and personal behavior as taboos that cannot be over the border.Essence

To deal with physiological needs, scientific processing is more meaningful than completely avoiding

Traditional concerns are unreasonable, but it is not scientific to regard the relationship between husband and wife during pregnancy as floods and beasts.

In these respects, everyone’s cognitive ability is still handled. Many countries in the world have confirmed that there is no disadvantage of moderate life of husband and wife during pregnancy.Don’t look at it.

Excessive anxiety is not necessary to actually have such unscientific traditional cognitive abilities. At the same time, too much anxiety, at the same time, also gives couples a huge anxiety and anxiety.

If you can handle such physiological needs scientifically, there is actually no need to increase trouble.

The connection between the losses and the disadvantages depends on the throughout the British Obstetrics and Gynecology Science Society that the frequency of sexual life of husband and wife during pregnancy can not only warm up the emotion between husband and wife, reduce the depression of expectant mothers, but also give the fetus a "mentality mentality"Baby prenatal education" increases its tolerance to the closure of the uterine cavity.

Therefore, instead of being completely avoided and honeing the relationship between husband and wife, anxiety is given to expectant mothers, which is not comparable to how to deal with this problem scientifically.

Except for some pregnant mothers who are particularly weak in physical fitness and are easy to produce, everything else is fine.

What should I do if my husband has a "physiological needs" during pregnancy?

1) Try to be reduced as much as possible in the early pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, because the fetus had just perfected in bed and developed, it belonged to the formation period of internal organs. It was particularly very easy to slip, small yields, and suffered from external elements. Therefore, it was the critical period during pregnancy.

Secondly, a variety of elements such as the pregnancy response of the pregnant mother and the unstable metabolism of their estrogen will also produce further risk.

Therefore, this link can be prevented as much as possible. Do not need to take risks, otherwise it is always due to small losses.

2) Moderate pressure on the second trimester

By the end of pregnancy, most of the pregnancy reactions have long been dissipated, and the fetus has also entered a period of relatively stable growth. At this time, the probability of accidents is relatively small.

Therefore, this session is particularly suitable for the fetus to carry out "mentality baby prenatal education", which can release pressure moderately, handle each other’s requirements and mentality, and make the baby during pregnancy blend into vibration during this whole process.

3) Careful allocation in the late pregnancy

The late pregnancy is also a stage of development that has unprecedented changes in the fetus. At this time, with the expansion of the fetal volume, the belly of the palace and the pregnant woman also expanded compared with the same period, and caused squeezing and offset to the human internal organs.

Especially before the delivery period, because the fetus is to enter the basin, the development trend will occur.At this time, if it is too irritating, it will cause accidental conditions such as placental peeling and premature babies.

Therefore, this link must be carefully distributed according to the actual pregnancy status of the pregnant mother.And all kinds of guarantees need to be guaranteed, such as health and safety, and also need to be dominated by the pregnant mother’s own intentions.

Write to the end

The most hard -working period during pregnancy is the lady. As a husband, she should take a correct view of her "physiological needs". Do not ask your wife to trouble them, which is unreasonable for them.

Naturally, the two sons should also discuss preventive measures early. Instead of saying that it is not harmful to the relationship between husband and wife, it is better to master more professional knowledge and treat scientifically.

After all, the fetus is maintained by amniotic fluid and pregnant women’s amniotic fluid in the palace. It has a certain regulating effect on the external vibration. Do not let this excess anxiety harm the emotions during pregnancy.

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