What should I do if the stomach is uncomfortable during pregnancy and 6 tricks can be effectively relieved

What should I do if my stomach is uncomfortable during pregnancy?Many pregnant women often have some pregnancy reactions in the early pregnancy and symptoms of stomach discomfort. Experts point out that these are normal victories.The symptoms of abdominal discomfort caused by pregnancy reactions are the worst in the middle of pregnancy. Most pregnant women often have some not very severe abdominal pain and discomfort, but their duration will not be too long. Some pregnant women will accompany at the same time at the same time.There are symptoms such as vomiting.

The reason why there are symptoms of stomach discomfort is mostly caused by the increased physiological gastric acid secretion in early pregnancy, and the occasional pain of the lower abdomen has a great relationship with the uterine swelling, which will not cause any adverse effects.

How to relieve stomach discomfort during pregnancy

1. You can eat some fruits such as citrus and bayberry and its products, because these foods contain more organic acids, which can stimulate the gastrointestinal gland, increase gastric acid, increase the activity of digestive enzymes, promote gastrointestinal motility and increase appetite, help foods to foodDigestion and absorption.If pregnant women suffer from gastric disease, these sour foods should be eaten less.

2. When preparing for pregnant women, family members should pay attention to removing the greasy and smell of food as much as possible.Pregnant women can go outdoors when burning vegetables, so as not to smell the smell of oil fume inducing discomfort.

3. As a special group, pregnant women should pay special attention to nutrition, but if they cannot swallow because of the uncomfortable stomach, there is still no way to absorb nutrients in food.Therefore, do not force pregnant women to eat a lot, but to adopt a small amount of meals to eat, so that it will not make pregnant women feel uncomfortable, but also ensure sufficient nutrition.

4. When preparing for pregnant women, it is easy to digest and pay attention to the rich and diversified ingredients, which can increase the appetite of pregnant women.

5. Pregnant women should understand the knowledge about early pregnancy reactions. Do n’t think that it ’s a condition that he or the baby is because of uncomfortable, so as to give himself unnecessary pressure and aggravate the symptoms of pregnancy.Family people should also pay more attention to the emotional changes of pregnant women and do a good job of guidance in time.

6. Don’t stay in the house because you feel uncomfortable, so stuffy is not good for yourself and your baby.As long as there is no special situation, you should do some appropriate exercise, such as walking outdoors outdoors after meals, breathing fresh air, and reducing discomfort.

Pregnant mothers should also pay more attention to nutrition during pregnancy. You can drink more soups, but do not over -supplement. This will increase the burden on the stomach and regular pregnancy examinations.There are very few pregnant mothers’ stomach uncomfortable stomach, which will continue to cause delivery. This is also a normal phenomenon, and it must not be used.In order to alleviate the symptoms of stomach discomfort of pregnant mothers, you can also drink more papaya milk, honey, and acid plum juice.

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